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foam gutter guards

What Is a foam gutter guard?

Insights Add a header to begin generating the table of contents So, you’re thinking of installing a foam gutter guard but have no idea what …

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Seagulls nesting in a gutter

How much does bird proofing cost? Bird proofing your home is a worthy investment that will keep your gutters and solar panels protected from birds and pests. So, how much …

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Bird Proofing Melbourne

Bird proofing in Melbourne

During bird nesting season various types of birds may decide to make your home their home. Birds will nest in gutters, wall cavities, under roof …

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gutter guard

How to bird proof a solar panel

Introduction Upon installation of your solar panels it is best to install a solar panel bird mesh kit to prevent birds from nesting underneath. Birds …

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Integrated Mesh Guard bird proofing

What is the best gutter guard for Stratco gutters?

Australia’s favourite gutter guards for Stratco gutters are here. Gutter guards are made to stop leaves and debris from accumulating in your Stratco gutters. Gutter …

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Gutter Guard Installation Customers

9 ways to stop birds nesting underneath solar panels

Solar panels are a high-value investment that unfortunately can be vulnerable to damage by birds. One of the things your solar panel salesperson may not …

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How do you bird proof a solar panel?

What is the best way of bird proofing solar panels? Installing a ‘Bird Mesh’ is the most effective and efficient way of bird proofing solar …

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House In melbourne

Best gutter guards for gum trees

Are you looking to protect your home and ensure that you are able to reduce the number of times that you need to climb that …

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Tile Roof Gutter Guard

What you can use a gutter guard or ember guard for

For many homeowners across Australia, installing a gutter guard or ember guard to your property is an essential addition. They are specifically designed to protect …

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