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Bird proofing in Melbourne

Posted on January 7, 2021
By Aussie Gutter Protection

During bird nesting season various types of birds may decide to make your home their home. Birds will nest in gutters, wall cavities, under roof eaves; or most commonly the roof cavities. To deter the birds from making a permanent home within yours you should consider AGP bird proofing products and services.

Which birds do we commonly bird proof against in Melbourne?

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    The most common bird species to proof against in Melbourne

    Feral Pigeons

    Bird Proofing Melbourne

    Pigeons are by far the regarded as the most peskiest bird species as they primarily are found in areas of human occupancy. Their ability to nest and breed all year round makes them a significant target for bird proofing in Melbourne. Our close cohabitation exists in their learned dependency on humans for food and nesting sites.

    Whilst their diet commonly exists of organic matter and animal food, they also rely on more readily available food sources such as human garbage, organic waste and scraps. Pigeons love to nest in downpipes, guttering, roof valleys, solar panels, and on window ledges which can cause obstructions and fire hazards. Their feeding and nesting habits produce copious amounts of bird droppings, feathers and organic litter from nests.

    INTERESTING FACT: Pigeons are decedents of cliff-dwelling birds which is why they like to perch high on rooftops and nest in gutters.

    Seagulls or Silver Gulls

    Bird Proofing melbourne

    Seagulls or Silver gulls are most prevalent in Melbourne’s coastal and bay areas but have been known to nest more inland. They have a long nesting season which can extend from late May to early February. They commonly roost in gutters, under solar panels, on aerials and in roof valleys.

    Like pigeons, their droppings are often acidic and can contain mites and other diseases. While they usually eat small fish and other marine life, they can also scavenge through exposed garbage or organic waste, creating extensive mess and damage.

    Seagulls are very social creatures and tend to flock together. Bird control measures in Melbourne are often required to prevent damage and mess that flocks will leave.

    INTERESTING FACT: Large flocks of seagulls have been responsible for several aviation incidents in Melbourne.


    Bird Proofing melbourne

    Sparrows are well-known bird species throughout the South-East of Australia. Two particular types of sparrows may require bird control in Melbourne.

    The most likely is the House Sparrow which is an introduced species. This bird can easily enter your roof cavities or spaces due to its small size, but it will also nest in gutters on roofs, window ledges and under the verandah.

    Their breeding season is from early September to late February. 

    Homeowners in Melbourne often require bird proofing to protect their property from unsightly bird droppings and increased noise from birds nesting.

    The Welcome Sparrow is an Australian native species for which you may need to consider bird-proofing in Melbourne. They build mud nests, mostly found under verandahs, under eaves, and sometimes inside commercial buildings.

    Interesting Fact: Sparrows often return year after year to the same nesting site, so it is vital that you bird-proof your Melbourne home.



    English Starlings are an introduced species in Victoria that has earned its reputation as a pest for several reasons. They, like seagulls, are very social and often roost in flocks on buildings or roofs at night. Their largely acidic droppings deteriorate metal guttering, flashing, and valleys rendering bird-proofing your gutter essential. Its nesting season is usually September to January, but generally, they live in these nesting sites all year round. It is challenging to rid English Starlings from Melbourne areas once they are established.

    Your best defense to rid your home of these invasive birds is to have gutter protection installed, creating a barrier prohibiting nesting.

    Interesting Fact: The starling will exclude native birds from your area or backyards if they establish themselves in your home. Bird proofing against starlings will increase the abundance of native birds in your area.

    Indian or Common Mynas

    Indian or Common Mynas are scavengers by nature. Whilst they do not have the same reputation in Melbourne for destruction as pigeons and seagulls, this bird species is noisy, territorially aggressive and not afraid of humans. Mynas’ nesting season is from October to March, and they can raise two broods of young each year. They are likely to nest in small hollows or cavities in your homes. Their nesting habits are messy, constructed from dried grass and mud.

    Interesting Fact: The Mynas often roost together in small families, making them noisy neighbours.

    Speak to us about getting bird proofing installed for your home.

    Common Signs of Bird Invasion

    Bird under solar panels

    Many signs indicate birds have infested your house. The most common signs are as followed;

    Top Reasons to Bird Proof your Home in Melbourne

    birds nesting in gutters in Australia
    Due to these reasons, it is essential to consider bird proofing gutters and homes in Melbourne. If you are interested in a free inspection and estimation, click here.

    Bird Proofing Products in Melbourne

    There are various products that will help with bird proofing your gutters, verandahs and home. It is important to consider what type of bird proofing you need and where.

    Using Bird Control Spikes on Melbourne Homes

    Bird Spikes

    Bird control spikes prevent birds from perching or roosting on ledges or areas of homes where they are applied.

    You can attach bird spikes to ledges, exposed wood beams, under a verandah, eaves on the roofs, walls, or fencing around your home; essentially, wherever you want to prevent birds from perching. Bird control spikes are a humane way of bird proofing in Melbourne as they do not cause harm or kill them.

    However, it is not considered a complete solution as birds can still enter roof spaces, downpipes and guttering.

    Using Bird Mesh Products to Bird Proof your Home

    Integrated Mesh Guard bird proofing

    Bird Mesh products work by creating a barrier across areas such as valleys, gutters, downpipes and openings. The material is unfavourable for bird footing and nesting, and deter birds from roosting and perching. It is also crucial that the mesh gutter guard be applied to all areas to prevent bird entry completely. While you are bird proofing your house, you also have the added benefit of protecting your home with leaf mesh such as AGP Tuffmesh.

    There are three steps when applying mesh for bird proofing in Melbourne:

    Step 1: Experts assess the situation and decide the areas that need proofing to resolve the issue. They will provide you with a quotation that considers the best materials for your desired solution and your budget. 

    Step 2: Remove any old nests, debris or remnants left by birds (where accessible) from the gutters, valleys or downpipes.

    Step 3. Apply the gutter guard mesh to gutter, valleys, and other areas using one of our products tailored for bird proofing gutters and valleys. Then secure the gutter guard mesh to the sites so that birds and/or vermin are not able to access.

    At AGP, we recommend a combination of integrated mesh Bird Guard combined with bird spikes as a comprehensive, complete solution. Over 25 years of experience in Melbourne has shown that bird proofing your whole house is the only complete solution. This has proven to be the most effective in keeping birds out of your gutters and roof. At AGP, we try to ensure the best fit  solution for your property as all bird proofing and property needs differ. We recommend an inspection of your property before quoting and guaranteeing.

     Get in touch to arrange for a free bird proofing quote.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tile roof solar panel bird proofing

    Do you have to remove the birds before proofing?

    It is considered ethically and humanly essential to remove the birds from a nesting site before bird proofing. Bird removal is possible by Melbourne bird control or animal services; alternatively, you can wait until after the nesting season finishes and the baby birds have left the nest. Once bird proofing is applied, birds are unable to get in or out of roof space.


    Can you bird proof solar panels?

    It is possible to bird proof your solar panels, but bird proofing is recommended as soon as the panels are installed. The process involves inspecting the panels; removing any dead birds, nests or debris (where accessible) from under your solar panels; and finally securing mesh to the panels individually to prevent future access.

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