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What are micro mesh gutter guards?

Posted on December 1, 2022
By Aussie Gutter Protection

Micro mesh gutter guards provide excellent gutter protection for residential and commercial properties. The gutter guards feature DIY installation and professional installation options. However, as with all gutter guard products, there are considerations every homeowner should make when purchasing micro mesh gutter guards. 

So, what is a micro mesh gutter guard? Micro-mesh gutter guard is a fine mesh manufactured with a small hole size preventing debris, dirt and leaves from entering the gutter system, causing clogging and build-up. Micro-mesh gutter guard reduces gutter cleaning and maintenance, offers bird proofing and bushfire protection, and optimises rainwater harvesting systems. 

Micro-mesh gutter guard installation includes a “mesh only” option or is incorporated into an integrated mesh system. It is available in various colours and materials, including steel, aluminium and plastic. 

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    Do Micro-mesh gutter guards work?

    There are two micro mesh gutter guards: micro-mesh gutter covers and integrated gutter guard systems.

    Micro-mesh works best as part of an integrated mesh gutter guard system designed to work with the angle of the roof and gutters to encourage leaves and debris to fall to the ground. The aperture size ensures that even the small debris and leaves do not penetrate the guard and build up in gutters.

    Other factors you need to consider to ensure your micro gutter guard systems work including materials, installation and solution type.

    Micro-mesh Gutter Covers Features

    Mesh Panel Gutter Guard

    Quick Features:

    • Material Options: Polyethelene, powder-coated aluminium, Colorbond® steel, galvanised steel and bronze. 
    • Colour options: Black, Colorbond® colours, roof-to-gutter colour matching 
    • Installation options: Attached with clips, sit inside the gutters, attach over the top of gutters, attach to the roof shingles, tiles or screw into the roof. 

    Micro-mesh gutter guards may come similar to mesh panels as a perforated screen over the gutter top. The simplest installation method is to side them under the first row of tiles to sit over the gutter. Or, bend the mesh, so it either fits against the fascia or inside the rain gutters. Some contractors will screw the mesh to secure the fascia board or gutter front.

    The fine mesh prevents even the smallest debris, like pine needles, from entering the gutter; however, the tiny holes make it less permeable to water, especially in harsh weather conditions and cold climates. Water overflows from the gutters into the surrounding property during heavy downpours, risking water and foundation damage. 

    Integrated micro-mesh system

    Micro-mesh works best as part of an integrated mesh system to provide more comprehensive gutter protection. An integrated mesh system may also be known as a leaf guard or micro-mesh gutter guard system to manufacturers. 

    The gutter guard system is designed to work with the roof pitch, creating a slope and surface tension that encourages leaves and other debris to fall to the ground. 

    It is more expensive than the standard micro-mesh gutter cover option. However, it is more comprehensive protection and durability, keeping your gutter clean.

    The design suits areas prone to heavy downpours. Aussie Gutter Protection’s TuffMesh® Emberguard has the smallest aperture size of 1.9 mm and includes a water trough that ensures the surface tension does not affect the water permeability in heavy rain. The micro-mesh technology is essential to ensure that it is suitable for all roof types. 

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

    Micro-mesh Material Options

    Plastic micro-mesh guards

    The quality of plastic micro-mesh significantly differs between gutter guard manufacturers. Plastic mesh gutter guards have a shorter lifespan than metal micro-mesh guards. 

    The plastic micro mesh should be UV stabilised and made from 100% virgin food-grade material. Look for mesh with 2 mm or more strand thickness and an ole size less than 4 mm. 

    It is suitable for coastal gutter systems where metal guards corrode due to high salt concentrations. It is also used on galvanised roof types to prevent metal reactions.

    Aluminium micro-mesh guards

    The most durable micro mesh gutter guard material is a power-coated aluminium due to its ability to span and fit any roof type. Aluminium micro-mesh comes in gutter guard and ember guard mesh options. Ember guard requires a hole size of less than 2 mm to prevent embers from entering and igniting gutter debris.

    The micro-mesh is also Colorbond® powered-coated to increase strength and durability and prevent colour fade. The mesh comes in an array of Colorbond® colours to colour-match your roof and gutters for better curb appeal.

    Steel micro-mesh guards

    Colorbond® micro mesh gutter guards are the most durable steel micro mesh. The steel mesh is used in gutter guard systems such as BAL40 and FZ-rated gutter guard solutions. It is more brittle than aluminium which makes installation more difficult. 

    Stainless steel micro mesh is more affordable than aluminium or Colorbond steel® mesh. However, it has a short lifespan and less curb appeal than the other two micro mesh gutter guard products. A stainless steel screen corrodes more quickly, especially if it is uncoated. It is usually coated in Black PVC coating, which breaks down quickly over time. A stainless steel screen is also unsuitable where larger debris overhangs existing gutters.

