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What is the best gutter guard for Stratco gutters?

Posted on December 20, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection

Australia’s favourite gutter guards for Stratco gutters are here. Gutter guards are made to stop leaves and debris from accumulating in your Stratco gutters. Gutter guards also keep your house safe from rainwater coming from the roof.

We recommend an integrated mesh solution for most customers with Stratco Gutters as the best long-term solution that will last decades and require the least maintenance. However, it may not be the best solution for all situations, so below, we have gone through the pros and cons of the other commonly used systems to allow you to decide which will work best for you.

What are gutter guards?

Gutter guards are unique materials such as mesh that are carefully fitted into your existing gutters to stop leaves and other unwanted debris that accumulate over time from clogging into your gutters. Gutter guards act as filters or screens with small holes that only allow water to go through them to the gutter below.

gutter guard mesh on corrugated roof
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Gutter guard types suitable for your Stratco gutters

Brush gutter guard

brush gutter guards

This is one of the most money-saving solutions for you. The brush gutter guard saves time and money on gutter cleaning, maintenance, and repair. It is easy to install since you need to slide the brush sections to end into your existing Stratco gutters.

The brush guard has a collection of bristles that face outwards to enable water to flow smoothly through your Stratco gutter while pushing grime away. The brush gutter guard is ideal for all-year-round protection regardless of the season. Use the brush gutter guard to keep your water flowing, minimize the expensive water damage, cracked foundations, wet walls, and basements, among others.

Brush guards perform a better job of blocking mice, squirrels, and rats, among other rodents, from accessing or building their habitats in your Stratco gutters.

Foam insert gutter guard

Foam Gutter Guard

Our foam inserts are good gutter guards for your Stratco gutters because they seal out debris and leaves while letting large volumes of water through them. The installation process of foam insert gutter guards is easy to handle without technical assistance. You have to place the precut pieces of foam inside your gutters. Foam inserts properly fit inside the gutter to give you the utmost protection against leaf accumulation on your rooftop.

However, foam insert gutter guards have their shortcomings. They are made out of expensive material that contributes to their high price. Their plastic foam material attracts mould and plant growth, which requires you to clean or replace them regularly.

The shape of the foam insert gutter guards can cause the top part of your Stratco gutter to become relatively flat, causing an easy build-up of debris and slowing down the water flow. Also, the foam insert gutter guard can disintegrate and may require replacement after a few years.

Vinyl guards

reverse curve gutter Guards, vinyl gutter guard

Vinyl guards are also called screen gutter guards. These work like mesh gutter guards, and you can fit them directly into the Stratco gutter without attaching them to the roof. Vinyl guards are made to block debris from entering the gutter while allowing water to flow through them quickly.

Even though vinyl guards are an affordable solution for your gutter guards, they take a short time to accumulate grime, which requires you to clean your gutters to remove leaves and other debris regularly.

Most vinyl guards come in materials such as aluminium, galvanized steel, polyurethane, among others. Several vinyl guards are reasonably strong. Some of them are powder-coated and easily snap into your gutters without the need to use any attachment screws or any supporting arches.

After installation, vinyl guards are easy to remove to enable gutter cleaning.

However, small particles of debris such as maple seed helicopters, pine needles, twigs, and leaf stems may go in or accumulate on top of the vinyl guards.

Mesh panels

Mesh Panel Gutter Guard

These are a popular pick for persons interested in installing gutter guards. After you attach them directly to your roof, these mesh panels will safeguard your Stratco gutter from grime whilst letting water flow directly through the holes. It is easy for anyone to install mesh panels, making it a cost-effective option for you to safeguard your gutters.

Mesh panels keep leaves out, they fit most gutters, and they can’t be seen from the ground. Slide the metal panel under the first row of shingles and lock the gutter guard to the gutter’s front lip. Mesh panels are made out of various materials such as metal and plastic.  You can also get such gutter guards from us to colour match any colour gutter Stratco made to give you a beautiful blend.

Mesh panels can withstand high volume water flow from heavy rain and storms.

It would help if you acknowledged that mesh panels are not highly durable because they need continuous replacement after a few years. Like foam insert gutter guards, mesh panels tend to form a flat surface, resulting in the build-up of leaves and debris.

However, large hole mesh panels can easily get clogged by oak catkins plus other fine castoffs from surrounding trees.

Integrated mesh gutter guard

Integrated Mesh Gutter Guards or leaf guard

An integrated mesh gutter guard operates like a standard mesh panel. They are installed directly to the gutter to form a slope that enables leaves and other debris to fall to the ground instead of accumulating on the roof.

Integrated mesh gutter guards are slightly expensive compared to standard mesh panels, but they are also more effective at maintaining a clear gutter. Integrated mesh gutter guards are highly durable and can help increase the gutters’ strength if they are fitted correctly inside.

Even though they are a formidable solution for safeguarding your gutter, integrated mesh gutter guards take a long time to be installed correctly. Many people know about the integrated mesh gutter guards in Australia because of their several benefits and their wide variety in terms of thickness and mesh material.

From all the gutter guards mentioned above, the integrated mesh gutter guard is the best for your Stratco gutters. Also, you can get gutter guards from us to colour match any colour gutter Stratco makes.

Comparison of Stratco Compatable Gutter Guards

Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard Brush Gutter Guard Mesh Panels or Flat Panels Foam Inserts Vinyl Guard
Reduce Maintenance
Leaf Proofing
Prevents Blockages
Strengthens Gutter Systems
Bird and Pest Proofing
Bushfire Protection
Water Harvesting
Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

Gutter guard benefits for your Stratco gutters

Prevent Blockages

Gutter guards help to eliminate the blockages that cause your gutters to overflow during heavy rains.
It’s easy to see that all gutter guards serve the same central purpose: to block leaves and debris from accumulating in your gutters while letting water flow down or into waste storage tanks freely. Without gutter guards, it becomes easy for decomposing leaves, twigs, and other materials that are blown by the wind to accumulate on your gutters and cause rainwater to overflow and ruin your property.

