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The Benefits of Bird Proofing

Experts in bird and pest proofing preventative measures, offering customised bird proofing solutions for Melbourne homes.

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we offer specialised bird and pest prevention measures for permanent solutions to birds nesting in your roof and gutters:

Nesting material clogging a gutter
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In Melbourne, 1 in 5 homes in have issues of bird infestation. Aside from the annoying noise, birds, vermin, and other pests carry a wide variety of diseases that can propagate into your home.

Pest bird populations are noisy, generate a significant amount of mess and nesting debris and are detrimental to our local Australian ecosystems. You can be sure if pest birds come home to roost, property owners will have headaches and hassle. 

Pest control services can rid your roof of these issues; however, they cannot prevent pests from returning again and again.

Bird Proofing Advantages

Prevent Blocked Gutters and Property Damage

Bird nesting ruminants and feathers accumulate in guttering systems and roof valleys, causing blockages and clogs in gutters and downpipes. Bird nesting material build-up and blockages can create water damage. Birds are also known to damage shingles and tiles when roosting on roofs.

Protect Your Health

Bird droppings and fouling carry over sixty transmissible diseases, and parasites, including salmonella, pose health risks to your family. Nesting sites in homes can transmit bird mites and lice to your family and can attract other nasty pests, such as vermin.

Better Property Aesthetics

Bird droppings on your roof and around your property look terrible compared to your bird-free neighbours. The high acidity-levels of bird droppings leave permeant discolouration and stains on your roof. Roofing eaves, verandas and gutters also look unkempt when they are littered with nesting materials and feathers.

Reduce Nesting Birds Noise

When Birds nest and roost, it is a loud affair. Baby birds will cry for food and their mothers at all hours of the day and night. Some bird species are nocturnally active, while others are also live in communal families. Install bird mesh to enjoy peace-and-quiet.

Protect Your Solar Panels

Birds invade any spaces that offer protection and warmth – your solar panels are dream homes. Birds can damage electrical wiring while they roost. Bird dropping acidity can permanently damage corrode aluminium frames and stain the solar panel facade. Bird-related damage can reduce solar panel function and is often warranty voided.

Protect the Environment

The majority of the birds we proof against are introduced- species to Australia. Like most foreign species, they negatively impact our Indigenous bird species’ ecosystem. Often bird proofing your home will encourage native bird species to return to your gardens.

Keep birds and vermin out of your roof.

Signs of Bird Invasion on Victorian Properties

Leaves clogging a gutter

Bird Proof instead of Bird Control

Top reasons to pursue bird preventative measures over simple bird control:

Bird Mesh Systems for Bird Protection Solutions

Aussie Gutter Protection are the experts at permanently resolving bird and pest problems.

We’re bird proofing innovators, using our bird mesh protection systems with 100% guaranteed prevention from birds entering and nesting in your roof.

Our comprehensive solutions include complete bird Colorbond mesh coverage for gutters, valleys, downpipes and other openings, leaving no chance for unwanted birds, rats, mice and possum to sneak in. The bird mesh protection system is affixed to the gutter and roof, preventing birds from removing the products. The mesh material and surface is undesirable for perching birds, further discouraging them rooster on the roof.

We recommend our solar mesh for houses with solar panels for protection from birds and nesting underneath the panels. Only by ensuring there are no attractive nesting options in your home will you find complete protection from birds and pests.

We only use Australian-designed, high-quality mesh and fixation materials that can be applied to any Australian roof type, including:

In addition, our Colorbond gutter guards offer the added benefit of preventing debris and leaves from entering gutters.

With decades of experience in the industry and 1000’s of successful installations, we are the leading bird proofing provider in Melbourne.

Domestic Bird Proofing and Bird Control

Gutter Mesh Completed Installation
Birds carry disease. Keep them away from your home.

Commercial Bird Proofing and Bird Control

Steel Mesh Installation Example

Types of birds we proof against

All birds can cause damage, but the vast majority of bird species aren’t problematic. A few Australian pest bird species, most notably feral pigeons, cause serious hassles for homeowners and business owners.

Unchecked nesting increases the potential to spread some unpleasant bird diseases, birds nest mess and droppings, noise and negatively impact the native bird population in Australia.

The bird species require bird control solutions in Melbourne for feral pigeons, seagulls, Indian mynas, English starlings, and sparrows.

If you’re suffering from unwanted birds, our bird proofing services bring long-lasting, permanent results you’ve been looking for.

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