    Galvanised steel micro guards are best used on galvanised roofs, where stainless steel and aluminium micro mesh gutter guards are unsuitable. Like stainless steel mesh, it corrodes quickly if uncoated. Cheaper options are coated in Black PVC coating, which breaks down quickly over time, while more durable options are coated in Colorbond powder-coating to provide colour-matching. 

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    Is micro mesh suitable for all gutter guard solutions?

    Not all gutter guards suit every solution for homeowners. Some micro mesh gutter guards suit specific gutter guard solution types affecting their effectiveness:

    Leaf proofing

    A leaf guard or gutter guard will block debris from guttering systems. It significantly reduces gutter cleaning and maintenance, improving safety outcomes and preventing water damage. 

    It is important to note that micro-mesh, like all gutter guards, reduces gutter cleaning but does not eliminate the chore. Smaller debris may collect on the top of the micro-mesh guards, but homeowners should sweep debris to the ground without wind or rain. 

    Leaf proofing is suitable for existing and new gutters that don’t affect the gutter and roof warranty

    Bushfire protection 

    An ember guard is the most effective against ember attacks. Ember attack occurs when airborne burning embers from bushfire blazes ignite litter in unprotected gutters. Ember guard has a specified mesh aperture hole size of 2 mm or less to protect your home from burning embers.

    An ember guard is tested and certified as an Australian fire-rated guard with BAL ratings and Fire Rating Flame Index “0” for bushfire-prone areas.


    Micro-mesh is also suitable as a bird-proofing solution. Integrated mesh gutter guards prevent birds from gaining access to the roof and nest in the gutters and valleys while encouraging healthy water flow.

    The micro-mesh’s surface tension deters birds from perching and nesting. Gutter guard installers pair them with other bird prevention methods, such as spikes and solar panel protection to provide 100% complete bird protection. A 100% bird-proofing solution must cover all entry points.

    It is impossible to vermin-proof your home with the gutter guard as multiple entry points exist throughout residential and commercial properties. However, preventing overflowing gutters reduces the risk of vermin and pests nesting in your gutters and roof.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

    Rainwater harvesting

    A micro-mesh is essential to rainwater harvesting systems that prevent contaminants from entering the water tanks. As part of a rainwater harvesting system used for potable water, all gutter guards must comply with AS4020 water standards. Plastic micro-mesh guards are not suitable and do not meet these Australian standards. Micro-meshes that meet these standards come with Australian water standard certificates.

    Commercial gutter guard

    Commercial installation is specifically for commercial building gutter protection, such as factories, shopping centres, facilities and more. These properties have more oversized box gutters, roof-to-roof fixtures and more significant roof gaps. A commercial micro-mesh is thicker and spans across gaps more significant than 750mm wide without sagging. These commercial micro-mesh guards, paired with bracing and fixing options, make gutter guarding on commercial properties easier.

    Solar panel protection

    Solar panel protection is an additional roof and gutter protection measure. A solar mesh protects solar panels from birds, leaves and debris collecting underneath the panels. It is also suitable for bushfire-prone areas as it prevents build-up underneath.

    Micro-mesh is unsuitable for solar panel protection as its smaller hole size restricts airflow and sunlight; and increases moisture content, risking solar panel damage. The larger hole size in solar mesh allows clips for attachment. These clips avoid compromising the solar panel warranty.

    Australian gutter guard types

    Homeowners should be aware of other gutter guard options available to them on the market, including:

    The integrated mesh system is the most comprehensive gutter guard option available to homeowners. 

    When to hire a gutter guard company?

    Gutter Guard Installation

    Installing gutter guards can be challenging for many homeowners. Professional gutter guard companies specialising in gutter guard installation offer complete services for micro-mesh guard systems. Other options for professional installation include local handypersons and roof plumbers. 

    Here is when you should consider using a professional installation company:

    • If installation compromises your safety 
    • If your property is multiple storeys 
    • If you need a 100% bird-proofing solution 
    • If you have box-gutter or roof-to-roof fixtures
    • If you have a complex roof warranty 
    • Solar panel installation

    Micro-mesh gutter guards are also suitable for DIY installation that prevents debris and keep clean gutters. 

    Aussie gutter protection is a leader in the gutter guard industry, working with high-quality materials; products GutterMesh, TuffMesh, SteelMesh and SolarMesh; installation methods for leaf guard, bird proofing, rainwater harvesting, bushfire prevention and solar panel protection. AGP offers professional installation at affordable pricing to keep your gutters clean and ensure rainwater flows freely. Get a free consultation that brings you one step closer to ridding yourself of clogged gutters. 

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