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Installation & Maitenance For Bushfire Resistant Gutter Guards Melbourne

Safeguard your property from burning embers by installing fireproof gutter guard products to prevent ignition of leaf litter in your gutters and roof.

Does your gutter pose a bushfire risk?

As a 100% Australian-owned and operated company, we have built our reputation on providing gutter guard solutions for gutters, bird proofing and bushfire protection.
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Bushfire Property Risks

Bushfire protection measures are essential for all homeowners in bushfire-prone areas in Australia.

Most homes lost in bushfires fall victim to ember attack, meaning wind-borne burning embers made direct contact with leaf litter. New homes must comply with Australian standards for constructing buildings, roofing material and guttering protection as provided by local councils.

Downpipes can easily get blocked with leaf litter which backs up the system allowing debris to accumulate in your gutter. The build-up of dry debris and litter become the perfect kindling for bushfire embers which can rapidly spread into your roof cavity and through the rest of your house.

Bushfire Property Risks
Gutter guard vs Ember Guard

Ember Guard vs Gutter Guard

The critical difference between an ember guard and a gutter guard or leaf guard is the mesh’s hole size. While many gutter guard products are fire resistant and can help protect your property from bushfires, only a select few have a hole size less than 2mm required to meet the ember guard specification.

All ember guards must be metal, either an aluminium mesh or a steel mesh, to meet Australian standards and regulations. An ember mesh guard is a metal gutter cover inserted over an opening or cavity greater than 3mm, including gutters, valleys and downpipes to prevent the entry of burning embers. The ember mesh is non-combustible and corrosion-resistant with an aperture (hole size) of 2mm or smaller.

At Aussie Gutter Protection, our expert team will be able to advise you on what you require for your property and make a specific on-site recommendation on ember guard fitment during our site inspection. Our in-house fabrication facilities at our Tullamarine factory in Melbourne allow us to cut and shape our mesh to any requirement.

Professionally Installed Ember Mesh

We recommend getting your gutter mesh and ember guard installed by our professionally accredited team to obtain complete peace of mind. During the installation process, it is critical that no gaps greater than 2mm for affixation to the property to meet the building code requirements.

Aussie Gutter Protection’s highly trained team of gutter guard specialist install ember guard on thousands of homes and provide you with materials and experience to ensure ember guard will keep your home safe. While DIY options are available, and we can supply them, hiring a professional installer removes the risks of working at heights and ensures effectiveness.

Gutter Guard Installation
Protect your home from bushfires. Speak to us about getting ember guard installed for your home.

AGP Ember Mesh Ranges

Our Colorbond ember guards and metal gutter guard are corrosion-resistant, non-combustible that meet the Australian BAL rating standards and CSIRO certification.

Bushfire Gutter Guard Solutions

Do you know your BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) ratings?


BAL LOW level indicates properties are at no risk from embers, radiant heat, or flames. There is compliance with BAL-Rated Australian standards. However, you can still purchase a BAL 29-rated gutter guard for peace of mind.

BAL 12.5

BAL 12.5 level indicates a property is at risk of embers or burning debris. Gutter mesh guard systems made from steel, bronze, or aluminium must comply with BAL 29 rated ember guards and the CSIRO flammability index of 0.

BAL 29

BAL 29 level indicates a high-risk ember attack or increased heat flux. Gutter guard systems made from steel, bronze or aluminium must comply with BAL 29 rated ember guard and CSIRO flammability index of 0.

BAL 40

BAL 40 level indicates a high risk of ember attack, increased heat flux and flame exposure. Gutter guard systems from steel or bronze must comply with the BAL 40 rating for ember guard and CSIRO flammability index of 0.


BAL FZ or Flames Zone level is the most severe level and indicates the direct threat to both the property and the residents. Gutter guard systems from steel or bronze must comply with BAL FZ ratings for ember guard such as AGP’s Steel Mesh range.

Ember Proof your Solar Panels

Aussie Gutter Protection also offers a range of solutions to ember proof your solar panels. Solar panels can be a magnet for debris – leaf litter or bird nesting material. These leaves are easily set alight by burning embers in bushfires. To prevent debris from accumulating under your solar panels, we have a range of metal solar panel screening systems that are easily installed.
Aerial installation shot showing the strategic placement of gutter guards to maximize bird proofing and debris filtering across a complex roof.


Mesh gutter guards, often referred to as bushfire mesh or fire guard gutter mesh, play a pivotal role in safeguarding against bushfires. These specialised metal systems are meticulously designed to meet Australian standards and regulations, utilising materials like aluminium or steel. Functioning as ember guards, they form a protective shield by covering openings and cavities larger than 3mm, including gutters, valleys, and downpipes. This strategic placement effectively thwarts the entry of burning embers, which can travel long distances during bushfires, preventing them from igniting potential fuel sources. The ember mesh's non-combustible, corrosion-resistant properties, with an aperture size of 2mm or smaller, make it an essential line of defence against ember-triggered fires.

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