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Every home owner should install a gutter guard in Dandenong

There’s a lot of good things about Dandenong being Melbourne’s leafiest suburb, but all those leaves sure can make a mess, and they also contribute to the fire risk problem.

Bushfires have always been a major concern in the greater Dandenong area. The entire district is populated with highly combustible eucalyptus trees, and almost as combustible dwellings. When the two are combined together, the potential for disaster is immense.

We never know when the next Black Thursday will occur. This terrible fire destroyed 5 million hectares, devastating 25% of the state of Victoria. The heat from the fires was so intense that ships over 30km offshore could feel it, and at least one ship came near to catching fire and sinking when burning embers were carried to it on the wind.

It’s far easier for a suburban home in Dandenong to catch fire than a ship 30km or more out to sea. The most likely way for that to happen in the event of a bushfire is burning embers being blown onto the roof, where dry leaves collected in the guttering could easily provide enough fuel to start a big enough blaze to set the whole roof on fire.

Gutter Guard is the best way to prevent this from occurring. Gutter Guards also do much more than simply reduce the fire risk. Your gutter guard will also prevent problems that occur as a result of wet leaves, and will prevent birds from nesting in your gutters.

The leaf problem in detail

Leaves are the most significant problem for the guttering and roof area of a typical suburban home. As stated above, dry leaves are potentially fuel for bushfires, and the most likely means by which a stray ember could set your home ablaze.

Wet leaves are a problem too, but they’re a problem in a different way. Wet leaves develop a certain adhesiveness that causes clumps of leaves to form. Over time, if they’re not broken down or removed, these clumps will get larger and heavier.

They may begin to rot if they remain wet for too long, and in the intermediate stage between being fully wet and fully dry, there is a possibility of spontaneous combustion occurring due to the heat produced by microbial action within the clump.

Rotting leaves also smell terrible and may contain mould spores that can aggravate allergies and asthma. Some types of mould are even suspected of being carcinogenic. The smell and warmth of rotting leaves can attract vermin that may decide to move in permanently.

It’s not a good idea to allow leaf clumps to remain in place. They can, as described above, be harmful to your health. They can attract vermin. And as the clumps become heavier and heavier, there is a possibility of them causing structural damage to the guttering, roof, and walls of your home.

Leaf clumps could also cause gutters to overflow, which in turn leads to structural problems, rust stains, and sometimes even subsidence issues.

Aussie Gutter Protection is your best choice as a gutter guard installer in Dandenong

When you choose Aussie Gutter Protection, you are making an investment in quality. Our expert installers are well trained and have extensive experience installing gutter guards throughout the Dandenong area. We use only the best quality materials, to ensure your gutter guard installation in Dandenong will stand the test of time. For the best installation, call Aussie Gutter Protection.

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