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How much does bird proofing cost?

Posted on January 27, 2022
By Aussie Gutter Protection

Bird proofing your home is a worthy investment that will keep your gutters and solar panels protected from birds and pests.

So, how much does bird protection cost? Bird protection for your roof costs roughly $30 – $40 per metre, depending on the type of protection you choose. The different types include gutter mesh, bird netting, bird decoys, perch-repellent gel and solar panel bird proofing.

When birds nest in your roof spaces, they can cause property damage, spread disease, and drive you crazy with persistent chirping. Luckily, there are various ways you can birdproof your home or business.

Continue reading for bird proofing costs and the pros and cons of each type of bird protection measure. 

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    Bird Proofing Costs

    Bird Protection Measure Cost
    Gutter Mesh $25/ metre
    Solar Panel Mesh $5 - $8 / metre
    Bird Spikes $10 - $14 / metre
    Bird Netting $80 / 30 m x 4 m net
    Bird Decoys $20 - $35
    Perch-Repellent Gel $10 / 10 oz

    Gutter Mesh

    Gutter mesh is widely considered the most comprehensive bird protection solution on the Australian market. It is also referred to as a gutter guard, leaf guard or an integrated mesh system.

    It promotes regular water flow through your gutters while keeping birds and debris out. 

    Gutter mesh covers the lip of the gutter to the roof, which prevents birds from creating nests inside the gutter or downpipes. The installation slope and material of the mesh also deter birds from perching on the nests.

    Gutter Guard Installation

    Mesh is available in a variety of materials. You can choose from aluminium, emberguard, or poly mesh. The type of mesh you need depends on the type of birds nesting in your gutters or roofing cavities. For example, we recommend poly mesh for homeowners in coastal areas where salt can damage metal mesh.

    The product’s durability makes it a suitable deterrent for other pests such as rats, mice and possums.

    Gutter mesh costs around $10 per metre. You can purchase the mesh and install it yourself or pay extra for professional installation.

    It is worth noting that only professionally installed bird mesh provides homeowners with a 100% bird proofing solution under warranties and guarantees.

    Gutter Mesh Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Comprehensive solution Professional Installation increases costs
    Suitable for vermin, possums & large birds More expensive solution
    Provides additional protection against blocked gutters
    Long-lasting solution
    Professionally installation available
    DIY Options available
    100% complete bird proofing solutions available
    Humane bird protection measure
    Aesthetically pleasing and not visible at ground level

    Get peace of mind with a complete bird proofing solution. 

    Bird Spikes

    Bird Spikes

    Some people consider bird spikes cruel; however, if installed correctly are harmless. The product prevents birds from landing on your roof. You can install spikes on fences, roofs, and ledges; anywhere you want to keep birds away.

    The average cost of bird spikes is around $10 – $14 per metre. Similar to gutter mesh, you can install spikes yourself. Likewise, you will pay additional fees to have the spikes professionally installed.

    Bird Spikes Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Stops birds landing or perching Does not prevent birds nesting in roof cavities or gutters
    Easily installed Does not deter vermin or possums
    Easily installed Considered inhumane by some
    Cost-effective solution May require regular replacement
    Widely Available Some spikes are visible from ground level
    Professionally installation available
    DIY Options available
    Some spikes invisible on ground-level

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing

    Solar panel mesh costs around $5 – $8 per metre to install the mesh yourself. Also, we recommend that solar panels are under warranty and always hire professional installers that offer workmanship guarantees. 

    Solar panels are an excellent investment for your home, but birds do cause damage to the unprotected panels. Birds that nest underneath panels can damage the solar panel wiring, brackets and the panel themselves. Also, bird droppings are highly corrosive.

    Keep birds from nesting under your panels by applying mesh around your solar panels.

    Solar panel bird proofing can be difficult to install yourself due to working with heights safety laws. You need to purchase and install solar panel mesh around the edges of your solar panels.


    Solar Panel Bird Proofing Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Comprehensive solution Professional installation increases costs
    Suitable for vermin, possums & large birds More expensive solution
    Durable DIY solutions not advised
    Long-lasting solution
    Professionally installation available
    100% complete bird proofing solutions available
    Humane bird protection measure
    Aesthetically pleasing and not visible at ground level

    Bird Netting

    Bird netting your roof costs around $80 for a 30 x 4-metre net. Bird nets come in different size sheets and can be custom ordered. Install it yourself or hire professional help. 

    Bird netting can keep birds off of your roof. The netting acts as a barrier between birds and your roof. Bird netting can be applied to any surface that needs bird control. 

    Bird netting is the most visible form of bird protection and is often considered unappealing on residential properties. However, it is a common form of protection for commercial buildings. 

    Some argue that netting is not environmentally friendly or sustainable, like bird spikes. It is often made from material that does not degrade over time, requires regular reinstallment, and traps larger native birds.  

    However, the netting has proven practical; birds can not land, perch, or nest. 

    bird netting

    Bird Netting Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Stops birds landing, perching and nesting Considered inhumane
    Suitable for possums & large birds Birds can become trapped or injured in the netting
    Provides additional protection against blocked gutters Not suitable protection against vermin
    Easily installed Material can degrade over time and is not recyclable
    Widely available Visible from the ground level
    Professionally installation available Regular replacement may be necessary
    DIY Options available
    Professional installation available
    Long-lasting solution

    Get peace of mind with a complete bird proofing solution. 

