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9 ways to stop birds nesting underneath solar panels

Posted on December 14, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Solar panels are a high-value investment that unfortunately can be vulnerable to damage by birds. One of the things your solar panel salesperson may not have shared with you is that this kind of damage is unlikely to be covered by your warranty. Considering the high cost of solar panels, this is a problem you won’t want to deal with.

    The good news is that Aussie Gutter Protection has a product that can easily protect your valuable solar panels from potential bird damage without compromising on the ability of the panels to collect solar energy.

    Why Birds are a problem for solar panels

    Even with rebates, solar panels are not cheap. In addition to being relatively expensive, they’re also vulnerable to damage from many possible sources. Birds certainly can potentially cause considerable damage to solar energy systems, and they can also hurt themselves when they come into contact with these systems. That can, in turn, lead to more problems, especially if you’ve got a dead bird (or two) sitting on your roof for a long time and you don’t know about it.

    Have you ever wondered how birds in flight have such accuracy when they use the windscreen of your car for a toilet? It’s because many species of birds prefer to do their toilet business in water if they can, and they easily mistake the shiny reflective glass of a windscreen for a puddle of water. Solar panels have a similar shiny and reflective surface that can fool birds into thinking this is some kind of water, so you can get the same problem.

    Actually, it is much worse than the windscreen problem, because solar panels are much more valuable, much more difficult to clean, and much more sensitive to the damaging effects than windscreen glass is.


    Corro Solar Skirt

    The acids in the guano can damage the surface of the solar cell (some types of solar cells will damage more easily than others), and no matter what, this stuff will always decrease the efficiency of the cells.

    Heavy birds can cause physical damage to the panel when they land on it. Their beaks and claws can cause damage to the panels and frames. If they can see any wires sticking out anywhere, they may try to make off with these wires for use as nesting material. Some of the less intelligent and more aggressive species will also try to fight with their own reflections, which they may see as a rival bird encroaching on their territory.

    All these problems are extremely bad news for you as a solar panel user if they affect you. For most solar homes, there’s a high chance that eventually one or more bird-related problems will arise. Luckily there are ways available to mitigate the potential for damage.

    The main ones are:

    Speak to us about getting bird proofing installed for your home.

    DIY Bird Proofing Methods (some may work, some don’t):

    Deterring birds from nesting in the first place is a preferred situation for all.

    Shiny or reflective objects

    It is well known that birds may sometimes be afraid of shiny or reflective items. Placing small, cheap mirrors where birds tend to nest may create an efficient deterrent to nesting in that particular location. Do keep in mind that mirrors could also create an annoyance for you or for others depending on how you position them, so you will need to consider the placement carefully. Also, be sure to look out for your safety while you are doing any kind of installation work at heights.


    You can also try hanging a long piece of foil from eaves or trees which will reflect in the sun, and this will work for many species of birds. There are, however, some species that may actually be attracted to these foil strips, and it is possible they may even attempt to steal the foil for nesting material.  Fortunately, those species aren’t usually keen to make their nests in buildings.

    Fake owls 

    Other deterrents could include fake figures such as cats or owls, as these tend to work by scaring the birds off. Be sure to move these items around your property occasionally, as birds will eventually figure out that they are not a threat if you leave them sitting in one place for too long.

    Bird Decoys visual bird proofing deterrent
    Bird under solar panels
    Nesting material clogging a gutter

    Removing water pools

    Like us, birds need water to live. Removing any pooling water such as birdbaths and pet water bowls will make your home environment less attractive to birds. They will then most likely look for a more promising site to make their nests. Keeping your gutters clean and free of leaves and other debris is also a good idea. Naturally if removing pooling water is not ideal, a more permanent solution should be sought.

    Remove old nests 

    Most of the time when you spot a nest, it is best to remove it as soon as possible (be careful working at heights). The birds will learn that your roof is a hostile environment. You maybe be required to do this several times before the bird gets the message. When you have removed the nest, give the area a good clean – birds are known to harbour diseases. The exception is if the nest has eggs or chicks in it. In this case, you may have a more serious problem, because many species of birds may be protected or endangered species. The goal is not to harm the birds, but to discourage them from nesting in our home environment. If the nest is not empty when you inspect it, you should not handle it personally, and should instead call your state wildlife protection service for advice and assistance.

    Crushed chili 

    People have reported varying success using crushed chilli in areas where birds build their nests. Mix a couple of chillies with water, let it ferment in the sun for a while before transferring into a spray bottle and spraying problem areas.

    Sound devices 

    There are plenty of sound devices on the market that work by imitating a bird’s stress call, warning birds away from your property. However, birds are pretty good at figuring out which calls are real, so these aren’t always 100 percent effective. While other loud noises may annoy birds, you should also keep in mind those same noises will annoy your neighbours, too. Another thing to know is that birds don’t have especially good hearing, so tactics that work with other animals, like playing ultrasonic sounds, won’t work with birds. The frequency range of their hearing is actually less than that of a human.

    Block wall and roof cavities 

    Block up any spaces in your roof or walls where birds may nest. Netting, wood and wire mesh are good options. Remember, birds can get into the smallest of spaces.

    Protect your valuable assets with Solar Panel Bird Mesh

    Compared to the high cost and inconvenience of replacing a damaged solar panel, installing our bird mesh is a very modest cost. It’s going to save you from a lot of problems, and it is the best product for the job because it doesn’t interfere with the solar energy collection potential of your solar panels.

    The quality of the mesh is very important. If you use an inferior mesh, you will definitely get inferior results. If the mesh is not strong, it won’t really protect your panels, and in fact, you’ll lose even more money because the mesh itself would be damaged. If the mesh is not fine enough, it will allow bird or vermin to get through, again defeating the purpose. And if the mesh is too fine, the air won’t be able to circulate properly, reducing the efficiency of the panel.

    Aussie Gutter Protection makes the best solar panel mesh because we design it with the needs of the solar user in mind. Clearly, there are two important priorities, which are making sure the panel can do its job and making sure the panel is adequately protected. We believe these are both equally important, which is why you can depend on our mesh for the ultimate in performance and durability.

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing in the easiest possible way

    The best method for protecting your solar panels from birds is to use our bird mesh. We designed and manufactured this product, especially to help with the prevention of this very problem.

    The clever engineering methods used to take advantage of the natural properties of the materials used. The high strength effectively prevents access by birds, and the specific design of the mesh allows plenty of light to flow through without interruption.

    Our mesh also does not require the use of bolts or adhesives, and the installation method has absolutely no risk of causing any damage to the panels or other infrastructure.

    When you think about how much you have invested just in buying the solar panels and other equipment that forms your system, spending just a little more to make sure it’s protected makes perfect sense. It is certainly much better than having to make costly repairs later.

    A quality Australian company

    All our products are designed and tested in Australia. This is your assurance of total quality from start to finish, and how you know you have a product you can depend on.

    We also do an expert job of mesh installation, so you need have no worries that there will be any flaws in the installation process and back this up with a written warranty.

    To find out more about the bird proofing options for solar panels available through Aussie Gutter Protection, simply get in touch via the phone number on this page or use our contact form to leave a message. Whatever way you get in touch, you can be sure of a prompt response and all the answers you need to assist you in your decision.

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