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Commercial Gutter Guard Installation & Maitenance Services Melbourne

Aussie Gutter Protection is the leading supplier and installer of commercial gutter guard projects with schools, shopping centres, warehouses and government buildings across Victoria since 2000.

  • Specialist advice for construction projects, architects, roofers & tradesmen
  • Widest range of commercial-grade gutter guards for all commercial types
  • Experts at installing gutter guards and installation techniques for commercial building

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Aussie Gutter Protection strives to provide our commercial customers with the highest quality services for all projects. We work with professional installation teams for gutter cleaning and gutter mesh installation.

We acknowledge the importance of your time, money and business, which is why Aussie Gutter Protection provides architects, roofers and construction companies with specific advice and installation services. We advise on installations for blocked gutters, including parapets and box gutters, rainwater harvesting, bushfire protection and bird & best infestation on commercial buildings.

With over 20 years of experience in the gutter guard industry behind us, rest assured we will advise, supply, and install gutter guard to your commercial buildings. Don’t hesitate to call or inquire about speaking to our commercial project manager for a free quote.

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Aussie Gutter Protection makes gutter guard installation easy. Our commercial Projects Manager provides you with the best advice to ensure you can make informed decisions on your project. We go the extra mile, consulting and providing solutions for commercial buildings with access and design aesthetic requirements.

We work with teams of experienced gutter guard installers providing bird proofing, protection against bush fires and preventing debris and maintenance concerns for your clients and projects.

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Commercial Grade Guards: TuffMesh Range

Commercial gutter guard for all needs


Gutter guard systems prevent leaves and debris from gutters, and rainwater flows freely through guttering, downpipes, and roof valley.


Protect properties in bushfire-prone areas from Ember Attack and burning embers with a certified Australian Fire Rated Ember Guard for BAL ratings.


Protect inventory and business against pest infestations and keep birds, vermin and possums out of your gutters, roof and wall cavities.


Keep your gutters clear and protect your building's solar panels from birds, vermin and pests nesting underneath and damaging the panels.


Protect rainwater tanks with a gutter guard that meets the Australian Water Quality Centre’s AS4020 for safe water quality.


Gutter guard systems significantly reduce gutter cleaning, water damage, maintenance and workplace accidents while keeping costs down.

Contact our Commercial Gutter Guard Project Manager today.

Commercial gutter guard for all needs

Yarra Ranges Special Development School

Gutter Mesh Profile: TuffMesh EmberGuard

Ember guard solution the school located in a rural bush fire area to meet AS 3959/1999 BAL29 rating completed in a short timeframe at the end of the fiscal year due to the school’s budget.

TuffMesh Emberguard’s 1.6mm aperture hole ensured bushfire protection against the smallest embers, and the swaged mesh provided better water flow and catchment for the school’s water tank.

Installation techniques ensured even the large box gutter installation ensured that the entire commercial property had complete protection.


Gutter Mesh Profile: TuffMesh Aluminium 

A rainwater harvesting gutter guard solution for the Aquarevo Estate Sustainable Development was installed across multiple residential properties in various construction stages and built over several years.

Aussie Gutter Protection supplied and installed TuffMesh, high-quality Aluminium products to meet AS4020 Australian standards for drinking water.

Our commercial project manager worked closely with the onsite manager, construction companies and gutter installers to achieve maximum protection.

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Lyndon Aged Care Retirement Village

Gutter Mesh Profile: TuffMesh Aluminium 

Lynden Aged Care facility in Melbourne’s West needed to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and meet safety needs for residents associated with continued gutter cleaning caused by blocked gutters.

Aussie Gutter Protection supplied and installed TuffMesh to a mixture of residential & industrial roofs installed & designed specifically for the roof-to-roof and roof-to-gutter fixture.

Commercial Projects manager coordinated with trades and stakeholders for the best solution and application, including colour-matched aesthetics, property access and resident’s privacy.

Maryborough Education Centre

Gutter Mesh Profile:  SteelMesh

Ember guard BALFZ solution the school located in a rural bush fire area to meet AS 3959/1999 BALFZ rating completed in a short timeframe during school holidays.

Steel Mesh 2mm aperture hole ensured bushfire protection against the smallest embers, and the swaged mesh provided better water flow and catchment for the school’s water tank.

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A commercial-grade gutter guard is better than standard guards for commercial applications because the material is more robust and durable and allows for a better fixture on commercial roof types. For more information on commercial grade guards, visit or TuffMesh range.

There are four standard roof types in residential buildings: tiled, corrugated, Trim Deck and Klip Lok, and our mesh types have appropriate accessories to accommodate all four roof types.

Most commercial roofs have Flip Lok, flat roofs, or span decks which our commercial-grade mesh ranges are designed specifically to accommodate. However, the commercial gutter guard also considers the installation needs, including roof-to-roof, roof-to-gutter, roof-to-box gutter, roof-to-valleys, etc. Get experience and knowledge on gutter guard installation for Aussie Gutter Protection. 

Yes. Our TuffMesh range and installation techniques are designed to ensure protection for parapets and box gutters are standard on commercial buildings.

Bird proofing commercial buildings require various methods, including gutter guard, spikes and netting. Before committing to a gutter mesh for bird proofing, ensure you get the entire property inspected, including roof cavities, gutters and roof.

Yes. Our TuffMesh Emberguard range can be used on properties up to a BAL29 rating, while our Steel Mesh range is used on properties in BAL40 and BAL-FZ ratings. Before you commit to bushfire protection for your building, speak to our experts and look at the ratings for your local area.

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