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AGP has installation specialists throughout Australia and if we don’t have someone in your area we can often refer you to a reputable installer we trust and have had contact with in the past

AGP use Screen Tech gutter guard materials as we have found these to be far superior to any other product we have tested and last for decades

No, we will do that for you. We want to keep you safe and on the ground.

We recommend an integrated mesh for 90% of our customers as this is the best solution for minimal maintenance and maximum protection.

Yes we can. Please contact our office to discuss your requirements. We are happy to take a material order and ship it to you.

Yes, we offer wholesale rates for large orders. Please contact our office to discuss your requirements.

AGP has a Solar Mesh product specifically for solar panel protection from birds. Visit our page on solar panel bird protection and view our Solar Mesh range.

Most installations take less than a day, however some larger jobs may take longer?

We do recommend to flush the gutters once a year to ensure your guttering system is free of silt and seeds. If you are in an area where there is high leaf debris etc. or have trees overhanging, you may need to periodically remove any debris. AGP can facilitate this for you.

Our highly skilled estimators will do an assessment of your roof and put forward their recommendation. We ensure that all our customers are fully informed and leave samples of the products.

All our products are covered under a substantial warranty of up to 25-years depending on the product. We also offer a 20-year workmanship guarantee. 

Experts in Gutter Guard & Installation

Gutter Guard Inspection

2024 Architecture Trends & Gutter Guard Impact

As we enter 2024, the Victorian architectural landscape is undergoing a transformative shift characterised by a deeper integration of sustainability, …

Tuffmesh Aluminium installation corrugated roof

Hastings Tuffmesh™ Residential Gutter Guard Installation

See our recent project, Hastings Gutter Guard installation, fitting 102.9 metres of TuffMesh™ Aluminium, addressing the persistent issue of clogged gutters due to fine leaves and debris.

mesh panels

How Long do gutter guards last?

Gutter guard lifespan ranges from 1-20 years, influenced by material, type, and installation quality. Proper selection and installation extends longevity.

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