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How Long do gutter guards last?

Posted on February 12, 2024
By Aussie Gutter Protection

Investing in gutter guards is a wise decision for homeowners looking to protect their homes as gutter guards work to prevent debris build causing damage by clogged gutters. However, not all gutter guards are equal and work as effectively as others. So, how long do gutter guards last? Well, it depends. Gutter guard lifespan ranges from 1-20 years, influenced by material, type, and installation quality. Proper selection and installation extends longevity. 

Different types, from foam and brush inserts to metal screens and integrated mesh systems, each have their own expected durability and maintenance needs. Adequately installed gutter guards with high-quality material can offer extended protection, reducing the frequency of cleanings and prolonging the life of your gutter system.

With various options available in the market, it’s crucial to understand how the longevity of gutter guards can vary based on the type and quality of the product you choose and the installation process. Join us as we break down the lifespan of each gutter guard type and maintenance needs.

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    Gutter Guard Lifespans

    Type of Gutter Guard Expected Longevity Frequency of Maintenance/Cleaning
    Brush gutter guards 1-2 years Seasonal Maintenance depending on surrounding vegetation and debris
    Foam gutter guards 1-2 years Every 3-6 months, depending on dampness and rainfall patterns
    Gutter Screens / Gutter Covers 2-4 years Every 3-12 months
    Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard Screens 2-7 years Every 3-12 months
    Reverse Curve Gutter Guards 5-10 years Every 1-2 years
    Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard System 10-20 years Annual System Flush

    Not all gutter guards are created equal. The market is flooded with options ranging from do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions to professionally installed gutter guard systems. While DIY types of gutter guards might seem cost-effective initially, they often need more durability and custom-fit installations provided by professional installers, leading to frequent replacements and, potentially, more costs in the long run.

    Brush Gutter Guards

    Brush gutter guards or bottle brush inserts, reminiscent of oversized pipe cleaners, offer a straightforward installation into gutter systems. However, their dense bristles can trap various debris, from leaves to pine needles, necessitating periodic cleaning. Over time, the accumulation of debris may lead to the brushes becoming heavily encrusted, rendering them less effective and eventually requiring replacement. 

    This reality is that brush gutter guard have an expected 1-3 year lifespan, and the seasonal maintenance highlights that while gutter brushes provide a temporary barrier, they might not meet the long-term protection needs of many homeowners. Read our blog to learn more about the “Pros and Cons of Brush Gutter Guard”.

    gutter brush not working

    Foam Gutter Guards

    Foam guards or Foam inserts nestle within the gutter to let water flow while blocking debris. However, they can become a breeding ground for vegetation as seeds and moisture accumulate, transforming your gutters into unintended gardens. Prone to mould and rapid deterioration, these foam inserts require replacement within a short span, aligning with their brief 1-2 year lifespan and the need for maintenance every 3-6 months. If you seek more permanent and lasting protection with minimal maintenance, consider more durable alternatives for lasting gutter protection. Read our blog to learn about the “What are Foam Insert Gutter Guards?”.

    Foam Gutter Guard

    Metal Gutter Covers and Screen Gutter Guards

    Opting for metal screens, gutter covers, mesh panels or small-hole DIY gutter guards might seem like a quick fix, yet their small openings can inadvertently welcome leaves, dirt, and debris, leading to potential clogs. Within months, guards may require cleaning, and over time, corrosion from accumulated organic matter could necessitate their replacement. 

    Gutter covers and screens sit atop the gutter system, and the flat surface may encourage leaves and debris buildup on the screen, meaning maintenance is more regular than that of other gutter protection products that use a ski slope design. Mesh gutter guards also come in many different materials; cheap steel and aluminium products without powder coating will reduce the lifespan of the guard. 

    Gutter covers and screen gutter guards align with the expected longevity of 2-4 years and the gutter maintenance frequency of every 3-12 months, underscoring the need for homeowners to weigh the ongoing maintenance against the lifespan of these DIY solutions. Read “Mesh Gutter Guards Pros and Cons” to learn more about the durability of these products. 

    Other gutter screen types, including micro-mesh gutter guards, offer a slightly longer lifespan than cheaper screens. However, micro-mesh gutter guards have the same shortcomings as other gutter screens, requiring you to spend more time on maintenance, cleaning, and additional issues such as drainage and filtering. Discover more about micro-mesh gutter guards in our blog “What are micro-mesh gutter guards?” For homeowners who require protection from finer debris, such as pine needles, ember guard meshes that work in an integrated gutter guard system provide superior protection and offer a longer lifespan. 

    mesh panels

    Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

    Reverse curve gutter guards or vinyl gutter guards, characterised by their wide opening along the gutter’s length, aim to direct water flow while deterring debris. Yet, this design can inadvertently allow various organic materials to enter, leading to significant clogging risks. Over time, the accumulated debris might even strain the gutter system, risking detachment from the fascia. Given the 5-7 year lifespan and the suggested maintenance every 1-2 years, reverse curve guards may fall short for those seeking a more permanent gutter guard solution. To learn whether reverse curve gutter guards suit your entire gutter system, read our blog “Vinyl Gutter Guards | Melbourne Gutter Guard Protection Guide.”

