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Blocked gutters can cost property owners thousands in damage. Don’t get caught out; install a leaf guard.

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With over 20 years of experience in the gutter protection industry, we offer the best gutter guard solutions and installation service for Melbourne homeowners and outer Victorian areas.
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Aussie Gutter Protection provides tailored gutter guard solutions to stop leaves and debris from clogging your guttering system. Our gutter guards are a proven, long-lasting, leaf proofing solution tried and tested on Australian roofs for decades.

Our gutter protection systems have been installed on thousands of new and existing residential homes and commercial properties around Melbourne. We want the best protection for gutters and roofing systems and believe you do too.

Leaf, dirt and debris build up in the guttering system cause serious issues. Over time, these contaminants form masses and clumps, interfering with water’s flow through the gutters and downpipes. Interruption to water flow makes overflow more likely. An overflowing gutter creates water damage in the property vicinity, including foundations.

Why do I need gutter protection from leaves?

Leaf & Debris Protection

Gutters guard systems prevent blockages and clogging from leaf and organic debris build-up. Gutter guard systems significantly reduce the need for gutter cleaning and maintenance and keep you safely on the ground. Only a complete gutter guard system – gutter leaf guards, downpipe leaf guards, valley leaf guards can offer your property comprehensive leaf protection.

Fire and Ember Protection

For the most effective bushfire protective measures for your home, choose an Ember Guard. Ember guards protect your home from Ember attack and preventing dry leaves in your gutters from igniting. Get tested and certified Australian Fire Rated Ember Guard with a BAL-Ratings and Fire Rating Flame Index “0” for bushfire prone areas.

Gutter & Roof Protection

Heavy leaf-filled aluminium or stainless steel gutters are susceptible to rust, corrosion, bending and detaching from the fascia. Blocked gutters that overspill can cause your roof and property extensive water damage. Gutter guard products prevent extensive and costly damages to your roofing system and property – they even can expand the life of your gutters.

Rainwater Harvesting

Leaves, dirt, and debris can contaminate rainwater collected in guttering, affecting the quality and safety of the water contained in your rainwater tanks. Water tank screen and gutter guards filter the water before it reaches the water tank. Only gutter guards that meet the Australian Water Quality Centre’s AS4020 water standards can offer you a safe water quality.

Bird & Pest Proofing

Accumulation leaves and debris-filled gutters make a perfect nesting and roosting site for birds, vermin and possums. Gutter guard systems make for the best bird proofing and prevention. Improve your family’s health by deterring birds and pests from entering your gutters.

Don’t break your neck cleaning out gutters. Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

Leaf Guard against these Australian trees

Aussie Gutter Protection offer tailored gutter guard solutions for different Australian native and deciduous trees.

Gum Leaf Trees – Eucalyptus gum trees though evergreen, regularly shed leaves, twigs and branches that collect in gutters, especially in autumn, by winds, and during drought. Dry gum leaves make perfect homes for tiny pests and quickly ignite and burn, making it essential to protect your gutters from gum leaf build up in bushfire prone areas. Install gutter guard systems to your property for gum leaf-free gutters.

Pine Needle Trees – Pine trees shed very thin and long pine needles that fall individually or in clumps, which quickly overtake gutters. The pine needles size make it incredibly hard to clean and penetrate traditional gutter guards. Install our pine needle gutter guard systems for pine needle-free gutter.

Jacaranda Trees – Jacaranda deciduous tree delicate fernlike foliage and lower are genuinely stunning but have tiny debris and high volume litter in Spring and Autumn. Overhanging branches and the wind carry and settle the debris in gutters in masses, causing blockages and water damming during rain. Install our jacaranda tree gutter guard systems for jacaranda leaf-free gutter.

Australian Wattle Trees – As a native Australian plant species, the wattle is very common in Australian backyards, but its small flower and thin leaves settle and block gutters regularly. Wattle leaves and flowers are especially issues for residents in Spring and Autumn. Install our wattle tree gutter guard systems for wattle-free gutters.


Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

Gutter Leaf Guard Works

Aussie Gutter Protection provides a gutter leaf mesh product that covers your gutters and roof valleys to stop leaves and debris but allows optimal water flow through your gutters and downpipes. Our mesh leaves no gap for leave or debris, affixed to the front lip of the gutter; it creates a permeable protective barrier to the lower section of your tile or metal roof. The guard’s ski slope shape encourages leaves and debris to fall naturally to the ground.
Tuff Mesh Finished Installation
I want to learn more about Gutter Guard installation

Leaf Guard Mesh Installation

Aussie Gutter Protection’s use specialist installers who meet our rigorous standards and our accreditation course. Our experienced gutter guard technicians provide gutter guard solutions for the follow roofs, including:

Innovative Installation Techniques

With over 20-years’ experience installing leaf guard on Australian roofs, we have encountered many different roof types and fixtures. Our experience installing thousands of gutter guard products on Australian roofs informs our installation techniques. AGP has developed specialised bracing techniques to span across box gutters and parapets found in modern architecture and commercial properties.
Gutter Guard Installation
Commercial Gutter Guard Installation

Commercial Gutter Guard Installation

Commercial buildings are often prone to leaf and debris build-up issues issue and potentially cause havoc. Comprehensive leaf gutter guard coverage is essential. We provide solutions to commercial and industrial buildings of all shapes and sizes in Melbourne, Victoria and metro centres across Australia.

Australian Colorbond Gutter Guard

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we design our gutter leaf guard ranges to withstand Australian conditions’ harshest, but we also offer a complete array of Colorbond colours. We colour-match our durable powder-coated mesh and accessories to your existing gutter and roof colour to ensure optimal roofing aesthetics for your property.
Finished Gutter Guard Installation
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