What is the Best Gutter Guard in Australia?

tile roof with gutter guard

What is the Best Gutter Guard in Australia?

What is the best Gutter Guard in Australia?

How many times have you thought about protecting your gutter? Chances are probably not very often. In fact, it is one of those things that we rarely think about until the time comes when a clogged gutter has either caused damage to your property or is so blocked up that you need to climb the ladder and clean out the debris.

Buying a property is the biggest expense you will ever outlay and whilst we protect it against all kinds of potential hazards, the gutter is always overlooked. However, by investing in a gutter guard today, you will be able to ensure your home is protected from easily preventable damage in a simple and cost-effective way. By installing a gutter guard you will no longer have to don your gloves, climb a ladder, and waste hours of your Saturday afternoon emptying out debris that has built up. Not only that though, by installing a gutter guard you can prevent your home from suffering water damage which, at best, will cause the growth of dangerous mold and at the very worst cause, structural damage to your foundations; neither a particularly desirable outcome we’re sure you’ll agree!

There are a lot of different types of gutter guards on the market today, so it can be a little confusing trying to decide which solution is best and most suitable for what you need for your home. Whilst primarily they do all serve the same function of keeping leaves and debris from entering and clogging up your gutter system, some work a lot better than others and it all comes down to the budget and the time you want to invest in installing them.

There is certainly no one product that suits all situations, but no matter what style of roof you have, from flat to tiled, you will still be able to find a guard for your property. To help you with your decision, we have taken a look at some of the pros and cons of the most common gutter guard solutions on the market in Australia today;


Brush Gutter Guard

Gutter guard Brush

Gutter guard Brush


One of the cheapest options available to you, a brush gutter guard works by sitting inside your gutter pipe. With a set of bristles facing outwards, they allow water to flow freely through the system whilst pushing debris away from the gutter. Alongside being cheap they are incredibly easy and quick to install, simply slotting straight into the pipe.


However whilst quick to install they do not offer a complete solution and can regularly become blocked; requiring you to regularly maintain them by clearing the leaves and debris that have been able to work their way into the brushes. Brush Gutter Guards can also be somewhat of a fire hazard due to the materials they are made from.


Foam InsertsFoam Gutter Guard

Have you ever been swimming and messed around with a giant foam noodle?  Essentially a Foam Insert gutter guard is very similar to them! The long tubes are made from durable plastic and much like the Brush Gutter Guard they just simply slot into the gutter; which makes them a popular choice for people looking to do DIY it as they require no real installation.


However, Foam Inserts are not always the best option. Because of the construction and materials used they can be quite an expensive solution and the foam plastic itself is a magnet for mold and plant growth which means you’ll need to either regularly clean them or replace them. The shape of them can also cause the top of the gutter to become relatively flat; meaning debris can still build up, requiring cleaning.


Mesh PanelsMesh panels Gutter Guard

Mesh panels are often the most popular choice for people looking to install a gutter guard. Attaching directly to your roof, the mesh protects your gutter from debris whilst still allowing water to flow directly through the hole. Mesh Panels are also relatively easy to install as well as being a cheap solution.


There are many different materials and brands offering Mesh Panels, which means a wide variety of quality currently on the market. They are also not the most durable of solutions and often need replacing after a couple of years. Again, just like the foam insert a mesh panel creates a flat surface which can lead to a build-up of leaves and debris.


Integrated MeshAluminium mesh gutter guard

An Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard works in a similar way to the standard Mesh Panel Guards but instead of attaching to the roof and protecting the top of the gutter, they are installed directly inside the pipe; creating a slope that encourages leaves and other debris to fall to the ground. A little more expensive than the standard mesh option, Integrated Mesh solutions are still a mid-range option that is very effective at keeping your gutter clear. Highly durable, by fitting directly into the gutter they also help to increase the strength of it too.


Although a very strong solution to protecting your gutter, Integrated Mesh guards can take longer to install correctly. They are probably the most popular solution in Australia which has its benefits, but also means that there are a lot of different mesh types and thicknesses to choose from. We have a post about helping you decide what mesh might be best for you if you’re looking for more information here.


Vinyl Guards

Working in a similar way to the mesh solutions, a Vinyl Guard fits directly into the gutter without needing to be attached to the roof; making installation a very quick and easy process. Just like the mesh, these are designed to prevent debris from entering the gutter but still allowing water to flow freely through.


Although they are another cost-effective solution, Vinyl Guards can get easily clogged up; meaning you will still have to occasionally climb the ladder and clear out built-up debris.



By all means, these are not the only gutter guard solutions available in Australia today but they are certainly the most common. There is no perfect solution that fits every home; it entirely depends on your property and the environment that you live in but by installing a gutter guard today, you will be able to protect your home from significant damage.


At AGP we firmly recommend integrated mesh gutter guard as they are the only solution that has proven to last on roofs for decades. Integrated mesh guards can come in a range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and poly. At AGP we offer all three so we can find the best material for your property. We can also offer our materials in a range of thicknesses and hole apertures so no matter your situation we will have a solution that works for you.


If you would like to know more for either a professional Installation or to get the materials to install yourself please don’t hesitate to call 1300 88 55 25 or fill in the contact form

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