Solar Panel Bird Protection & Proofing

Protect solar panels on residential or commercial properties solar from bird-related damage.

Solar panels are a high-value investment to any home; unfortunately, they can be vulnerable to damage by birds. Often missed by solar panel salespeople, homeowners need to consider bird protection and bird prevention to avoid damage that is often unlikely to be covered by your warranty.

Having a pest control solution that helps protect your investment, is a great investment it protects your solar panels from birds or rodents.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels
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Bird Proofing Solar Panels

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we offer bird protection and bird prevention services without compromising the solar panels’ ability to collect solar energy.

Our solar panel bird protection services prevent birds from gaining access to the gap between the roof and the underside of your solar panel. This eliminates birds, vermin, and other pests from damaging your solar panels and the underlying roofing system.

1 in 5 homes have pigeon-related problems, and pigeons nesting under solar panels is one major issue.

Dealing with birds nesting around solar panels is challenging; preventing damage, removing bird mess, and getting rid of the birds. It is always easier to prevent birds nesting than removing – so be proactive about your bird proofing today.

Why do I need solar panel bird protection?

Protect your solar panels

Bird invasions can cause solar panel defects as birds can tamper with the electrical wiring while nesting. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can cause permanent damage and erosion to the solar panels aluminium frames and stain the solar panel facade, leading to loss of solar panel function. Bird-related damage is often not covered under the panels warranty.

Prevent damage to your property

Bird mess and nesting ruminants accumulate under the solar panels. Nesting material and feathers create blockages and water build-up under the solar panels. This build up can seep through the shingles and tiles into the roof sheathing and insulation on tiled roofs.

Protect your health

Bird nesting material and droppings contain various parasites and transmissible diseases, which negatively impact your health. Close bird besting proximity to humans can transmit mites and lice infestations. A build-up of nesting material also attracts other pests, such as vermin.

Maintain property aesthetics

Bird droppings on your solar panels look terrible, and the dropping’s acidity leaves permeant discolouration and stains on your property. Birds will also leave droppings and nesting ruminants on roofing eaves, verandas and gutters, negatively impacting your property aesthetics.

Reduce roofing maintenance

Birds inhabiting the space under your solar panels leave their eggshells, grass, nesting materials resulting in fouling build-up. In some cases, birds can trap themselves underneath the panels and die. Solar panel cleaning is an arduous task that risks your safety and damage to your roofing system and property.

Stop noisy nesting birds

Birds nesting and roosting is often a loud affair. Baby birds are also notoriously noisy while remaining in the nest, most often during the night time. Some Melbourne bird species even live in communal families, which add to the noise. Enjoy peace and quiet by installing a bird guard on your solar panels today.
Keep birds and vermin out from under your solar panels.

Common signs of bird invasion

Many signs indicate birds have infested your house and build nests under your solar panels. The most common signs are as followed;
Dirty Solar Panels

Why choose us for bird proofing solar panels?

How we bird proof your solar panels

The best bird-proofing method for protecting your solar panels from birds is using our Solar Mesh. We designed and manufactured this wire mesh bird guard product specifically to help with bird prevention for solar panels.

Other kinds of bird guard mesh reduce air flow meaning your panels heat up which would diminish the amount of energy your panels can collect per day. Our solar mesh is specially designed to avoid this problem, so you can safely use it to protect your panels from damage.

The high strength solar panel mesh effectively prevents birds’ access, and the specific design of the solar panel mesh allows plenty of air to flow through without interruption.

The solar panel mesh is also unlikely to cause any harm to the birds; it merely prevents them from being able to get at your solar panels to cause damage.

We also are the only company Australia able to offer a bushfire protection compliant solar mesh screening installation using on of our aluminium mesh types with specialised fittings. 

Solar Panel Mesh SpecificationsSolar MeshSolar Mesh Pro
WireGalvanisedStainless Steel
CoatingBlack PVCBlack PVC
Strand width1.0mm1.0mm

Bird Proofing Solar Panel Mesh Options

Protect your solar investment with solar mesh.

Solar panel bird guard installation

At AGP, we trust our bird mesh gutter guard as a comprehensive and complete solution.

Our staff have great expertise in assessing and providing solutions to your bird proofing needs and requirements. Our installers have detailed expertise in installing our bird mesh and bird guards.

We designed our bird mesh installation methods to avoid using bolts or adhesives. The installation method has absolutely no risk of causing any damage to the panels or other infrastructure.

Our process for bird mesh installation considers:

Bird Proofing Assessment and Free-estimation

Our experts assess the bird proofing situation for the entire house and decide the areas that need proofing to resolve the issue, including solar panels. We consider all the factors, including roofing types, levels, property access and costs.

We provide you with no obligation free quote that considers your solution’s best materials and the exact budget.

Bird Proofing Installation

Our installers install bird mesh to the solar panels, and other areas such as the gutters and valleys, using one of our bespoke bird-proof products. The installers expertly secure the bird mesh to the solar panels so that birds cannot access it.

At AGP, we trust a combination of integrated mesh gutter guard combined with solar panel bird mesh as a comprehensive solution for the whole house. Our 25 years of experience in bird proofing Melbourne homes. Your full house is the only complete solution proven most effective in keeping birds out of your gutters and roof.

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