Bird Proofing

Keep birds and vermin out of your gutters and roof with our permanent solution.

What is Bird Proofing?

Bird proofing prevents the birds from accessing your roof spaces, guttering, and any other spaces and therefore stopping them from nesting. Installing a permanent deterrent (mesh guard system) can prevent birds from causing property damage, disease, and bird noise. No ugly bird spikes, loose netting, guns, technology, or ugly fake birds – simply a solution that is guaranteed to rid of your bird problem.

Bird Proofing Australia
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Why Bird Proofing is Important

Birds and people usually coexist without any hassle. But, if birds nest in your roof or guttering, they quickly become real pests. Pest birds can cause a nuisance. They’re noisy, messy bird droppings, unhygienic and attract other pests like vermin, insects, and harmful bacteria such as salmonella and often bird mites.

Bird control can be particularly challenging when the problem affects areas inaccessible to the homeowners, such as roof spaces, eaves, attic spaces, and inside walls. Often these are the places birds will choose to roost. Removal of birds and nests from these areas is complicated and expensive. What’s more, hatchlings often return to their original roosting site year after year. So just because they flew the coop doesn’t mean you have seen the last of them.

Only bird proofing solutions (gutter guard systems) can give you complete peace of mind and guaranteed assurance of a permanent bird deterrent. They are the most cost-effective form of pest control by providing a heavy-duty physical barrier to stop bird infestations.

Why AGP is better than the competition

Proven Comprehensive Protection

We are proud of our gutter protection systems as a proven bird proofing measure. We are so confident in our bird proofing service and product that we offer a 10-year written workmanship guarantee and up to 25-year product warranty.

Our professional bird control solutions are an environmentally friendly  way of keeping pests out of your property.

Proud Aussie Business

With decades of experience installing our bird solution to Melbourne properties and supplying products Australia-wide, we understand precisely what it takes to birdproof a home with effective bird control products. As an Australian-owned and operated company, you can ensure we have designed our bird proofing products to be equally compatible with Australia’s harsh conditions.

Humane Bird Control Methods

We are proud of our humane bird proofing measures. We will never use painful traps, loud noises, ultrasonic, nasty repellent poisons, or harmful pest control products. Our mesh system is designed simply to deter birds from using your home as their home. Once you cut off their access, they just simply move on. We also sometimes use bird spikes to deter birds from perching on antennas. 

Architecturally Endorsed Pest Control

We understand homeowner’s aversion to more traditional and conspicuous bird proofing solutions like bird netting or visual deterrents such as bird scarers. Unlike other bird control measures, our gutter mesh guard blends into your roofing system –  meaning our gutter guard comes in an array of Colorbond colours to colour-match to your roof and gutters.

Keep birds and vermin out of your roof. Speak to us about getting bird proofing installed for your home.

How AGP can assist in Stopping Birds from Nesting

Aussie Gutter Protection has over 20 years of experience delivering tailored gutter protection and bird proofing systems that 100% guarantee to stop all bird species entering and making bird nests on your roof. We are particularly experienced in dealing with seagulls, starlings, and myna.

Our comprehensive solutions include coverage of gutters, valleys, solar panels, and other openings or cavities accessible to birds and other pest problems like vermin and possums. Our team of experts will help you locate these areas and provide you quality advice and best products to get the right bird control solution for your home.

Once installed, your bird proofing solution also offers the added benefit of preventing debris and leaves from entering gutters where they can clog your downpipes. So you are giving your home complete protection, not just a bird repellent.

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Professionally installed bird proofing is all it takes to keep these problems from affecting your home or business. This small investment will save you a lot of money and save you the constant work of cleaning and maintaining your roof and gutters.

Get yours today by contacting Aussie Gutter Protection, the specialists in gutter guard products for Australian conditions.

The Benefits of Bird Proofing

Pest birds and birds nesting can cause a nuisance. They're noisy, messy, unhygienic, and attract other pests like vermin, insects, and harmful bacteria.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Aussie Gutter Protection offers solutions for solar panel bird proofing that are effective and proven.

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Stop birds nesting in your roof and gutters. Speak to us about getting bird proofing installed for your home.

Aussie Gutter Protection offers a wide range of products, materials and hole sizes. Our ranges include:

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