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Worst Gutter Guards in Australia

Posted on February 10, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Are you looking to install a gutter guard to your property? With so many options and styles available to you on the market, knowing which one is right for your home can be very confusing. Whilst there are some fantastic products out there to purchase, there are some that might seem appealing due to their low cost but in reality they are simply not up to job.

    As one of the leaders in Australia when it comes to gutter guards, every year we get called out to homes by clients who have previously installed guards to their property but are either still experiencing clogged gutters or the guards have failed; resulting in us throwing away tonnes of products that are failing.

    Foam Gutter Guards

    One of the most common types of Gutter Guard is the use of a foam filler. It’s one of the most widely available types of guard on the market and is usually cheap when compared to the other types. Whilst it does do a great job when first installed, after just a few months exposed to the elements the low cost foam guards tend to start breaking down and many home owners find organic debris finding its way through to the bottom of the gutter.

    Exposure to the sun is also a major concern, with foam gutter guards the heat and UV rays distorting the shape of the foam and making it shrink; meaning it will no longer be able to fully protect the gutter system like it is meant too. Alongside that, the foam gutter guard itself acts as the perfect base for organic matter to start growing and many home owners complain of noticing seeds beginning to sprout and mould growing within a year.

    foam gutter guards
    Brush Gutter Guard

    Brush Gutter Guards

    Another very common type of gutter guards is the Brush style insert. Again a very low cost and affordable option for homeowners, they are also incredibly easy to install as they simply slot straight into the gutter itself.

    Designed to brush the leaves away from gutter and towards the ground whilst still letting the water run through, many installers are unaware that to keep the system working in perfect order it needs to be cleaned often; defying the point of a gutter guard!

    Whilst there are premium options available which do a great job, many of the cheaper options end up trapping more debris and needing replacing after a year or two.

    Plastic Covers

    Plastic cover gutter guards are not inherently bad and the premium ones on the market actually do a very good job at keeping your system clean and clear – however the cheaper options that are out there available to purchase are not as good.

    Although these cheaper versions are known to stop debris from entering the system, they do also stop water from flowing into the system; building up a layer of mildew and algae which will in turn lead to water pooling on your roof and causing significant structural damage.

    plastic gutter guard vinyl guards reverse curve gutter guard
    mesh panels or gutter screen

    Plastic Mesh Guards

    Another popular gutter guard, but one that again can work very well or very poorly depending on the quality you purchase, is a Plastic Mesh Guard. Working in a similar way to the plastic covers, the mesh is designed to let water flow through freely whilst preventing larger debris from entering.

    Unfortunately the cheaper plastic versions often result in water overflowing on your roof; not actually letting any water through like it is meant to. Again, over time this can cause significant water damage to the structure of your roof as it builds up.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

    Comparison of Gutter Guards

    Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard Brush Gutter Guard Mesh Panels or Flat Panels Foam Inserts Vinyl Guard
    Reduce Maintenance
    Leaf Proofing
    Prevents Blockages
    Strengthens Gutter Systems
    Bird and Pest Proofing
    Bushfire Protection
    Water Harvesting

    So which gutter guard should you choose?

    Whilst we have found that these four types of gutter guard are the worst performing, they do still work to some extent, however it is just common to find customers having to replace them again after only a few years compared to the premium alternatives.

    Like everything you purchase, the cheaper options will never work as well, or last as long, as the premium versions. So no matter what style of gutter guard you are after, it is important that you do not simply opt for the cheapest solution. Depending on your property, its location and the type of debris you are looking to protect it from, it’s important you choose the right gutter guard for your requirements.

    If you’re unsure of what solution is most suited to your home or budget, get in touch with our experts today who will be able to help you find the perfect protection for your home.

    Learn more about Gutter Guards

    A professionally installed physical barrier is all it takes to keep these problems from affecting your home or business. This small investment will save you a lot of money and save you the constant work of cleaning out debris from your gutters.

    Get yours today by contacting Aussie Gutter Protection, the specialists in gutter guard products for Australian conditions.

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