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Steel Mesh Case Study Maryborough Education Centre

Posted on July 5, 2022
By Aussie Gutter Protection

Maryborough education centre K-12

Dramatically reduced maintenance for school staff and FZ BAL-rated ember guard solution for the campus.

Eucalyptus trees are the predominant tree species surrounding the education centre causing significant debris build-up in gutters. Aussie Gutter Protection supplied an ember guard solution as part of the 


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  • Locations: Maryborough, Victoria
  • Buildings: Campus & administration services, Printing Services, Sport Compound, science & computer Laboratories, Classrooms, Parents Room, Educational Leadership
  • Roof and gutter types: Corrugated & Span-deck® with  standard gutter profiles, included
  • Fixtures: Roof-to-roof fixtures, roof-to-gutter fixtures
  • Colorbond® Colours: Paperbark®
  • Project Time Frame: 1 week window in school holidays
  • School on Bushfire Risk Register needed a bushfire solution
  • BAL-ratings: FZ BAL-rated ember guard 
  • Environment: The school is surrounded by eucalyptus trees.  

Our Solution 

  • Designated commercial project manager at AGP worked closely with school administration, school maintenance team 
  • Assessment of roof types, mesh types, gutter types
  • Colour-matching with roof and  gutters with Paperbark®
  • Work closely with our gutter guard material suppliers: ScreenTech Industries 
  • Considerations for construction timescale, communication and minimal disruption. 
  • ScreenTech’s Steel Mesh (Ember guard) with a hole size of 2mm  

SteelMesh Supplied

  • 20-year material warranty
  • AS4020 accredited
  • CSIRO tested a flammability index of zero
  • Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating

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Project Considerations

SteelMesh Project at Maryborough Education Centre for a BAL-FZ rated area 

Maryborough is located in 58 kilometres north of Ballarat and 168 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, an area at risk of ember attack during bushfire season. The Education Centre’s buildings had a mix of  low pitch roofs and roof-to-roof fixtures causing large surface areas that accumulate leaves from overhanging gum trees. 

These areas of the campus are at risk of blockages in the standard gutters, as well as posing a risk of for ignition from airborne embers during bushfire season. 

Maryborough Education Centre contacted Aussie Gutter Protection looking for an ember guard solution to reduce bushfire risk. The ember guard was funded by the Bushfire Preparedness Program run by the Victoria School Building Authority.

Furthermore, the fitting of the ember guard would allow maintenance staff keep the gutters clean, preventing members of the facilities maintenance team were required to climb up on roofs and clean out gutters once a fortnight – increasing their risk of falls.

Mesh Profile: Steelmesh

Steel Mesh is a custom-made product from the ScreenTech gutter guard range. It is corrosion-resistant to harsh Australian conditions. 

Steel Mesh Product


SteelMesh meets the standard for both an ember guard and a gutter guard with a 2mm hole for BAL40 and BAL FZ ratings.

The small hole size also means it is suitable for fine debris like pine needles which can block your downpipes.


  • 20 year material warranty
  • 2mm hole size
  • Complies with AS3959–1999
  • Australian Bushfire Standards
  • Colorbond Steel material 
  • Suitable to BAL FZ
  • Array of Colorbond colours

Installation by Aussie Gutter Protection

  • SteelMesh is a bespoke ember guard product available for  BAL-FZ bushfire rated projects installed by certified gutter guard installers
  • The product comes with a 20-year workmanship guarantee

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