    Blocked gutters from vinyl gutter guards

    Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard System

    Integrated mesh gutter guards are the epitome of gutter protection, embodying complexity, durability, and effectiveness. Despite a higher initial cost than other types, these gutter guard systems offer substantial long-term value with minimal maintenance needs and extended lifespan, aligning with the 10-20 years. Homeowners can select from various options, including materials and mesh width sizes for valley and box gutter protection. They can tailor their choice for specific challenges like bird, vermin, and possum proofing. 

    Integrated mesh systems provide customisable solutions for those with specialised needs, such as ember protection, commercial-grade durability, or rainwater harvesting. This versatility, combined with their proven longevity, makes them a preferred choice for comprehensive protection. Learn more about the best types of gutter guards in Australia in our blog, “What are the best gutter guards in Australia?”

    Gutter Guard Installation on a corrugated roof in Melbourne

    Speak to us about a gutter cleaning.

    Gutter Guard Installation Techniques and Impact on Longevity

    The installation process significantly influences the longevity of gutter guards and may be the deciding factor when you question, “Are gutter guards worth the price?” Professional installation ensures that gutter guards are perfectly fitted to your home’s specific gutter system, reducing the risk of sagging, detachment, and inefficiency over time. Explore our solutions

    Why Choose Professional Installation?

    Choosing Aussie Gutter Protection means opting for a team of experts skilled in correctly installing gutter guards for maximum efficiency and durability. Professionally installed gutter guards also prevent issues of sagging, especially where the gutter guard mesh must span wide gaps, including parapets and box gutters.

    The best gutter guard companies also include a free quote and measure service to ensure that you choose the correct materials and gutter mesh type to fit your roof profile and leaf litter requirements, alongside a comprehensive material warranty and installation guarantee. Our professional installation process avoids the common pitfalls of DIY installations, such as improper fitting or inadequate securing, which can lead to premature wear and tear. Discover the importance of professional gutter guard installation.

    Gutter protection system fitted across roof valleys, meticulously installed to avoid blockages by leaves and nesting materials from birds

    Gutter Guard Maintenance

    While gutter guards significantly mitigate the hassle of gutter maintenance, it’s important to note that they don’t eliminate the necessity for occasional cleaning. High-quality options, particularly integrated gutter mesh systems, are designed to reduce the frequency of such tasks drastically. These advanced systems ensure that the bulk of debris is kept at bay. Yet, an annual flush of the gutter system is advisable to clear out any accumulated dirt and fine particles, ensuring everything flows smoothly through the gutters and downpipes.

    For residents nestled in areas abundant with trees and dense foliage, spring and autumn seasons can bring about an increased volume of leaf and debris fall. In these instances, it may be necessary to perform additional maintenance, such as gently brushing or using a blower to remove the heavy accumulation of leaves and debris from the guards’ surface. This proactive approach ensures that your integrated gutter mesh system continues to function optimally, providing effective protection while minimising the need for frequent, intensive gutter cleanings. By adhering to these maintenance recommendations, homeowners can enjoy the full benefits of their investment, ensuring their gutter system remains clear and functional throughout the year. Get tips on maintaining your gutter guards.

    Speak to us about a gutter cleaning.

    Recognising the Signs of Wear

    Recognising when your gutter guards require maintenance or potentially a replacement is crucial for maintaining their effectiveness. Beyond the clear indicators of wear, such as visible damage, sagging, or rust, there are subtler signs that homeowners should be vigilant about. Blockages in the system, even with gutter guards in place, can signal an underlying issue that needs addressing. A tear in the mesh, though seemingly minor, can compromise the entire system’s ability to keep debris out. Similarly, rust formation around screws or on the mesh itself can weaken the structural integrity of the gutter guards, leading to potential failures.

    It’s essential to understand that these signs of wear and tear don’t necessarily mean your gutter guards have reached the end of their lifespan. Instead, they may require some attention to continue functioning as intended. Learn when to replace your gutter guards.

    Choose Aussie Gutter Protection for Long-Lasting Gutter Guards

    At Aussie Gutter Protection (AGP), we stand by the quality and durability of our products with extensive material warranties. Our confidence is backed by a track record where we’ve never had a material warranty claim, underscoring the reliability and longevity of our gutter guard systems. Should you notice any of these wear indicators, our team is prepared to conduct a thorough assessment and offer expert advice on the necessary steps, whether it’s a simple repair or a more comprehensive solution, to ensure your gutter guard system remains in top condition.

    Discover the Aussie Gutter Protection difference and how we can serve you.

    Investing in Aussie Gutter Protection’s gutter guards means protecting your home today and securing it for the future. With our professional installation and high-quality products, you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands.

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