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Ember Guard Case Study Yarra Ranges Specialist School

Posted on July 5, 2022
By Aussie Gutter Protection


Ember Guard Project at Yarra Ranges Special Development School for a BAL-29 rated area to dramatically reduce maintenance and gutter cleaning. 

School case study


  • Locations: Mount Evelyn, Victoria
  • Buildings: Library and recreational campus, reception area, multipurpose room, multiple classroom blocks
  • Roof and gutter types: Klip-Lok® with large box gutters, Trimdek® with large box gutters, Roof-to-roof fixtures, flat roof on portables
  • Project Time Frame: 2 weeks over the summer school holidays
  • School on Bushfire Risk Register needed a bushfire solution
  • BAL-ratings: BAL-29 rated ember guard 
  • Environment: The school is surrounded by eucalyptus and wattle trees.  

Our Solution 

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Engaged closely with school administration, maintenance teams, and material suppliers, especially ScreenTech Industries.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Identified and recommended the most suitable mesh types, colour-matching options, and construction timescales.
  • Product Choice: ScreenTech’s TuffMesh® Emberguard mesh with a 1.9mm hole size, ensuring optimal protection against potential ember attacks.
  • Warranty and Certification: Assured a 25-year material warranty for the TuffMesh™. Additionally, the product is AS4020 accredited, CSIRO tested with a flammability index of zero, and features Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating.
  • Safety and Maintenance: The guard system was designed to reduce the frequency of roof maintenance, safeguarding against potential risks like falls.

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Project Considerations

school case study gutter mesh

Ember Guard Project at Yarra Ranges Special Development School for a BAL-29 rated area to dramatically reduce maintenance and gutter cleaning. 

Yarra Ranges Special Development School in Mount Evelyn faced unique challenges. Located in a bushfire-prone region surrounded by trees that shed fine debris, the institution required protection against potential ember attacks, especially since it was listed on the Bushfire Risk Register.

The design of the school, including low-pitch roofs and oversized box gutters, meant that they were not only prone to blockages from natural debris but also from sporting equipment used by the students. The maintenance team sought a solution that minimized the constant need for gutter cleaning, and the school administration wanted to reduce the risks associated with facilities maintenance teams working at heights.

Working within a tight timescale due to budgetary constraints, our team ensured that the project was completed efficiently without compromising on quality or safety.

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Mesh Profile: Tuffmesh

A commercial-grade aluminium ember guard designed for bushfire-prone areas subject to heavy ember attack with the smallest hole size at 1.6mm which doesn’t effect water filtration. 

Tuff Mesh Emberguard


The gutter guard was suitable for all residential roof types and guttering, including box gutter sand parapets. It was also ideal as the development included numerous green spaces, so homes were protected from possums and birds.


  • 25 year material warranty
  • Strongest aluminium guard
  • One-way mesh with an added trough for maximum water collection
  • Complies with AS3959–1999
  • Australian Bushfire Standards
  • CSIRO tested flammability index of zero
  • Suitable to BAL 29
  • Akzo Nobel D1000 powder coating.
  • Powder-coated in Australia
  • Array of Colorbond colours

Installation by Aussie Gutter Protection

  • TuffMesh Aluminium is only available for projects if installed by our certified installers
  • The product comes with a 25-year workmanship guarantee

Protecting schools and institutions requires specialized care and expertise. Trust in Aussie Gutter Protection for top-tier solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today!

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