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wattle trees that block gutters

How to Stop Wattle Flowers from Clogging Your Gutters

Are you tired of dealing with clogged gutters every spring when wattle flowers are in full bloom? You’re not alone! Many homeowners face this challenge, but there are effective ways to keep your gutters clear and functioning properly.

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Tuffmesh Emberguard Case study

Dandenong Ranges Tuffmesh™ Emberguard Residential Installation

Complete Ember Guard Installation at a Dandenong Residence to combat the constant challenge of fine debris dropping from the neighbour’s two large wattle trees overhanging the property.

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Bird netting

Gutter Guard vs. Bird Netting: Which is Best for Bird Proofing?

Gutter guards and bird netting are two popular solutions for dealing with bird nesting and causing damage around your property, including commercial and industrial settings. …

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sparrow under roof type

Bird Proofing Guide: Safeguard Your Home

This bird proofing guide delves into practical bird-proofing solutions that prevent these issues and respect natural wildlife, including products and strategies effectively used across Australia to safeguard homes from pest birds.

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rainfall on Gold Coast

Protecting Your Roof from Gold Coast’s Severe Weather Events

Gold Coast roof restoration is a well-known form of renovation in the area, as well as in Brisbane. However, gutter leaf guards and leaf mesh, while less popular, can be just as vital during storms that bring hail and intense rainfall.

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Bird spikes on gutters

Gutter Guard vs Bird Spikes | Which works best? 

Your decision between gutter guards and bird spikes hinges on the specific bird challenges you face. Each option has merits and suitability, depending on the extent and nature of your bird problems. 

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Gutter Guard Inspection

2024 Architecture Trends & Gutter Guard Impact

As we enter 2024, the Victorian architectural landscape is undergoing a transformative shift characterised by a deeper integration of sustainability, technological innovation, and a resurgence …

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Tuffmesh Aluminium installation corrugated roof

Hastings Tuffmesh™ Residential Gutter Guard Installation

See our recent project, Hastings Gutter Guard installation, fitting 102.9 metres of TuffMesh™ Aluminium, addressing the persistent issue of clogged gutters due to fine leaves and debris.

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mesh panels

How Long do gutter guards last?

Gutter guard lifespan ranges from 1-20 years, influenced by material, type, and installation quality. Proper selection and installation extends longevity.

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