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Vinyl Gutter Guards | Melbourne Gutter Guard Product Guide

Posted on May 3, 2023
By Aussie Gutter Protection

As a homeowner, maintaining the integrity of your property is essential. One critical aspect of home maintenance involves protecting your clogging gutters from debris that can lead to water damage, mould growth, and other problems. 

So, what are vinyl gutter guards? A vinyl gutter guard is a curved-edge plastic gutter guard that directs water into gutters while deflecting debris. They rely on water adhesion to separate debris from the water, effectively protecting against most debris types.

In the context of Australian gutter guard products, two gutter guard types form comprehensive gutter protection systems: reverse curve gutter guards and micro-mesh gutter guards. This article looks closely at vinyl gutter guards, comparing them to its more popular option, micro-mesh gutter guards, to determine the best choice for Melbourne homeowners. 

Gutter Before Gutter Guard Installation
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    How Vinyl Gutter Guards Work

    reverse curve gutter Guards, vinyl gutter guard

    Vinyl gutter guards, also known as reverse curve surface tension or curved gutter guards, feature a curved edge directing the water into the roof gutter while deflecting debris. These gutter guards operate on water adhesion, causing water to cling to the curved surface and flow into the gutter while debris falls to the ground. Typically, a vinyl gutter guard is a plastic gutter guard designed to fit various roof types and gutter systems. 

    Vinyl gutter guards can be effective in heavy rain because they utilise the principle of water adhesion, which allows water to cling to the curved surface while flowing into the gutter. This plastic gutter guard design helps to direct a significant amount of rainwater into the gutter system, preventing water from spilling over the sides. Additionally, reverse curve gutter guards are designed to deflect larger debris, which can be more prevalent during heavy rainstorms.

    Pros and Cons of Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

    Effectiveness in keeping out larger debris Limited effectiveness for smaller debris, such as pine needles
    Compatibility with various roof types Unsuitable for box gutters, valley protection and parapets
    Effective at dealing with moderate to heavy rainfall Unsuitable for rainwater harvesting systems
    Low maintenance More complex installation process
    Unsuitable in bushfire-prone areas (BAL)
    Unsuitable for bird proofing

    Speak to us about getting gutter guard installed for your home.

    Vinyl Gutter Guard Considerations

    However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of reverse curve gutter guards in heavy rain can be limited, especially if the rain intensity is within the gutter guard’s capacity to handle the water flow. In such cases, water may overflow, causing potential damage to the property. Micro-mesh gutter guards, with their high water flow rate, are a better option for handling heavy rainfall more effectively.

    Vinyl gutter guards are unsuitable for bushfire protection because they are made from plastic, highly flammable materials and susceptible to melting under extreme heat. In a bushfire-prone area, using vinyl gutter guards poses a significant risk, as they can catch fire from burning embers and contribute to the spread of the fire to the property.

    For bushfire protection, it is essential to use metal gutter guards made from non-combustible materials, such as aluminium, Colorbond steel, or bronze. These materials are resistant to high temperatures and can help prevent the accumulation of flammable debris in clogging gutters, reducing the risk of fire spreading to the property.

    Always consider using gutter guards that meet the Australian Standard AS 3959 for construction in bushfire-prone areas to ensure the best protection for your home. Remember, no plastic gutter guard will meet the Australian standard for bushfire protection.


    Blocked gutters from vinyl gutter guards

    In Australia, for gutter guards to be suitable for rainwater systems intended for potable water, they must meet the AS 4020 standard, which tests products for their conformity with Australian drinking water requirements. This standard ensures that the materials used in manufacturing gutter guards do not introduce harmful contaminants, such as chemicals or toxins, into the collected rainwater, making it safe for human consumption.

    Vinyl gutter guards are plastic gutter guards that can potentially leach harmful chemicals, such as phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA), into the rainwater as it passes through the guard. Over time, these chemicals can accumulate in the stored water, making it unsafe for consumption. The surface of plastic gutter guard products can promote the growth of algae and bacteria, especially when exposed to sunlight and moisture. These organisms can contaminate the collected rainwater, making it unsuitable for drinking.

