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Category: Bird Proofing

Tuffmesh Aluminium installation corrugated roof

Hastings Tuffmesh™ Residential Gutter Guard Installation

See our recent project, Hastings Gutter Guard installation, fitting 102.9 metres of TuffMesh™ Aluminium, addressing the persistent issue of clogged gutters due to fine leaves and debris.

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mesh panels

How Long do gutter guards last?

Gutter guard lifespan ranges from 1-20 years, influenced by material, type, and installation quality. Proper selection and installation extends longevity.

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Gutter cleaning

Is it Safe to Clean Your Own Gutters?

Did you know that over 500,000 people in Australia are treated for ladder-related injuries each year? Many of these incidents occur during routine home maintenance tasks, such as gutter cleaning.

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Seagulls nesting in a gutter

How Effective Are Gutter Guards in Keeping Birds Away?

“Once, a pesky bird turned our gutter into a makeshift nest, causing water overflow and damage. The accumulation of twigs, leaves, and feathers not only …

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Greensborough Gutter Guard Residential Property

See our recent project in Greensborough installation, fitting 108 metres of TuffMesh™ Emberguard, addressing the persistent issue of clogged gutters due to fine leaves and debris.

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gutter guard installation

Romsey Residential Gutter Guard Installation

Romsey Victorian gutter guard install of 92 metres of the durable TuffMesh™ Ember Guard in Woodland Grey® to ensure free water flow and premium protection.

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plastic gutter guard vinyl guards reverse curve gutter guard

Vinyl Gutter Guards | Melbourne Gutter Guard Product Guide

As a homeowner, maintaining the integrity of your property is essential. One critical aspect of home maintenance involves protecting your clogging gutters from debris that can lead …

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pine needles in gutter no gutter guard

Protect Melbourne’s Homes with the Best Gutter Guard for Pine Needles

As homeowners in Melbourne, we understand the importance of keeping our homes safe and secure, especially during extreme weather conditions such as bushfires and heavy …

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Overflowing Gutters

Gutter Guard Solutions: Do They Stop Water Overflow

As an Australian homeowner, you know that protecting your home from the foundation and water damage is crucial. One area often overlooked is the home’s …

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