The accumulated grime can attract a bad smell; it looks terrible on your roof and can also attract harmful bacteria and insects to live on your rooftop. So, you must practice regular cleaning to clear away dirt from your gutters. Feel free to contact Aussie Gutter Protection professionals to do the cleaning job for you if you find it hard to do by yourself.

gutter brush not working

Protect Against Bushfires

Gutter guards can block the spreading of wildfires.
If you reside in an area where fire outbreaks are rampant, it would be best to use fire-resistant gutter guards to stop the fire from destroying your assets and property.

Prevent gutter rust

Use gutter guards to reduce the premature rusting of your Stratco gutters.
Gutter guards provide suitable conditions for holding damp debris that would accumulate and encourage rust in gutters. Having gutter guards will reduce the possibility of your Stratco gutters getting rust prematurely, contributing to their durability. Having durable gutters helps you save money you would have spent repairing and buying new Stratco gutters.

Bird Proofing

Block birds from inconveniencing you.
Gutter guards safeguard your gutters from birds such as pigeons that are so noisy and tend to build their nests in gutters. The droppings from these birds are acidic and can easily cause damage to your gutters over time. They also often carry diseases that can fester and grow in your gutters which, for them, looks like a perfect place to build a nest. When you use gutter guards, birds will not have easy access to your gutters and will move on to look for another place to build their nests.

Prevents against ice and snow

Gutter guards minimize ice dam formation.
An ice dam is a collection and growth of ice that forms at the roof’s edge and blocks melting snow or water from draining off your roof.

When your gutters are clogged with debris during winter, water can quickly accumulate in them. This water can promptly refreeze and cause ice dams to develop in your gutters. Note that ice dams are destructive. The water behind the barrier can easily leak into your building and cause damage to ceilings, walls and insulation.

Reduce gutter maintenance 

With gutter guards, maintenance of your gutters gets easier.
Usually, gutters need regular cleaning whenever necessary. Your gutters’ cleaning process gets more comfortable and less frequent once you install gutter guards on your Stratco gutters.

Increase property investments

Gutter guards can increase your property value before buyers.
Gutter guards help increase the value of the property you are selling to buyers because they help block your gutters from accumulating dirt and leaves, which can cause icicles to form and further destroy your gutters. To buyers, gutter guards’ availability on the property they want to buy means that the gutter system will function well and that they will have minimal maintenance work to deal with because of gutter clogging.

Commercial Gutter Guard Installation
Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

Gutter guard considerations

Watch out for overpromises

Watch out for promises that you will never again have to clean your gutters when installing gutter guards. In reality, gutter guards or covers don’t block all the debris from entering your gutters. If you reside in a windy and rainy area, roof debris and twigs can still land in your gutters.

With a gutter guard, it may be difficult for you to notice when the debris accumulates. As your gutters get clogged with grime, water can back up below your shingles and cause roof damage and leaks.

Once you have large trees and lots of foliage hanging over your gutters, gutter guards can help deter larger falling twigs and leaves. Even though you have gutter guards, you need to clean the top of your gutters regularly. It would help if you cleared away any debris that goes into your gutters. This is one of the main reasons we suggest an integrated solution: it creates a sloping effect where most debris will fall off or be blown off by the wind. This contrasts with other solutions, which offer a flat surface where debris can accumulate.

Ensure that your gutter guards are correctly installed

Gutters have different widths, so you need to order custom gutter guards that fit your size. One-size-fits-all gutter guards will not function with most Stratco gutters.

If you intend to install the gutter guards, ensure that you measure and install them correctly. The wrong measurements on your gutter guards will cause more problems. To reduce the challenge of improper gutter guard installation, consult Aussie Gutter Protection professionals to do all the installation work for you.

Cleaning gutters and installing your gutter guards can sometimes be risky since the work is usually done while standing on a ladder or climbing over a roof. Utilize a scaffold or a folding ladder to safely do the cleaning and installation work on one-story buildings.

Use fall prevention equipment to give you more protection if you intend to climb onto two-story or higher buildings.

Gutters are among the most forgotten features by most homeowners until they stop working correctly. But after they get clogged or break, letting water damage your roof, siding, foundation, or landscaping, you begin to realize the importance of well-functioning gutters towards your property. We at Aussie Gutter Protection advise you to install gutter guards and save time and money.

Get Stratco Gutter Protection  

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we are Australia’s top gutter protection specialists who offer you up to 25 years of material warranty. We are true-to-life and will show you the right gutter guards for your Stratco gutters and help you install them appropriately. Understand that your home’s gutter system is essential since it collects water from the roof and directs it away safely from your home. The absence of a gutter guard can damage your home’s foundation, landscaping, and cause leaks.

Comparison of DIY Gutter Guards Material Prices

Integrated Mesh Gutter Guards

$ 10
Per Meter
  • Long Term Solution
  • Needs Tools To Fit

Brush Gutter Guards

$ 5
Per Meter
  • Short Term Solution
  • No Tools Needed

Mesh Panel Gutter Guards

$ 7
Per Meter
  • Easily accumulates debris
  • Low Cost Mesh

Foam Gutter Guards

$ 13
Per Meter
  • No Tools Needed
  • Require Regular Maintenance

Vinyl Gutter Guards

$ 14
Per Meter
  • Simple to Fit
  • Large Hole Size

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