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What you can use a gutter guard or ember guard for

Posted on October 22, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    For many homeowners across Australia, installing a gutter guard or ember guard to your property is an essential addition. They are specifically designed to protect your gutters from becoming blocked by debris such as leaves and twigs, which can then lead to rain water pooling on your roof. This can then, in turn, lead to water leaking through into your property and, at worse, can even lead to major structural damage.

    Many people mistakenly believe that gutter guards and ember guards are the same thing, and whilst they do sound similar they are two different products that provide different levels of protection. Alongside preventing your gutters from becoming blocked, the right gutter guards can also provide homeowners with a number of additional benefits.

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    What is a gutter guard?

    Before looking at what some of these benefits are, it is important to know what each product is and what they are designed to do. A gutter guard is a unique product that is specifically designed to prevent debris such as leaves and other materials from entering your guttering system, whilst still allowing rain water to flow through the gutters normally.

    These guards are designed to suit a wide range of gutters and properties, so are available in a huge range of options and styles. Some of the most common gutter guards include:

    Brush guard

    This form of guard simply slots into the gutter and features multiple, outward-facing bristles that are designed to brush debris and leaves away from the gutter and down towards the ground.
    brush gutter guards

    Foam inserts

    This style of guard is similar to a brush guard in that it slots directly into the gutter system without needing to be affixed. The foam is designed to prevent debris from entering the system whilst still allowing water to flow through the gutter.

    Mesh Guard

    A mesh guard attaches to your roof and covers the gutter completely, preventing any debris from entering the system whilst the perforated small holes in the mesh are able to ensure that water is still able to flow freely.

    Integrated Mesh Guard

    An integrated mesh guard works in a similar way to a mesh guard, however an integrated mesh solution sits inside the gutter in a similar way to brush guards or foam inserts.
    Integrated Mesh Gutter Guards or leaf guard

    Vinyl Guard

    A vinyl or plastic guard sits over the top of gutter and features perforated holes to ensure rain water can enter the gutter system but can block any large debris from entering it. With such a wide range of guards and fixing options, they are suitable for almost every property in the country, no matter the size or the type of guttering on offer.
    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

    What is an Ember Guard?

    An ember guard on the other hand, is a specific type of guard that is designed to protect the gutter and property from burning embers. Typically used on properties in areas at high risk of bush fires, they are a very valuable addition, capable of being installed to any gutter or cavity on the building.

    The majority of homes destroyed by bush fires are initially ignited by stray embers entering the system and catching flammable debris such as leaves alight. Coming in a wide range of styles, ember guards are made from a non-combustible mesh sheet that still allows rain water to flow through freely whilst preventing embers and debris from entering.

    What else can gutter guards and ember guards be used for?

    Whilst their primary function is to prevent debris from entering your guttering system, gutter guards and ember guards are able to provide you with a number of additional benefits:

    Reduce cleaning

    One of the most significant benefits of a gutter guard is that they prevent the number of times that you need to climb a ladder and clean out your guttering system. Cleaning your gutters out is a time-consuming and mucky task that no one enjoys doing, so fitting a guard to your gutters will reduce how regularly you need to clean them out.

    Gutter guards prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutter, instead forcing them down towards the ground. By reducing the number of times you need to clean your gutters out, gutter guards can be a safety measure for your property. A 2015 report revealed that there were nearly 8,500 hospital admissions in a four year period due to falls from a ladder, so reducing the number of times you need to climb yours is only a positive.

    Prevent vermin infestation

    Another significant benefit of installing gutter guards or ember guards to your property is that they can protect your home from vermin infestations. Animals such as birds, and other nocturnal creatures like to create a nest in warm and dry places, which makes your loft and interiors of your home incredibly inviting.

    Pest infestations can be incredibly frustrating. As they are nocturnal, it means that these animals begin to move around at night, which will mean you will hear them rustling around throughout the night.

    Not only can this be a nuisance, but pest infestations can also be highly damaging to your property. The faeces and urine creates a pungent smell and can be harmful to your health whilst many animals chew at your walls to use the material to build their nest.

    A gutter guard or ember guard will block their entry into your home and prevent them from finding a way through to build a nest.

    Enjoy cleaner tank water

    Many homeowners across Australia are beginning to harvest rain water to use for various activities such as washing their car, watering their garden, or flushing their toilets. With added filtration, this water can then even be used as drinking water. Gutter guards are able to provide you with cleaner water by preventing dirt and debris from entering your water tanks. Correctly graded gutter guards, those that meet the AS4020 rating by the Australian Water Quality Centre, will provide the necessary filtration to remove all contaminants.

    Reduce costs

    The right gutter guard or ember guard can also actually help you to cut the costs that are typically associated with cleaning your gutters. If you are not confident of climbing a ladder and cleaning your gutters yourself, or you do not want to face the mucky task yourself, then hiring a professional gutter cleaning company can be a costly task. Installing gutter guards helps to keep your gutter clear from debris, significantly reducing the number of times you need to clear out your gutters. This ensures you do not need to face expensive cleaning options or face the time-consuming task of having to climb those ladders and clean your gutters yourself.

    Fire protection

    One of the most beneficial aspects of ember guards in particular is that they are able to offer you thorough protection against bush fires. A guard is able to help you to protect your property from being ignited by stray embers, helping to ensure your home is as protected as possible.

    Prolong the life of your gutters

    Gutter guards or ember guards are not just a preventative measure. The right solution can help to prolong the life of your existing gutters. Wet debris can cause premature rust and degradation, whereas the right protection will ensure that your gutters are safe and secure for years to come.

    How we can help

    As one of the most experienced providers of gutter guards in Australia, our dedicated team can help you to provide the right solution for property. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions, taking the time to understand your exact needs and requirements, allowing our talented team to provide you with a bespoke solution designed for your needs.

    No matter the size of your property or the required solutions you need, we will be able to help you find the perfect solution to keep you protected and secure.

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