How to bird proof a solar panel

Posted on December 20, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Upon installation of your solar panels it is best to install a solar panel bird mesh kit to prevent birds from nesting underneath. Birds often will chew on electrical cables or build their nests under your panels which poses a fire hazard. Embers from a fire/bushfire can catch on the dry tinder material.

    How to install solar skirts solar panel bird mesh kits

    Installation tools you need

    1. Roll of galvanized and UV PVC coated wire mesh
    2. Fastener caps
    3. Fastener hooks
    4. Installation instructions manual
    5. Wire Cutters
    solar panel mesh clips aluminium

    Procedure to follow when installing your solar skirts solar panel bird mesh kits

    1. Before installing the solar panel bird mesh kit, ensure that you follow safety precautions, and wear protective gear.
    2. Fit a fastener cap to the end of the fastener hook.
    3. Align the mesh with the top of the solar panel


    Gutter Guard Installation
    Gutter Guard Installation

    4. Start at one corner of your solar panel array. Firmly hold the wire mesh to the corner of your panel’s level with the panel framework’s topmost part. Inlay the fastener hook through the mesh with the hook facing upwards and connect to the panel framework’s underside.

    5. Take hold of the fastener’s end with one hand or using pliers and slide the fastener cap until it holds the mesh tight against the panel frame. Redo this step and work your way around the panel, installing a fastener at every 30-50cm approximately.

    Gutter Guard Installation
    Gutter Guard Installation

    6. Fold the mesh corners above and under each other to finish the corners and trim the fasteners back to the fastener cap. It is suggested that you cut the mesh to halfway up from the bottom to let the mesh be folded to shape for the inside corners. For rails and switchgear, you will need to cut windows or flaps so that you can mould the mesh around.

    What are the drawbacks of birds nesting under your solar panel?

    birds nesting in gutters
    Solar Mesh Completed Installation

    Invasive birds lead to corrosion of your solar panels. The mess from birds is a serious problem that you should never ignore. If birds stay for so long under your solar panel, they will leave their eggshells, grass, amongst other debris, which can result in a foul build-up. In the absence of the proper ammonia and saltwater test certificates, any bird droppings on the solar panel frame will damage the aluminium, accelerating corrosion which can permanently damage the solar panels.

    Your solar panels can stop working. When birds build their nests under your solar panels, they can interfere with the electrical wiring and cause the entire panel to stop working or potential fire outbreaks. This will cost you more money.

    Birds that live in nests on your rooftop are so noisy. It’s hard to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment, especially when birds make their home on your rooftop.

    Bird droppings on your solar panels are hard to remove. More birds under the solar panels mean more birds on top of your solar panels. Bird droppings on your solar panels look terrible, and they become hard to remove, especially if they are baked by the sun. These stains can eventually cause your solar panels to stop working.

    Speak to us about getting bird proofing installed for your home.

    Do solar panels attract birds?

    Solar panels attract birds because of their warmth, comfort, and protection from the elements required for birds’ survival. It’s no doubt that birds are territorial and tend to build their nests in the same area and conditions similar to what they were born in. Your solar panels provide the perfect environment for birds to reside in, breed and return to commence the cycle over again.

    Can birds damage solar panels?

    Yes, birds like pigeons can damage solar panels. When solar panels are manufactured, they are not made to host birds on or under them. If the bird population increases their weight can easily break the MC4 clips that link the wires to the underneath of your solar panels. This problem can be expensive to repair. Aussie Gutter Protection, strongly advise you to prevent all the adverse effects caused by birds to your solar panels by installing our solar panel bird mesh kit.

    Why trust Aussie Gutter Protection to help protect your solar panels from birds?

    At least one in five Australian homes has pigeons. A home with solar panels in Australia can support 41 and above pigeons. Aussie gutter Protection will provide you with full technical assistance from our professionally trained staff. Contact us today to speak with our friendly team about our recommendations, tailored quotations to fit your budget.

    How often should you clean your solar panels?

    There is no particular time frame for cleaning your solar panels since it depends on your geographical location. On average a solar panel system in Australia would require a clean once or twice a year. A regular check of your solar panels on a  regular basis is recommended to assess whether a clean is required. If you stay near an airport or freeway, oil and other pollutants can accumulate on your solar panels, which may necessitate a regular clean to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your solar panels.

    Aussie Gutter Protection do not encourage you to get on your roof to clean your panels. It is recommended and in your best interests to engage the services of a professional to perform this task for you.


    Tips to help you maintain your solar panels in good condition

    Use scarecrows. Feel free to put a scarecrow next to your solar panels that rotate in all directions to scare away the birds from your solar panels. Also, there are high-tech, automated birds of prey that you can install on your roof to scare birds away. You can use a scarecrow alongside a solar panel bird mesh kit to achieve good results.

    Always keep your garden and courtyard clean. Burn all the rubbish or dispose of it in an area that birds can’t access to minimise scavenging for food in your waste. Clear away all your food remains in tightly sealed plastic bags so that birds cannot access them. If you have rubbish bins, you should cover them adequately with lids.

    Don’t use an abrasive sponge or soap when cleaning your solar panels. These may scratch the tempered glass surface of the solar panel and reduce its efficiency. You can use is a soft rag or biodegradable soap.

    Don’t worry about cleaning dust, dirt, or debris if it rains regularly where you live. There is no need to clean your solar panels if it rains more often in your area. The rainwater will easily wash away the dust, dirt, or debris off your solar panel.

    Wait for an overcast evening or morning to clean your solar panels. If the sunshine is heavy, the water you use to clean will evaporate quickly and leave water marks on your solar panels.

    Hire a professional cleaning team to clean filthy solar panels on a pitched roof. Your panels can get pretty dirty, so it’s always best to hire a cleaning crew with expertise in solar panels to do the perfect cleaning for you. Besides, it’s risky for you to climb up a pitched roof if you have no idea about what to do. Once you possess the funds, feel free to hire a contractor to install automatic systems and cleaning robots to perform a thorough cleaning of your solar panels.

    Speak to us about getting bird proofing installed for your home.

    Other Solar Panel Bird Proofing Options

    There are several other solar panel bird proofing options which are also used for bird control and pest control. These include: 

    • Noise deterrents
    • Bird netting 
    • Fake predators 

    These bird control measures are typically less effective than creating a physical barrier around your solar array. The noise deterrents and fake predators still allow pest birds to nest under your installed solar panels. Homeowners may continue to find nesting materials around the panels. 

    Where to get your solar panel mesh kits from

    AGP is able to prove high quality solar panel mesh kits with either metal or uv stable nylon fasteners. We can ship across Australia. If you would like to order one please don’t hesitate to call us or email.  

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