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Just over 10 years ago, the state of Victoria was devastated by a series of bushfires that caused such severe damage and loss of life the even came to be known as “Black Saturday”.  Even though the main fire started over 100km away, in Kilmore East, Bendigo was pulled into the tragedy when two teenagers allegedly started a copycat fire.

Bendigo didn’t sustain as much damage as most of the other areas of the state affected by fires that day, but this was largely a matter of luck in combination with skilled and dedicated efforts by the CFA to keep the fire contained mainly within Long Gully and Eaglehawk.

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Even so, some 61 houses were destroyed and more than 1200 acres burned. Meanwhile in nearby Redesdale, a further 25,000 acres were burned and 12 homes were lost. Fortunately, unlike most of the other affected regions, Bendigo only suffered one human fatality. The toll was much higher in other areas of the state.

This terrible tragedy serves as a reminder of the precarious situation we all live in when we buy or build a home in rural Victoria. Something important to know is some of those houses which burned that day may have been saved by a simple and inexpensive product.

Gutter guards are mesh barriers that prevent leaves and twigs from building up in gutters where they provide highly combustible fuel for stray embers to ignite. Fires starting this way can set the whole roof ablaze very quickly, and the roof may then collapse in on the rest of the house. Most people don’t know it, but the roof is the most vulnerable area of the home when it comes to fires.

By preventing the combustible material from accumulating in the guttering, the embers don’t have the same chance to ignite, and will usually just die out before they can cause damage.

There are other good reasons to get a gutter guard installation in Bendigo

In addition to reducing your fire risk, having a gutter guard will also spare you from having to regularly climb a ladder to clean out your guttering by hand. It’s an unpleasant chore in any case, and there are probably a lot of other things you’d be more happy to use that time for.

Gutter guards also keep your gutter free of other problems such as clumps of damp leaves, tank water contamination, nesting birds, and so on. All these things can affect your health, quality of life, and the integrity of your home. If leaf clumps get too large, their weight can actually cause the guttering to separate from the roof body. Overflowing gutters due to blockages can lead to structural damage, corrosion, concrete erosion, and sometimes even subsidence due to excess ground water.

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Choose Aussie Gutter Protection as your Gutter Guard Installer in Bendigo

Gutter guards are one of the cheapest and easiest home improvements you will ever make. But you will still want to ensure you get a professional job done with quality materials you can rely on. For this reason, you should choose Aussie Gutter Protection as your installer.

We use a high quality UV stabilized mesh, strong and durable, perfect for Australian conditions. Our installers are also experts at installing these products, with extensive experience and a great reputation for quality workmanship.

Aussie Gutter Protection offer full gutter protection by providing Australia’s best gutter guard covers. Protect your gutter from unwanted leaves, birds & dirt at the best possible prices.

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Gutter guard (also referred to as gutter protection or leaf guard) is a product that has been developed to prevent damage and the inconvenience caused by clogged gutters in residential and commercial buildings.

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For homes across Australia, it’s quite common to be faced with problems related to birds and pests inhabiting their roofs. You often don’t know what exactly is causing that scratching, chirping or chewing sound; it could be birds, mice, possums or rats making your roof their new home.

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