Gutter Guard Installation

Do you need gutter guard and a professional installer?

At Aussie Gutter Protection, homeowners get the peace of mind that our certified gutter guard installers expertly install your gutter guard protection system. Hiring a gutter guard expert rather than a roofer or DIY gutter guard kit can ensure a professional, streamline-look and increase the guttering system’s lifespan.

Our gutter mesh systems are universal gutter guard solutions that optimise water flow. However, many people find further advantages of gutter guard beyond its intended need, such as a leaf guard, a bird and pest proofing solution, a bushfire protection solution, rainwater harvesting system. No matter your intended solution, know that Aussie Gutter Protection’s installation process, warranty and aftercare is unmatched by any gutter guard company in Australia.

Here are our steps for professional gutter guard installation:

Step 1: Guttering Inspection

Our gutter guard estimators are trained to survey your home and recommend the best gutter guard and any other special requirements.
Gutter Guard Inspection
Gutter Guard Mesh

Step 2: Gutter Guard System Selection

After the physical property inspection, our estimators discuss your needs, budget and property requirements. Our inspection is a no-obligation free quote with flexible pricing options.

Our estimators consider whether homeowners:

Get a professional with industry accreditation.

Step 3: Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter guard technicians always clean your guttering systems before we attach the gutter guard to your roof. Our gutter cleaning is vital to ensure the system works effectively and efficiently. Our in-depth gutter cleaning includes:

  1. Removal of any large debris in the gutters. Using a small brush, sweep any medium-size debris, such as gum leaves or small twigs, out of the gutter.
  2. Using a hose to flush out the whole system.
  3. Check the downspout and downpipes for clogs and any lodged debris, and flush upwards.

For rainwater harvesting systems on properties, we ensure that we divert the water away from your rainwater tanks, so the debris from blocked gutters does not contaminate your collection system.

Gutter Guard Installation
Gutter Guard Installation

Step 4: Install Gutter Guard to the Gutter

Our gutter guard installers measure the mesh to each section of your property. Once the mesh is laid out along the gutter, our installers will colour-match our Colorbond trim to the roof gutter over the mesh and secure it to the gutter’s lip.

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we specialised in installation techniques for even the toughest modern architecture and commercial properties. We innovated bracing techniques to install gutter guards to span wide gaps, such as parapets and box gutters.

Don’t risk your safety. Hire a professional gutter guard installer.

Step 5: Install Gutter Guard to the Roof

Our installers have an array of specialised techniques to install our gutter mesh to most roof types:

Corrugated Roofs – Our mesh is secured to the roof underneath a double ribbed saddle (developed by AGP) specific to that roofing.

Kliplok Roofs – Our mesh is secured to the roof underneath a double ribbed saddle (developed by AGP) specific to that roofing.

Trimdek Roofs – Our mesh is secured to the roof underneath a saddle specific to the roofing.

Tiled Roofs – Our mesh is tightly sealed in place under the second row of tiles.

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we can fit gutter guard to most roof types and have developed tailored gutter guard installation techniques for a range of roofs. Please get in touch to find out more.

Gutter Guard Installation
Tile roof valley gutter guard

Step 6: Fitting Gutter Guards to Valleys

For a complete solution, our installers will fit a gutter guard to your valleys to prevent infiltration of leaves and organic debris in the gutter guard system from valley blockages and build-up. The roof valleys can be complex and less accessible than guttering, especially for a tiled roof, making DIY installation challenging. Hiring an installer can ensure the system is correctly applied and you remain safe on the ground.

Best Gutter Guard in Australia

Our High-Quality gutter guards are Australian-designed for Australian Conditions. We offer tailored gutter guard solutions that are proven and tired on Australian roofs for decades.
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