Pros and Cons of Brush Gutter Guards

Brush Gutter Guard

Pros and Cons of Brush Gutter Guards

There are many gutter guard options when it comes to choosing the right gutter guard for your property. In this article, we take a closer look into the popular Brush Gutter Guard style of protection.

As one of the cheapest gutter guard options on the market, the brush gutter guard usually comes in at around $8 per metre and is easily found online or in stores such as Bunnings and Mitre10.

The brush guard is inexpensive, easy to install to the roof gutter, and easy accessibility makes it a popular choice on the market for homeowners. 


Brush Gutter Guards
Pros and Cons

Some homeowners swear by brush gutter guards, while to others the gutter guard product seriously underwhelms them. Below are the pros and cons of brush gutter guards:

Brush Gutter Guards Pros

Brush Gutter Guard Cons

  • Cheap
  • Quick to Install
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Filters larger Leaves and debris
  • Reduces Blockages And Allows Good Water Flow
  • Easily removed by winds or birds
  • Material is a highly flammable
  • Small debris such as pine needles can clog the guard
  • Requires more maintenance than other guards
  • Can be a breeding ground for pests

How does Brush Gutter Guard work as Gutter Protection?

So, what is a brush gutter guard? A Brush Gutter Guard is a gutter guard with stainless steel or galvanized steel wire core and extending black polypropylene bristles. The guard usually comes in 1-metre lengths and is about 12 centimetres in diameter. 

A brush gutter guard, sometimes known in Australia as a hedgehog gutter guard or bottle brush gutter guard, works by merely sitting directly inside your gutters without fasteners, and features clumps of bristles that are all facing outwards. 

These bristles then prevent falling leaves and debris such as twigs from entering your gutter whilst still allowing a steady flow of water through the rain gutters and downpipes.

Benefits of Brush Gutter Guard For Australian Homes

One of the biggest pros of brush gutter guards is their affordability. They are amongst the cheapest type of gutter guard on the market, but despite their low cost, they are still good for reducing gutter cleaning, which is why many homeowners choose to use a brush gutter guard.

The outward-facing bristles provide robust protection against some of the most common causes of gutters and drain clogging, including dead leaves, moss and twigs. By blocking the gutter, these larger bits of debris are simply swept away from the guttering and back down towards the ground.

Brush Gutter Guard

Made from a wire core that is then interwoven with UV-resistant plastic bristles, the brush gutter guards are available in much imaginable length. They can be fitted to almost any guttering system. The bristles keep falling leaves and debris away from entering the system, and they do still allow rainwater collected from the roofing system to enter – your gutters will not become full.

 Another significant benefit of the brush gutter guard system is just how simple they are to install. Capable of being installed at home as part of your DIY plans, the guards simply slot into your guttering,  and you will just need to attach them in place using some cable ties or clips.

 As brush gutter guards are not locked into place, they are relatively easy to remove and clean as required.

Gutter Brush Guard Issues

Whilst they are a very cheap and viable solution for many homes, there are some cons to using brush gutter guards.

One of the biggest is that they tend to get clogged quite quickly, with smaller leaves and debris such as pine needles finding their way through the bristles and into your gutter. This means that you will still need to climb a ladder to remove the build-up, and you may have to do this more frequently than other guards. Alongside that, many homeowners find they might need to replace them after a few years.

The plastic bristles are also somewhat of a fire risk, so if you are living in an area that is prone to bushfires, then this is something that you should keep in mind as there are more suitable products for you on the market.

Although it is not a problem to some people, brush gutter guards are sometimes visible from the ground depending on the gutter type, so if you are eager to keep your home looking just how you want it, you might want to look at alternatives.

Brush Gutter Guard Issues

Brush Gutter Guard Effectiveness and Suitability

The effectiveness of brush gutter guards depends heavily on your installation location and intended purpose, particularly when you consider the low cost of installing them on your property. 

Suitable for use in most homes, they are simple to DIY install, and most people can fit the guard to the gutter themselves – although if you are not confident enough or not able to, then contact a professional to do this for you.

 If you are surrounded by trees that release very small debris, such as pine trees, you will need a finer gutter guard.

You should opt for an ember guard over a brush gutter guard for properties in bushfire prone areas. Brush gutter guards are flammable and are not suitable for bushfire protection.

 Equally, brush gutter guards will require regular cleaning, so if this is not something that you can do physically, you might find that it is better to pay the extra now for a more effective guard in the long run.

Other Leaf Guard Alternatives

Whilst a Brush gutter guard does help keep gutters clean, depending on your property’s size and location, you might find that there are more suitable, heavy duty and high quality gutter guards out there for your Melbourne home. 

Some other alternatives include:

  •      Foam Inserts
  •      Vinyl Guards
  •      Mesh panel
  •      Integrated mesh guard


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Not sure what guard is right for your home? Get in touch with our expert team today, and we will be happy to discuss the options you have available to you.

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