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Aussie Gutter Protection is a Melbourne-based gutter guard company that offers Melbourne’s highest quality gutter cleaning service.

At Aussie Gutter Protection, our expert gutter cleaners provide a professional gutter cleaning service at affordable prices. Our incredible gutter cleaning team has years of experience and training, so you can be sure your gutters get a thorough clean while also taking special care of the rest of your home and roof. 

Our AGP team is the best gutter cleaners in Melbourne. All our gutter cleaners are certified to the highest standards, including working at heights, using height safety equipment, and equipment care. An AGP Gutter Cleaner is extensively trained to work around roofs, solar panels, and roof gutters to avoid damage and recognise problems before they occur.

Clogged dirty gutters

Get commercial Gutter gaurds

Solver Clean

This is a basic clean designed to get your gutters flowing again and remove the worst of the debris and then continue to clean as much as possible in the time remaining.

Gutter Clean

A complete clean of your gutter system, removing all debris and flushing the guttering system and downpipes. leaving you with clean gutters and peace of mind.

Maintenance Gutter Clean

A regularly scheduled clean to ensure it never gets out of hand. You can extend the life of your gutters and have peace of mind through bushfire season, knowing your roof gutters are free from debris.


A regularly scheduled clean to ensure it never gets out of hand. You can extend the life of your gutters and have peace of mind through bushfire season, knowing your roof gutters are free from debris.

Speak to us about our gutter cleaning service installed for your home.

What Our Roof Gutter Cleaning Service Involves

All our gutter cleaning jobs start with an initial property assessment for safety and access concerns to determine the most efficient and effective way to remedy your particular gutter cleaning requirements. 

Our cleaning experts advise upfront the extent of the work. The cleaning team can complete gutter cleans for the whole house or concentrate on the main problem areas – additions can also be made on the day.

Over 20 years of experience has taught us that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all best gutter cleaning approach to protect your roof and gutters, so we have a range of tools available for use, including a powerful gutter vacuum a range of hand tools. We also have specialist roof access equipment and safety gear.

Once made safe, we access your roof to clear away all debris: cleaning behind chimneys, above skylights, in roof valleys, and also trimming back any tree branches that may be preventing access to your gutters or preventing other roof maintenance.

Aussie Gutter Protection encourages our clients to reuse organic waste, leaves, mud, moss, sticks, and sludge in their gardens as its excellent composting material. We can also remove larger debris, such as branches, if so desired. 

We finish the gutter cleaning, ensuring that the property is left clean and tidy, gently hosing down your house surrounds, paths and decking.  

Cleaning Gutters with Gutter Guards! We do it!

All of our gutter cleaning teams are experienced gutter guard installers uniquely trained to safely gain access to your gutters to remove any debris and flush them without damaging your gutter guard system.

 As both a gutter guard installation company and a gutter cleaning company, we have specialised and overlapping knowledge of roofing and guttering to prevent your drainage system from clogging.

We have both the tools and knowledge required to ensure your gutter guard system performs at 100% for years to come.

Bird Proofing installation Melbourne
Gutter Cleaning

After Care and Support

We take before and after photos through the gutter cleaning process, which are accessible to you with your invoice on completion of the job. Our gutter cleaners conduct visual roof inspections while cleaning the gutters and alert and document any identified issues such as missing roof tiles or areas that may need a roof restoration or roof repairs.

Finally, taking into consideration the style of roof and surrounding trees, we make a recommendation on your property’s ideal gutter cleaning and add you to our automatic gutter cleaning scheduling or send you email reminders. 

Speak to us about our gutter cleaning service installed for your home.


 All of our roof gutter cleaning services come with high-quality customer service. Gutter Cleaning price varies with the length of the gutter that needs to be cleaned and the ease of access to the gutter, but we are happy to give you a quote for a gutter clean over the phone after we ask you a few questions about your property.

Gutter Guard Prevents Damage to Property

We continue to service customers in Victoria for over 20 years. Our tradesmen receive heights safety training and certification on double-storey buildings and have full public liability insurance. We pride ourselves on offering quality service on every gutter cleaning job.

Melbourne Gutter Cleaning Team

Our gutter cleaners are experienced in all types of gutter cleaning, including roof gutters, external gutters, box gutter and roof valleys. We can work on all types of roofs. We do gutter cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties.

Free Gutter Guard Quote Included

Every AGP gutter cleaning professional service comes with a free no-obligation gutter guard quote and roof inspection. See how you can save money and time with less gutter cleans and the peace of mind that comes with installing a gutter guard. 

Why should you clean your gutters?

The debris build-up in your gutters and downspouts can cause numerous issues that vary in severity and expense. Blocked gutters and drains add weight and strain on the gutter’s brackets, causing them to bend, rust or even detach. 

Clogged gutters also promote water pooling which can cause water damage to your home and foundations. Stagnant water attracts pests, germs, and parasites, such as mosquitos and vermin. Clean gutters are also less appealing to birds looking to nest and roost. 

Overflowing gutters are also especially dangerous in bushfire-prone areas, becoming an ignition source for ember attacks. When you need your gutters cleaned, call AGP to get the best gutter cleaning service to prevent all these avoidable issues.

We offer the best gutter cleaning packages at affordable prices to meet every need and home size.


When it comes to how to clean gutters effectively, we make safety and efficiency our top priorities. The process starts with an initial property assessment to identify safety and access concerns. Our experts assess the extent of work needed, offering options for cleaning the entire house or focusing on specific areas. We utilise specialised tools, including a potent gutter vacuum and various hand tools, alongside roof access equipment and safety gear. We also make sure debris is removed from roofs, including areas behind chimneys, above skylights, and in roof valleys. Organic waste can be repurposed for composting, and larger debris, like branches, can be removed upon request. We conclude by ensuring a clean property, gently washing house surrounds, paths, and decking.

The cost of our gutter cleaning service typically begins at $200. However, factors such as the size of the property, the presence of a multi-storey structure, and the use of specialised tools like a gutter vacuum can influence the final price. Request a free quote today, and we’ll provide an accurate and fair cost estimate for the specific cleaning requirements of your property.

Gutters should ideally be cleaned at least twice a year to maintain their effectiveness. However, we provide different options based on your needs. Scheduling regular cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of debris. Alternatively, you can opt for problem-solver cleans that address issues as they arise. These ad hoc cleanings are especially useful after heavy storms or if you notice clogs. Choosing between regular maintenance cleanings and problem-solving cleanings depends on your property's specific requirements and local environmental factors.

We believe that the ideal method involves regular assessments and either scheduled routine cleanings or addressing issues promptly as they arise. By employing a proactive approach that combines planned upkeep and targeted problem-solving, gutters can be effectively safeguarded from debris buildup and potential blockages, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

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