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Colorbond® Gutter Guard 

With over 20 years of experience in the gutter protection industry, we install the highest quality Colorbond® gutter guard & ember guard products for all Colorbond® roof types.

  • Colour-matched Colorbond® gutter protection systems for all solutions 
  • Highest-quality powder-coated aluminium, steel & poly mesh
  • Experts gutter guard installers for residential and commercial properties

Best Colorbond® Gutter Guard

Colorbond® gutter guard, or gutter protection system, is a comprehensive design that protects the guttering system, valleys and downpipes to filter leaves and debris while promoting optimal water flow. Colorbond® mesh gutter guards fix to the gutter edge, creating a permeable protective barrier with a ski slope angle. 

Roofing professionals and architects recommend Colorbond® gutter guards for the best aesthetics. Each component of the gutter mesh matches the Colorbond® roof and gutter colour. Install gutter guards to reduce gutter maintenance, bird-proofing, bushfire protection, rainwater harvesting and leaf-proofing. 

Detailed view of gutter guard edge sealing, preventing birds and small animals from entering while maintaining a clean aesthetic
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How It works

1. Quote

Our estimators quote for the best gutter guard.

2. Match

Match the Colorbond® colour to the roof type.


We install gutter guards on your property.


Match Colorbond® Australian Roofs

Tuff Mesh gutter guard Finished Installation

Corrugated roof

Colour-match corrugated roof saddles, trims, mesh and screws to the corrugated roof & gutter colours. Available to suit corrugated roof valley.

Completed Colorbond Gutter Guard Installation

Trimdek® roof

Colour-matched to Trimdek® roof saddles, mesh, trims and screws to the Trimdek® roof & gutter colours. Available to suit Trimdek® roof valley.

Gutter Guard

Klip-Lok® roof

Colour-matched to Klip-Lok® roof saddles, trims, mesh and screws to the Klip-Lok® roof & gutter colours. Available to suit Klip-Lok® roof valley.

colorbond tile roof colours

Tiled roof

Colour-matched to roof tile roof mesh, gutter trims, screws in Colorbond and tiled roof colours. Available to suit tile valley gutters.

Gutter Guard Comparison

Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard Brush Gutter Guard Mesh Panels or Flat Panels Foam Inserts Vinyl Guard
Reduce Maintenance
Leaf Proofing
Prevents Blockages
Strengthens Gutter Systems
Bird and Pest Proofing
Bushfire Protection
Water Harvesting

Colorbond® Gutter Guard Benefits

Streamlined aesthetics

Colorbond® gutter guard system is the most aesthetically pleasing gutter guard for tile, trimdek®, Klip-Lok® & corrugated roofs.

Colorbond® Warranty

AGP has never had a material warranty claim with material warranties up to a 25-year warranty.

Industry-Leading Coating

AGP pioneered a thick Interpon D1010 powder coating for additional durability for aluminium mesh.

Australian Tested

Our Colorbond® gutter guard products meet the Australian Standard AS2728 and are suitable for various building applications.


Designed to maintain their bold colour, structural integrity and corrosion-free appearance for decades on your roofs.


Our Ember guards are certified BAL-rated with a CSIRO fire rating of “0”, indicating low flammability.

Don’t let a blocked gutter cost you thousands. Speak to us about getting Colorbond® gutter guards installed for your home.

Colorbond® Ember Guards

Our ember guard mesh is powder coated in Australia. Our Colorbond® ember guards are powder-coating to prevent corrosion and deterioration from the harsh Australian climate and conditions and protect against ember attack. Ember mesh guards also filter finer debris, such as pine needles, wattle and jacarandas.

Gutter Guard Comparison
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The polyethylene mesh range is a high-performance plastic mesh gutter guard in various Colorbond® roof colours. Our poly mesh ranges are non-reactive substances, great for coastal areas and galvanised roof types.


Aluminium mesh gutter guards are Colorbond® powder-coated, maintain their colour and structural integrity and prevent atmospheric corrosion on tile, Klip-Lok®, Trimdek® & corrugated roofs. Aluminium Colorbond® gutter guards are more malleable, flexible and long-lasting than Bluescope Colorbond® steel gutter guards.

steel mesh

Steel Gutter Guards

Our Colorbond® steel gutter guard is an Australian-made product for extreme bushfire threat and ember attack levels, such as BAL40 and BAL Flame Zone. Colorbond® steel is CSIRO fire-rated and made especially for Australian outdoor conditions.


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