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Gutter Guard vs. Bird Netting: Which is Best for Bird Proofing?

Posted on June 2, 2024
By Aussie Gutter Protection

Gutter guards and bird netting are two popular solutions for dealing with bird nesting and causing damage around your property, including commercial and industrial settings. Each has its strengths and is suited to different situations. If you’re wondering whether to choose gutter guards or bird netting for bird-proofing, the decision varies based on your specific needs.

Let’s explore both solutions’ features, benefits, and limitations to determine which one might be right for your bird-proofing needs, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

Comparison Table: Bird Spikes vs. Gutter Guard Systems

Understanding the distinct characteristics and ideal applications of gutter guards and bird netting can help you make an informed decision. Here’s a quick comparison:

Feature Bird Netting Gutter Guard Systems
Primary Function Designed to exclude birds from larger areas like balconies, gardens, and open-air spaces Prevent birds from nesting in gutters, roofs, and valleys
Visibility Highly visible, can alter the aesthetic of the area Low visibility, blends with the roofline
Installation Areas Enclosures, overhangs, fruit trees, complete cover for open areas Gutters, valleys, under roof eaves
Material Typically made from polyethylene or other robust synthetics Aluminium, steel & metal with a protective coating
Maintenance Requires periodic cleaning to maintain effectiveness and aesthetics Very low; also helps keep debris out of gutters
Durability Variable; depends on material quality but generally UV-resistant and weatherproof High; designed to withstand extreme weather
Effectiveness Effective over wide, open areas High for enclosed and sheltered areas
Wildlife Impact Provides a barrier without harm to birds, unless unmaintained Non-invasive and safe for wildlife
Cost Can be cost-effective depending on the area covered Higher initial investment but cost-effective long-term

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Gutter Guard Bird Proofing

Gutter guards are not only suitable for residential homes but are also excellent for protecting commercial and industrial gutter systems. They are designed to block birds from accessing and nesting in your gutters, roof valleys, and eaves. This prevents clogs and potential structural damage from water overflow, enhancing the overall functionality of your gutter system. Gutter guards are crafted to integrate seamlessly with any building’s architecture, offering a discreet and effective solution to bird problems while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the property. They are built to endure harsh conditions, often coming with long-term warranties that underline their effectiveness and durability.

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Bird Netting

Bird netting is a versatile solution that works well in residential settings and commercial and industrial properties, especially in open and expansive spaces. It protects larger areas where birds might gather or attempt to nest, such as outdoor dining areas, warehouses, and agricultural spaces. Bird netting creates a physical barrier that denies birds access without causing harm, making it useful for protecting various outdoor and semi-open structures.

One area for homeowners to consider includes the required maintenance to ensure the bird control product’s effectiveness and safety for birds. Birds can become entangled in bird netting when it becomes slack or damaged, which reduces its effectiveness in keeping birds out of the desired bird-free area. 

To learn more about bird-proofing against specific bird species, read our article “Bird-Proofing in Melbourne.”

Gutter spikes and bird netting

Although bird netting requires more maintenance than gutter guard products and could affect the aesthetic appearance of your property, it is a practical, cost-effective solution for preventing birds from open-air spaces. Its straightforward application and ability to target specific areas make it ideal for immediate bird control needs​ and an affordable solution.

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Integrating Gutter Guards and Bird Spikes

Combining gutter guards and bird netting can be an effective strategy across different property types for comprehensive protection. Gutter guards protect buildings’ architectural features and gutter systems, while bird netting can cover and protect larger or more open areas where birds might otherwise rest or congregate. Some homeowners will also combine netting, gutter guard and bird spikes to ensure to prevent perching and roosting on property ledges and windowsills. To learn more about Bird Spikes, visit our article “Gutter Guard vs Bird Spikes: Which is Best?

This dual approach ensures that all potential nesting and perching sites are covered, providing a robust solution to manage bird-related issues comprehensively. Using both methods together can significantly reduce the likelihood of bird damage and the associated cleaning and maintenance costs, ensuring a clean, safe, and bird-free environment around your property.

For a comprehensive look at gutter guard bird-proofing products, consider reading our article, “Bird Proofing Guide to Safeguard Your Home.”

Speak to us about getting bird-proofing your home.

Choosing between gutter guards and bird netting depends largely on the specific bird-proofing needs of your property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Gutter guards are ideal for protecting architectural features and preventing blockages in gutters, while bird netting is suited for safeguarding larger spaces from bird entry. Employing both solutions often offers the most effective protection against bird-related issues, preserving both the beauty and integrity of your buildings and surroundings.

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