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Now is the time to invest in a gutter guard for your Geelong home

With summer well and truly underway and expectations of extreme temperatures, the fire risk has never been more worrying than right now. The problem is the weather just keeps getting hotter every year.

If your gutters are filled with dry leaves that have drifted from nearby trees, your home will be at the highest risk of catching fire if a passing bushfire blows embers onto your roof. The leaves are exceptionally combustible, and once a decent blaze gets started, it’s only a matter of time before the whole roof could ignite. From there, the very smallest problem you’ll have will be several thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, but the stakes could be a lot higher than that.

Considering the low cost of installing a gutter guard, it’s just not worth the gamble of leaving fire protection up to fate. You should take control of the safety of your home by actively taking the measures necessary to protect it.

Dry leaves aren’t the only problem to guard against, either. Wet leaves can be just as much of a problem. For one thing, as clumps of wet leaves begin to dry out, microbial action inside the leaf clump can generate enough heat to cause the clump to spontaneously combust. This can be just as dangerous as the afore-mentioned dry leaves plus embers scenario.

Another problem with clumps of wet leaves is that over time they tend to become larger and larger. The leaf clumps can become so heavy they actually cause the guttering to separate from the roof. Once again, you’ll have costly repairs to contend with.

Then there are the potential health problems. Rotten smells, vermin, insect infestations, mould spores, and all kinds of other nasty things can invade your home with damp leaves as the pathway that leads them in.

Leaf clumps can also cause your guttering to overflow. When this happens, water can make rust stains on the walls and any concrete that happens to be below. The excessive water run-off can also soften the ground around your home, making problems such as subsidence more likely to occur.

All these problems, and more, can be avoided with inexpensive gutter guard installation for your Geelong home.

The gutter guard installer in Geelong you can trust

When you choose Aussie Gutter Protection to install the gutter guards in your home, you can be certain the job will be done properly. We have expert installers, fully trained and extensively experienced. Our installers have already provided gutter guards to thousands of Geelong households.

The materials we use for our gutter guards are top quality. This is important. If inferior materials are used, they won’t last. The flexible Aluminium mesh material we use is super tough. It will last for years and years.

This mesh is fine enough to allow water to pass through easily while keeping out larger particles and debris. This mesh will also stop birds from trying to make a nest in your guttering.

To protect your home with the best gutter guards from Geelong’s best installers, Call Aussie Gutter Protection now.

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