    For rainwater harvesting systems intended for potable water, it is crucial to use metal gutter guards made from materials that do not leach harmful chemicals, are resistant to algae and bacterial growth, and have a long lifespan. All plastic gutter guard options have limitations around meeting AS4020 drinking water standards.

    Integrated Micro-Mesh System
    vs Vinyl Gutter Guard

    Integrated micro-mesh systems consist of a fine gutter guard mesh screen that filters out debris while allowing water to pass through, preventing clogging gutters. The gutter mesh is typically made from corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminium, Colorbond steel, or food-grade polyethylene. The gutter mesh sits above the existing gutters, and installers secure it to the roof type with clips/saddles and gutter trims. 

    They are suitable for all metal roofs: corrugated, Klip-lok and Trimdek, and tiled roofs where the gutter mesh tucks under the second row of tiles. These poly and metal gutter guards effectively separate debris from the water and can handle large debris and heavy rain. 

    Integrated micro-mesh systems include ember guards, the best gutter guards for pine needles and other small debris. Ember guards meet Australian standards for bushfire-prone areas. Micro-mesh gutter guards are suitable for Australian gutter protection products and are designed to withstand unique climate conditions.

    In Australia, most homeowners prefer a metal gutter guard product for its superior strength and durability. A vinyl plastic gutter guard is the least common gutter guard and is more common in American gutter guard protection.

    Effectiveness in Debris Prevention

    Effectiveness in Debris Prevention

    While reverse curve gutter guards effectively keep out larger debris, they are less effective against smaller debris like pine needles and roof grit. Micro-mesh gutter guards, on the other hand, can filter out both large and small debris, making them a more comprehensive solution for debris prevention.

    Water Flow Rate & Heavy Rainfall Performance

    Reverse curve gutter guards may be prone to overflow during heavy rainfall, as their design can limit the amount of water entering the gutter. Furthermore, the design limits gutter collection off box gutters or broader and deeper channels, most common in modern architecture or commercial properties. Micro-mesh gutter guards have a high water flow rate, allowing them to handle heavy rainfall more effectively in any gutter size.

    Maintenance Requirements

    Reverse curve gutter guards typically require less maintenance due to their design; however, debris can accumulate over time and cause blockages. Micro-mesh gutter guards require occasional maintenance to ensure the mesh remains clean and debris-free. Still, effectively preventing debris buildup reduces the risk of blockages and associated problems.

    gutter guard for box gutters

    Durability & Longevity

    Both reverse curve and micro-mesh gutter guards are made from durable materials such as aluminium and steel. However, micro-mesh gutter guards often feature higher-quality, long-lasting materials that can withstand the harsh Australian climate more effectively, making them a better long-term investment for Melbourne homeowners.

    Cost & Value for Money

    While a reverse curve gutter guard may have a lower upfront cost, their limited effectiveness against smaller debris and potential for overflow during heavy rainfall can lead to increased maintenance costs. However, initially more expensive, micro-mesh gutter guards offer better value for money due to their comprehensive debris prevention, durability, and overall performance.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guard installed for your home.

    Other Gutter Guard Types

    The many different types of gutter guard products on the Australian market, with metal and plastic gutter guards, including: 

    In Australia, most homeowners prefer a metal gutter guard product for its superior strength and durability. A vinyl plastic gutter guard is the least common gutter guard and is more common in American gutter guard protection. 

    Finished Gutter Guard Installation

    Choosing the Best Gutter Guards for Clogging Gutter

    Comparing reverse curve and micro-mesh gutter guards, it becomes clear that micro-mesh gutter guards are the superior option for Melbourne homeowners with clogging gutters. Their ability to effectively prevent large and small debris, handle heavy rainfall, and provide long-lasting durability make them a wise investment for protecting your home.

    If you’re a Melbourne homeowner looking to invest in an integrated micro-mesh gutter guard system, contact us today for a free quote and consultation. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for residential and commercial properties across Victoria, Australia. Don’t wait to protect your home from debris and water damage – explore our range of high-quality micro-mesh gutter guard systems and experience the difference for yourself.

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