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When you get your pigeon mesh installation from us, you are getting quality you can rely on to ensure those annoying pigeons stay out of your guttering.

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Literally, pigeons are a massive problem, because they’re so big. Their size and weight makes them more likely to cause damage than most other species of birds, and because people persist in feeding them, pigeons are practically everywhere.

Pigeons do have a certain noble bearing, and in times of war they’ve been used to achieve noble tasks, but the majority of modern day pigeons are just filthy creatures that carry diseases and parasites from country to country. These are not something you ought to want to have in your guttering.

Noisy, intrusive, and aggressive, pigeons are generally annoying. No part of a pigeon is more formidable or damaging than its rear end. Pigeon droppings are large, messy, acidic, and they stink. This substance damages paint and concrete, and is difficult to clean from glass. Keeping pigeons away from your property should be a top priority, and the installation of pigeon mesh is an important step in achieving that goal.

Why pigeons flock to your guttering

Gutters are very attractive to pigeons and many other avian species. Although they’re actually not, they can seem like an ideal place for nest building. If leaves and other debris have been allowed the opportunity to build up in the guttering, this will also lead to pooling of water, which is another attraction for birds.

The birds like to drink and bathe in the water, and as they do so, they’re likely to lose a few feathers in the process. These feathers can further contribute to blocking the guttering, which in turn means more pooling and more problems in the future.

Pigeon mesh also protects birds

While pigeons are indeed the enemy, there’s nothing to celebrate about them coming to harm. They are fellow creatures sharing our planet, but unfortunately, because of a multitude of mistakes made by our ancestors, they’ve adapted to sharing our urban environments. As much as we may not like that, it’s not really their fault.

The true nightmare scenario is when metal gutters get good and hot during a blazing Australian summer day. The sheer heat generated in the gutter will sometimes cook pigeon eggs in the nest, and occasionally the parents get barbecued as well. They are quite plump birds, and apt to get stuck in the guttering.

Discovering one of these tragedies is gruesome enough, but what’s even more gruesome is not discovering it until a few days after the incident occurred. By then, it’s going to pong brutally, and will probably be disgustingly fly blown as well. If you’re lucky, you discover this mess before the rats and mice do, because if not, you’ll have even more problems to contend with.

Or you can install pigeon mesh, so you never have to deal with a pigeon mess. For the best pigeon mesh installation, call Aussie Gutter Protection.

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