Plastic versus Metal Gutter Guards

Plastic versus Metal Gutter Guards

Gutter Protection for Your Home

As spring is upon us, trees and plants across Melbourne and Victoria are blooming. The recent wet weather and sunny climate are encouraging fantastic growth which is great, apart from the potential issues leaves and debris may ultimately cause to the gutters of your home.

Ensuring your gutters are draining water into downpipes and tanks effectively is essential. Strong winds are more likely to pick up and carry leaves and debris on to your roof which places added pressure on your roofs drainage efficiency. If it rains heavily and your gutters are blocked, drainage will be reduced which can cause significant damage to your gutters, walls and your homes foundation.

To address this, you can either clean your gutters or install gutter guard to help prevent the build up of any blockage. There are various types of gutter guard which can be broadly split into two categories:

1. Plastic Gutter Guard:plastic gutter guards

The most important things to remember with plastic gutter guard, is that they are not all created equal. In fact, we would strongly discourage the use of some plastic gutter guards. Cheap guards made from plastic or nylon may be attractive due to their low price however they are ultimately a waste of money and your time. The inferior plastic lacks durability and effectiveness in the long run. Australia’s harsh weather conditions cause the cheap plastic mesh to warp, deteriorate and buckle in the sun. In addition, seeds can easily pass through with wide mesh holes into gutters, germinating and then growing back through the mesh.

High quality polyethylene gutter guards, on the other hand, have a much longer lifespan. They are durable in extreme temperatures and can withstand extreme weather events such as hailstorms. They are UV, fade, water, salt and corrosion resistant.  Furthermore, as they don’t corrode or rust and they are often kinder to your roof when compared with metal options such as zincalume, steel or Colorbond gutter mesh.

We supply, install and recommend 2 polyethylene gutter guards made by Tapex in Australia that come in a range of colours to suit your home.



2. Metal Gutter Guard:

Similar to plastic gutter guard options, metal gutter guards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. This includes galvanised mesh, powder coated metal, aluminium and stainless steel. All of these material options provide strength and are better suited to fire prone areas compared with plastic alternatives, however their durability and effectiveness over a long period of time varies significantly. Be cautious when considering the purchase of cheap metal alternatives. Poor quality metal guards are also prone to warp, deteriorate and buckle in the sun. In addition, steel gutters are prone to rusting which can have a detrimental effect on gutters and metal roofs.

High quality aluminium and stainless steel gutter guards alleviate the drawbacks of lower quality metal gutter guards. Aluminium and stainless steel won’t rust and their strength guarantees durability and long lasting performance.

As Aussie Gutter Protection we supply, install and recommend the stainless steel and aluminium gutter guards produced by Tapex. Tapex products have a unique diamond pattern and fine hole sizes to prevent debris from passing through whilst allowing water to freely drain. The strong materials are designed to stop the damage from possums, vermin and birds, whilst also meeting stringent fire standards.


So What’s the Best Gutter Leaf Protection for Your Home?

High quality polyethylene, aluminium and stainless steel gutter guards all offer a range of benefits. Tapex gutter guards have an enviable reputation and come with a 10-15 year warranty. The best option for your home depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Your Roof Material
  • Your Roof Design Including its Pitch
  • The Size of Your Home
  • Your Location
  • Your Budget

As there are a number of options available, we recommend that you contact our team to discuss which option is best for you. We service all kinds of domestic and commercial properties in Melbourne, Victoria and major metro areas across Australia.

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