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The Five Best Gutter Cleaning Tools In Australia

Posted on January 10, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection

Cleaning out the gutters isn’t a job that most people look forward to, and that’s why it’s put off or avoided altogether. But letting debris build up in your gutters can eventually clog them and your downpipes, resulting in rainwater overflowing and damaging your property.

You need to clean your gutters before the debris builds up too much, and the frequency of doing that will depend on where you live and how many leaves and other debris are blown into your gutters. However often you do it, you must use the right tools. Don’t use sticks or complex objects to scrape out debris since these can damage your gutters. Also, avoid balancing precariously on ladders and try not to injure yourself due to the risk of infection if you get an open wound.

Various tools are available, and some of the best are described next.

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5 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

  1. Gutter Vacuum System
  2. Gardena Combisystem Gutter Cleaner
  3. Gutter Getter
  4. Pro Gutter Tools
  5. Telescope Gutter Cleaner 

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Gutter Vacuum System


Although relatively expensive if you only clean your gutters infrequently, vacuum systems are invaluable if you accumulate a lot of debris. They make it easy to clean those hard-to-reach areas and ensure gutter cleaning is a safe and simple job.

The compact SkyVac Atom is aimed at domestic customers, although it has a commercial build quality and is a powerful machine. The more expensive SkyVac 85 is an industrial model with 50% more suction than comparable models and compatibility with extension poles, is suitable for larger properties.

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Gutter Vacuum System

The tool has stiff bristles on one side, and two sturdy scarpers on the other, which can dislodge and remove the most stubborn debris.  Once the debris has been dislodged and swept along the gutter, it can easily be removed to leave your gutters free of obstruction.

An integrated connector enables a garden hose to be attached so that any remaining debris can be washed away. Telescopic handles can also be connected, and the operating angle can be adjusted, enabling gutters to be cleaned to a height of five meters without needing ladders.

Gutter Getter

This tool comprises a grabber for retrieving debris and a scoop that will fit any gutter and remove a large amount of debris each time. It’s simply a matter of raking the debris into a convenient pile, scooping it up and then disposing of it.

A 106-centimetre extension handle is also provided to clean over four metres of gutter from one position. This reduces the number of ladder moves you need to make and ensures safer working due to fewer ascends and descends.

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Pro Gutter Tools

This range of scrapers comes in several sizes and types, so you can choose one to suit your own gutters. They fit under the roof tiles and avoid gutter securing clips so they can be pulled along to clear the debris so it can be disposed of.

The scrapers are ideal for low-level gutters and can also be attached to a telescopic pole and adjusted to the required angle for higher levels. This enables hard-to-reach gutters, such as those above conservatories, to be cleaned easily.

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Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

With a telescopic aluminium pole that extends from 117 centimetres to 185 centimetres, this tool lets you clean high gutters easily without using a ladder. It connects to a standard garden hose and sends out a jet of water that blasts out leaves and other debris.

The top part of the tool is curved to direct water into the gutter and the flow of water is controlled by a switch. As an added bonus, the tool can be used to water high hanging baskets and the two soft rubber hand grips mean it’s extremely comfortable to use.

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Reducing the Need to Clean your Gutters

Although these tools undoubtedly make gutter cleaning much easier and safer, it can still be an arduous job that you’ll be reluctant to do. That can mean the gutters aren’t cleaned very often and the inevitable debris build-up can lead to water damage to your property.

If you live in an area where there are lots of trees or on the coast where rainfall can be heavy, you’ll need to keep your gutters clean at all times. So, if you haven’t the time for this or don’t want to risk going up and down ladders, another answer may be needed.

The best solution is to fit gutter guards that will let rainwater flow freely by preventing debris clogging up the gutters and downpipes. Your initial investment will save on the cost of buying special tools as well as the effort of frequent cleaning. Contact Aussie Gutter Protection and we’ll install effective gutter guards that will keep your gutters clear as well as protecting against wildlife intrusion.

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