Aluminium Gutter Guard

We offer a wide range of aluminium gutter guard products to suit all your gutter guard needs.

Australia's Most Popular Gutter Guard Mesh & Accessories Material

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we offer a wide range of aluminium gutter mesh products suitable for a range of gutter guard solutions, including leaf guard, gutter cleaning reduction, bushfire protection, bird proofing and rainwater harvesting.

We tailor-fit our powder-coated aluminium mesh and accessories to a range of roof types and guttering in an array of Colorbond colours to ensure homeowners enjoy peace of mind.

Tuff Mesh Finished Installation

Benefits of Aluminium Leaf Mesh

Supreme Durability

Aluminium is non-reactant, so it does not rust, corrode or suffer colour bleaching, making it an ideal choice for homeowners with longevity in mind.

Exceptional Flexibility

Aluminium mesh is the most flexible gutter guard mesh material making it perfect for more challenging installations, including box gutters and valleys.

Superior longevity

Aluminium mesh is created through an extruding process that provides unmatched strength and longevity.

Suitable for Australian Conditions

Aluminium does not shatter or crack under extreme heat, cold or water exposure making it ideal for Australian conditions.

Water Tank Rated

Aluminium mesh systems provide safe water quality for water tanks meeting the AS4020 water standards.

Excellent Gutter Protection

Aluminium gutter guard is an excellent barrier for leaves and debris but encourages water flow preventing blockages.

Non-Combustible in Bushfire Protection

Aluminium mesh is non-compostable and fire-retardant, acting as an excellent bushfire protection gutter guard system and ember guard.

Highly-Suitable For Bird Proofing

Aluminium mesh superior strength against birds, possums, vermin and pests, making it ideal as long-lasting vermin and bird proofing solution.

Ideal For Commercial Properties

Aluminium mesh is an ideal solution for commercial buildings because of its long lifespan and low-maintenance.
Don’t let a blocked gutter cost you thousands. Speak to us about getting aluminium gutter guards installed for your home.

Aluminium vs Poly vs Steel Gutter Guard Mesh

Aluminium has earned a fantastic reputation across guttering and roofing industries for its exceptional flexibility and long-lasting properties, so used extensively with stainless steel for gutters. As a gutter guard, aluminium gutter protection systems are most popular for homeowners and gutter guard installers alike, compared to poly and steel gutter guards.

Compared to poly, aluminium offers a more durable, fire-resistant and long-lasting leaf mesh systems. Aluminium gutter guards will discolour like poly overtime. AGP generally only recommends poly over aluminium for coastal properties and galvanised roofs.

Compared to steel, aluminium is a more robust and non-reactant metal gutter guard. Though steel gutter guards systems are powder-coated, the steel reacts to the elements causing rust once the coating breaks down. The aluminium gutter guard’s extruding process offers more longevity and strength than the steels welding processes. We install and supply steel mesh for building compliance with BAL 40 and BAL FZ ratings in bushfire prone areas.

AGPs Aluminium Gutter Guard Range

Gutter Mesh Aluminium

Gutter Mesh Ember Guard

Tuff Mesh Aluminium

Tuff Mesh Ember Guard

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Aluminium Ember Guards

Aluminium ember guard safeguards your property against Ember attack in bushfire-prone areas, meaning it protects against wind-borne embers that ignite leaf litter in your guttering and spreading to your roof. Aluminium ember mesh covers opening or cavity greater than 3mm, including gutters, valleys and downpipes, with an aperture (hole size) of 2mm.

Aussie Gutter Protections aluminium ember guard range is tested and certified Australian Fire Rated aluminium Gutter Guard System with a Fire Rating Flame Index “0” and offer products up to a BAL29 rating. We provide our steel mesh ranges for BAL40 and Flame Zone ratings to comply with the building codes.

Gutter guard vs Ember Guard

AGPs Aluminium Ember Guard Range

Tuff Mesh Finished Installation

Aluminium Gutter Mesh Australian Colorbond Colours

Our aluminium gutter guard systems are powder coated and come in an array of Colorbond colours. Including popular colours such as monument, shale grey and woodlands grey. At Aussie Gutter Protection, we know it is vital your gutter protection system is effective and looks great.

That’s why we offer our gutter guards in over 20 Colorbond colours. We colour-match our gutter guards to your gutter and roof to ensure a professional stream-lined look.

Powder Coated for Strength

Powder coating is a multipurpose steel and aluminium surface treatment that strengthens and protects Australian roof application mesh. The treatment provides resistance to colour fading, corrosion and acidic and alkaline exposure, perfect against bird droppings. Powder coating does not produce air pollution.

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we pioneered the introduction of Interpon D1010 Standard powder-coating on gutter guard mesh for added strength, longevity and colour-fading resistance to meet some of Australia’s harsh UV conditions. Our aluminium powder coatings meet all Australian Standards for Architectural finishes and make our products the best gutter guards in Australia.

Tuff Mesh Finished Installation
Don’t let a blocked gutter cost you thousands. Speak to us about getting aluminium gutter guards installed for your home.
Tuff Mesh Finished Installation

DIY Aluminium Mesh

Aussie Gutter Protection are trusted suppliers of aluminium mesh guard Australia-wide. Our DIY aluminium gutter guard kits are easy to install for self-application to corrugated Klip Lok, Trim Deck and tiled roofs.

Our aluminium gutter guards products carry Up to a 25-year warranty, and AGP has an impeccable reputation with no material warranty claims in over 20 years of business. Today, please talk to us about DIY aluminium gutter guard options; we can supply them or hire a professional installer that removes the risks of working at heights and ensures effectiveness.

Aluminium Mesh Installation

Our fully trained and accredited team of installers and technicians must install aluminium mesh gutter guards to any roof or guttering, including box gutters and parapets. Our installers regard safety as a number essential and will apply the mesh to your house using the most stringent safety measures.

Hiring an expert gutter guard installer means that your gutter protection system gets a professional finish while you remain safely on the ground.

Gutter Guard Installation
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