Bird Proofing Melbourne: How to Stop Birds Nesting in Your Roof

Bird Proofing Melbourne: How to Stop Birds Nesting in Your Roof

For Guaranteed Bird Proofing Results, Get Professional Help

Birds nesting in your home can be a costly hassle. Birds leave acidic droppings which can eat away at roofing materials, their nests cause blockages to drainage systems and chimneys, plus their early morning wakes ups and incessant chirping is sure to leave you blurry-eyed! Bird proofing is particularly required in Melbourne due to a vast Starling and Myna population.

So how can you prevent birds nesting in your roof?

There are a number of methods out there that are purported to help prevent birds from nesting in your roof.

Some may be useful, while others are not likely to make a difference. To guarantee results, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional team to guarantee the results.

DIY Bird Proofing Methods (some may work, some don’t):

Deterring birds from nesting in the first place is a preferred situation for all.

  • It is well known that birds don’t like shinny or reflective items. Place small, cheap mirrors where birds tend to nest. Try hanging a long piece of foil from eaves or trees which will reflect in the sun. Other deterrents could include fake figures such as cats or owls, as these tend to work by scaring the birds off. Be sure to move these items around your property, as birds will eventually figure out that they are not a threat.


  • Like us, birds need water to live. Removing any pooling water such as birdbaths and pet water bowls will have the birds moving on quickly. Keeping your gutters clean and free of leaves and other debris is also a good idea. Naturally if removing pooling water is not ideal, a more permanent solution should be sought.


  • When you spot a nest, remove it as soon as possible. (be careful working at heights) This will tell the bird that your roof is a hostile environment. You maybe be required to do this several times before the bird gets the message. When you have removed the nest, give the area a good clean – birds are known to harbour diseases.


  • People have reported varying success using crushed chilli in areas where birds build their nests. Mix a couple of chillies with water, let it ferment in the sun for a while before transferring into a spray bottle and spraying problem areas.


  • There are plenty of sound devices on the market that work by imitating a bird’s stress call, warning birds away from your property. However, birds are pretty good at figuring out which calls are real, so these aren’t always 100 percent effective.


  • Block up any spaces in your roof or walls where birds may nest. Netting, wood and wire mesh are good options. Remember, birds can get into the smallest of spaces.

Professional bird proofing options:

gutter guard on a corrugated box gutter roof

Gutter Guard on a corrugated box gutter roof

For a sure way to get rid of birds in your roof – enlist the help of Aussie Gutter Protection. We have a successful history of stopping the birds nesting in your roof and instead, we get them back where they belong, in the trees. Using quality gutter coverage and bird spikes on beams and perching areas. Our services are guaranteed to stop birds nesting in your roof for good.

Get in touch with us today to find out more, or for a free quote.

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