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Gutter Guard Sydney

Protect Your Home Against Leaf and Debris Build-Up with Our Quality Gutter Guards

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Aussie Gutter Protection are the market leaders in gutter guard supply and installation of gutter protection throughout Australia.

Since 2000, we have worked with thousands of Australian homeowners and commercial properties, providing them with gutter protection systems suitable for their specific homes and buildings.

Finished Gutter Guard Installation

Benefits of Gutter Guards in Sydney

Prevent Birds and Pests

Sharing your Sydney home with birds and pest pose risks of damaging your infrastructure and creating unhygienic living conditions. Installing gutter guard to your gutters and other areas of your home, fortifies your property and encourages the birds and other pests to venture elsewhere.

It is vital to considering installing before nesting season, typically from late August to early November, so to prevent the pests from setting up home. Some of the most common birds to nest in Sydney homes are starlings, pigeons, sparrows and the Indian Myna.

It is important to note that birds and their nesting habits, attract other pests, such as vermin and insects. So while you may note birds nesting outside your property, you are actually at more risk of further infestation.

Safety Issues

Safety is always a priority. The annual task of cleaning gutters is hazardous. The most common accidents while cleaning gutters in Sydney are falls off ladders or at heights. Furthermore, the tedious nature of cleaning your gutters puts added strain to your body as you position and manoeuvre yourself around your whole home.

While the risk of personal injury is increased, so too is the risk of property damage: there is potential to damage walls, windows, roofs, and yes even the gutter itself. It seems then common sense for Sydney -siders to eliminate the need for this task when owning and maintaining their home.

Preventing Blockages and Damages

Sydney suburbs so beautifully integrates urban-life with the native flora, but such beauty comes at a cost. Leaves, twigs and other debris clog up the gutters providing the perfect breeding ground for moulds, spores and pests. At the risk to the homeowner, it can evoke allergic reactions or cause damage through rot, significantly impacting the structural integrity of the home. Blockages and build-up of water in the gutters can damage your home’s foundations; but also, water damage to exposed roof timbers under the eaves, water infiltration of the roof due to overflows and exposed walls.

To protect your home and strengthen your guttering system Installing a quality gutter guard system will not only protect against these problems but will actually strengthen the gutters of your home, making them better able to withstand the worst our changeable weather can throw at them.

Ember/Bushfire Protection

Installing gutter guard adds an extra layer of defence in bushfire prone areas from ember attacks. One of your homes greatest danger during bushfires is coming under ember attack. Burning embers are carried by the wind and settle in surrounding vegetation, or a home’s gutters or roof valleys which then can catch alight.

Australian fire rated gutter guard systems that have been tested and certified with a Fire Rating Flame Index “0” can improve the protection of your home in bushfire prone areas.

Increased Home Value

It is widely accepted that gutter guard will be a standard element of any home in many areas of Sydney. Therefore, it is expected that selling residential properties that lack a gutter guard system will become increasingly more difficult, or will sell at a reduced price. More and more, new developments are required to install a gutter guard system to meet new council housing standards.

We expect that this will eventually extend to most, if not all properties, in local Sydney areas. When buying a house, most do not want to work on a new home! New homeowners just want to enjoy! Installing gutter guard early, ensures you enjoy the benefits yourself, rather than installing gutter guard come time to sell.

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