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Dandenong Ranges Tuffmesh™ Emberguard Residential Installation


Complete Ember Guard Installation at a Dandenong Residence to combat the constant challenge of fine debris dropping from the neighbour’s two large wattle trees overhanging the property. A solution required protection against clogging in gutters and the accumulation of debris in the valleys and roof gables. Considering the BAL ratings for the area, a product needed to be selected to meet the BAL-29 ratings to meet compliance. 


  • Project Type: Domestic Leaf Proofing and Maintenance Reduction
    Location: Dandenong Suburbs, VIC
  • Roof & Gutter Profile: Corrugated and Klip-Lok®, Standard Gutters
  • Gutter Guard Solution: TuffMesh™ Emberguard
  • Installation Partner: Aussie Gutter Protection
  • Colour: Pale Eucalypt®
  • BAL-Rated: BAL-29 Ratings
  • Meterage: 104.4 metres


A homeowner in the Dandenong suburbs faced recurring issues with their gutter system. Two large wattle trees nearby shed fine flowers and leaves, which clogged the gutters, causing water overflow and potential water damage. Additionally, the large gables and valleys of the roof accumulated leaf litter, creating an environment where seeds could sprout, further complicating the maintenance.

Including a BAL 29 rating was particularly significant for this project, given the fire-prone nature of the Dandenong suburbs. TuffMesh™ Emberguard’s compliance with these standards means the property is better protected against bushfires, offering added security for the homeowners.

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To address these challenges, Aussie Gutter Protection recommended and installed TuffMesh™ Emberguard. This product is known for its high performance in filtering fine debris and its robust construction, perfect for withstanding the local possum population.

Installation Highlights:

  • Site preparation: The overhanging branches needed to be cut back to reduce the level of debris on the roof, gutters and gutter guard. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The entire property, including gables, flat Klip-Lok® roof, and corrugated valleys, was fitted with TuffMesh™ Emberguard.
  • Total Coverage: 104.4 metres of gutter guard were installed at a height of 3.7 metres.
  • Seamless Integration: The installation ensured a perfect colour match with the Pale Eucalypt® roof and gutters, maintaining the home’s aesthetic appeal.

Key Features of TuffMesh™ Emberguard:

  • Fine 1.6mm aperture filters out the smallest debris.
  • Strong aluminium construction to prevent damage from possums.
  • One-way mesh design ensures maximum water collection without water sheeting.
  • Compliant with Australian Bushfire Standards (AS3959–2018), suitable up to BAL 29.
  • Backed by a 25-year warranty, ensuring long-term protection.


The installation of TuffMesh™ Emberguard transformed the homeowner’s experience, reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning and preventing potential water damage. The robust and aesthetically pleasing solution ensured that the gutters remained clear of debris, even in high rainfall areas. This installation not only enhanced the property’s curb appeal but also provided peace of mind by meeting stringent fire safety standards.

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Experience the Difference:

  • Expertise and Quality: Our team ensures a meticulous installation process, using the highest quality materials to protect your home.
  • Long-Term Protection: With products like TuffMesh™ Emberguard, you get a solution that stands the test of time, backed by extensive warranties.
  • Customer-Focused Service: We prioritise your satisfaction, offering personalised solutions that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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