    Bird Decoys

    A fake bird, usually an owl, can be used to keep birds off of your roof and gutters.

    It is known to work as a short-term solution, but birds eventually learn that the decoy is fake.

    Before purchasing a decoy bird, check with your property owners’ association to ensure they allow this type of bird protection if you rent.

    You can purchase a bird decoy for $20 – $35 from home hardware stores, and they are easy to self-install.

    Bird Netting Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Stops birds landing, perching and nesting Not a long-term solution
    Easily installed Visible from the ground
    Widely available May not be suitable for renters
    DIY Application

    Perch-Repellent Gel

    You can apply perch repellent to any surface where you want to prevent birds from nesting. The clear gel creates an unpleasant surface under the bird’s feet, encouraging them to relocate. This keeps birds from hanging out on your roof and gutters.

    A perch-repellent gel will cost you around $10 for a 10 oz tube. You can easily purchase the gel from hardware stores and apply it to your gutters and roof without professional help.

    Seagulls nesting in a gutter

    Perch-Repellent Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Stops birds landing, perching and nesting Will not prevent birds nesting
    Easily installed Continuous reapplication
    Widely available Some gels contain harmful toxins
    DIY Application Should not be used in rainwater harvesting systems
    Short term measure

    Get peace of mind with a complete bird proofing solution. 

    Bird Control Methods Summary

    There are a variety of bird control methods in Australia:

    • Gutter mesh
    • Solar panel mesh
    • Bird spikes
    • Bird netting
    • Bird decoys
    • Perch-repellent gel

    The cost of bird proofing your roof space depends on the method of bird control and the size of your roof. You will pay more to install bird proofing by a bird control services company professionally. On average, it costs $8 – $12 per metre to bird proof your roof space.

    The best type of bird control will ultimately depend on what kind of bird species you need protection and your budget. The larger the bird, the more robust protection you will need.

    Pigeons, seagulls, and mynas will require more robust protection than smaller birds like starlings and sparrows.

    Nesting material clogging a gutter

    What to Consider When Choosing Bird Control

    To help you choose the best bird proofing method for your roof, consider the following questions.

    • Do I have solar panels?
    • How severe is the bird infestation?
    • What kind of birds species do I need protection from?
    • Do I need to hire pest control experts?
    • Do I have time to install the protection myself?
    • How large is my roof?

    These questions will help you choose the right product to eliminate birds nesting on your roof. Luckily, bird proofing your home or business doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can save money by installing bird protection materials yourself; however, always check the guarantees attached to the product for DIY installation.

    Professionally Installed Bird Protection

    Solar Mesh Completed Installation

    Aussie Gutter Protection has offered complete bird proofing solutions with professional installation for over 25 years. A 100% complete solution requires bird mesh installed on the entire property.

    Birds are creatures of habit and will relocate close to old nesting areas. Therefore, if you only apply it to one guttering side, they often migrate to another exposed gutter or roofing area.

    Likewise, to prevent birds from nesting in your roof cavities, inspecting the property and roof for access points is necessary and should be factored into your bird’s protection plan.

    Get peace of mind with a complete bird proofing solution. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is bird protection necessary?

    Yes, keeping pest birds away from your home or business is worth your time and money. When birds nest in your home, they can expose you to bird mites, bird droppings, smelly nesting materials, other rodents, and annoying chirping, especially during the breeding season. A serious bird problem can lead to health risks and become a real nuisance.

    Is bird protection difficult to install?

    Installing gutter mesh, bird netting, spikes, or mesh around solar panels isn’t tricky, but the heights and safety aspect can be challenging, especially for double-storey properties. We recommend you adhere to your local heights safety regulations, including for the use of a ladder and safety harnesses. As an extra precaution, all work at heights should be completed in twos in case of accidents.

    Should I hire professional service?

    You can save money by installing bird proofing on your own, but you should hire professionals for the very best service. Get a highly experienced team for peace of mind and quick installation. Get your bird proofing measures installed for a 100% complete bird solution and guarantee.

    Is professional service expensive?

    Professionally installed bird protection costs around $20 per metre, but you can call your nearby bird protection agency for a free quote. It is more expensive to DIY, but many people agree that the thorough inspection and excellent service are worth the price.

    Which birds cause the most damage?

    All birds can spread disease and make a mess in your home. The most common type of birds that like to nest on your roof are pigeons, seagulls, mynas, starlings, and sparrows. Larger birds like pigeons, seagulls, and mynas will require more substantial and comprehensive protection than smaller birds like starlings and sparrows.

    Which type of protection lasts the longest?

    Mesh for gutters and solar panels are the longest lasting protective measures, often with extended warranties. Bird netting and spikes do require replacement earlier. The perch-repellent gel requires you to reapply every couple of weeks. Pest birds can realise that a decoy owl and other decoy predators aren’t fake, so decoys are not a long-term solution to your pest problems.

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