Unblock Your Downpipes – Gutter Protection Tips

Unblock Your Downpipes – Gutter Protection Tips

DIY Gutter Protection is Dangerous & Time Consuming

It seems the list of household chores is ever increasing, and often it isn’t until a heavy downpour that you’ll notice your gutters overflowing and discover that you’ve now got a blocked downpipe on your hands!

Blockages are often caused by a build-up of leaves, debris, moss, unwelcome creatures and even the odd tennis ball.  It is best to get onto blockages as soon as possible, as ignored blockages can cause serious and costly structural damage to your home and foundations.

If you do suspect a blockage, the best thing to do is to check it out and assess the pipe to get a good gauge on the situation. Downpipe assessment is time consuming, involves climbing and the necessary know-how to assess the situation properly. Plus climbing is inherently dangerous, therefore it’s best to have a team of experts on the job for safety.

Here’s How to Unblock Downpipes:

  • Position the ladder so you can get a view down inside the pipe. If you can’t properly see the blockage, then thread a piece of sturdy wire or a thin piece of timber down the pipe until you hit into the blockage. You should be able to use the wire to break up the blockage by moving it in and out. Then use a hose to flush any remaining debris out.


  • If this technique hasn’t been successful, then you may have to move onto the more arduous task of dismantling the downpipe. Tap down the pipe with your knuckles until you hear a solid sound, as this is a good indication that this is where the blockage is. Dismantle the down pipe up to this section. Now break up and clear the blockage. Use a hose to flush the pipe from the top, checking that the blockage has been cleared. It’s also a good idea to clean out the loose pipe parts while you have them dismantled.


  • If both these measures fail, then it might be time to call a plumber. For more severe blockages plumbers can use their sani-snake or jet rodding machines to clear the blockage.


  • Once the blockage is clear you need to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This could take the form of removing overhanging trees if that’s possible or you could look at one of several DIY gutter guard products as we talked about here.

Obviously here at Aussie Gutter Protection, we prefer a more permanent solution and if you interested in looking at those options you can click here or you can get in touch with us at the link below

Gutter mesh is a reliable solution for both residential and commercial buildings and prevents debris from falling into gutters and downpipes.

Aussie Gutter Protection is renowned for its high quality, durable products and can help you with all your gutter protection requirements in Melbourne, Victoria and across major metropolitan areas in Australia. Contact us to find out more about a gutter guard solution, or for a free quote.

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