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At AGP, we know that there is no one size fits all solution. That’s why we have a range of different gutter guard mesh products that we can offer for your gutter protection system.

At AGP, we know that there is no one size fits all solution. That’s why we have a range of different gutter guard mesh products that we can off for your gutter protection system. We offer Poly Stainless Steel and Aluminium mesh options to fit any roof type, including corrugated, trim deck, kliplok, tile roof, and many more.

All of our gutter guard mesh options come in a full range of Colorbond colours, and we have a range of options when there is bushfire danger with a range of BAL: and CSIRO rated mesh types. We also have a specialised fitting for galvanised roofs and every guttering and gutter edge type. Our products come with an up to 25-year warranty depending on the product used.

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Gutter Mesh

Gutter Mesh is a great mesh gutter guard for a huge range of applications. It’s easy to work with and can be used for DIY applications. It has been installed on roofs throughout Australia for over 20 years both as a leaf guard for preventing the blocking of downpipes, helping people cut down or eliminate gutter cleaning and also for bird proofing. It comes as a Poly mesh, Aluminium gutter guard mesh, or an Ember mesh with a smaller hole size.

Tuff Mesh

Tuff Mesh is our premium commercial grade mesh. It is a thicker, stronger mesh designed to withstand large loads such as heavier branches and sustained attack by large vermin.

AGP developed Tuff Mesh in house specifically to deal with harsh Australian conditions for decades, giving you peace of mind. We believe our Tuffmesh is the best gutter guard in Australia. It comes in Poly an Aluminium gutter mesh as well as an aluminium ember guard.

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Steel Mesh

Our Steel Mesh product is explicitly used for those buildings that require the BAL 40 or BAL FZ certification in bushfire prone areas. This requires a steel non-combustible ember guard system and usually a metal roof, not a tiled roof, as there must be no gap larger than 2mm where embers can enter the property.

All of our Steel Mesh is made in Australia, and each installation is a custom gutter guard solution designed to resist the heaviest ember attack.

Solar Mesh

Solar Mesh is a bird proofing mesh specifically designed to help Aussie homeowners who have birds or vermin nesting under their solar panels. This causes a build-up of debris under the panels, which can become a fire hazard and the dropping, which end up all over your roofing, and diseases that the birds might carry. We use specialised clips that do not affect your solar panel warranty.

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Colour Chart

All of our gutter guard mesh types come in a huge range of Colorbond colours, so it matches your roof. We also make sure to match any fitting and screws to the same colour as we know you take pride in your home’s appearance. Our attention to detail is why we are the number 1 gutter guard installer for architectural homes in Victoria.

We use the highest quality Interpon d1010 coating on all of our gutter guard meshes, so they are extremely fade-resistant and resist acid rain and high UV. We stand behind our gutter guard products and haven’t had a material warranty claim in 20 years.

We also have a range of special colours such as terracotta for tile roofs, and through our partnership with Top Coat in Melbourne, our gutter guard system can be custom powder coated to any colour needed.

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