Enjoy Fresh Water thanks to Gutter Guards

Enjoy Fresh Water thanks to Gutter Guards

Gutters & Downpipes Keep Your House Safe & Dry

If you’re in the market for a new water tank, there are many options choose from these days.

You can even invest in a water tank that doubles up as an attractive feature for your outdoor entertaining area to store your precious water. Water tanks are an effective way of collecting clean water and mean you can store water for economical purposes such as drinking and watering the garden. A rainwater tank is a great investment long-term, especially in a dry, drought-prone country like Australia.

Installing a rainwater tank will allow you to reap benefits such as:

  • Providing water for your plants and garden.
  • Keeping your lawn hydrated during the warmer seasons.
  • Use tank water to reduce mains water use inside the home.
  • Fully replacing mains water use inside your home.
  • Storing rainwater for drinking.

Rainwater tanks come in a range of form factors, materials and colours to suit your home.  These include space saving bladders, slimline metal tanks and polyethylene tanks. Choosing the right water tank comes down to what you’ll predominantly be using it for. If the main purpose of your rainwater tank is to keep the garden watered, it’s best to choose a large slimline plastic tank or corrugated steel tank. For drinking water, good filtration is key. Look out for any tank around 1000 to 2500L in size to get the most out of your new source of drinking water.

Replacing your main source of water with a tank is the best way to make the most of your investment. Although it will cost you a little more to plumb the water tank in, you’ll gain huge efficiencies in doing so. As you run household appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher, more space is made in the tank for refilling, so you’ll use the water tank capacity several times per year. This also means you won’t have to deal with pesky drain blockages, especially if you have gutter guards in place to allow efficient draining of your rainwater tank.

The cost of your water tank will depend on what you’re using it for, the tank option you go with and whether you decide to connect the water indoors. For an above the ground tank, you’ll need to consider the cost of foundations needed, and for belowground tanks you should factor in costs for excavation work required. If replacing water mains with a tank, you should enlist the help of a licensed plumber to ensure all regulations are met. This way you’ll know your tank does not contaminate public water supply.

Keeping Water Clean with Gutter Guard

You should regularly maintain your water tank, checking for debris, overhanging branches and leaves to ensure your filters work as they should.

It’s just as important to also ensure your home’s gutters are free from debris. A home with a professionally installed gutter protection system maximises water flow from your roof meaning a higher volume of clean water can flow from your roof, along your gutters and into your tank.

Not all gutter guards and gutter guard protection systems are created equal. We recommend enlisting the advice and help of a professional who can take you through your options and install the best solution for you.

At Aussie Gutter Protection we can help provide a gutter guard solution to allow your water tank to effectively drain into your new water tank. Contact our team for a free quote.
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