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How do you bird proof a solar panel?

Posted on December 4, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Dirty Solar Panels

    What is the best way of bird proofing solar panels?

    Installing a ‘Bird Mesh’ is the most effective and efficient way of bird proofing solar panels. A wired bird mesh is the most optimal solution for making your solar panels free from birds’ nesting. Bird meshes are designed to keep the birds away from the areas beneath your solar panels. They essentially seal-off the most vulnerable regions – the areas under those solar panels.

    Installing and maintaining a solar panel on your roof can be an expensive affair to start with. The solar panel provides free solar energy for your day-to-day needs. However, it also invites birds to make a shelter for themselves.

    Solar panels are probably the perfect place for birds like pigeons for their nesting and roosting purposes. There is shelter and warmth beneath a solar panel, which is perfect for birds’ nesting needs.

    It might sound cute to have birds living on your roof, beneath your solar panels. However, it comes with dire consequences. Your roof will always be occupied with birds flying in and out, for starters. The solar panels will get dirty by bird droppings. The maintenance and cleaning efforts will also pile up over time. And, if you don’t do anything about it, your solar panels will get damaged, and their effectiveness will eventually go down.

    This is where bird mesh comes into the picture. A bird mesh is designed to make a barrier between birds and their favourite nesting area – the area under your solar panels.

    How is a bird mesh useful for bird proofing solar panels?

    1. A bird mesh seals off the area beneath the solar panels.
    2. It helps keep the birds away from the site under your solar panels.
    3. It keeps the birds away without posing any physical threat to them.
    4. A bird mesh is extremely easy to install on your roof – you can do it yourself.
    5. It can easily be removed for solar panel servicing purposes.
    6. Your solar panel and roof will be safe from bird nests, bird droppings, and other debris.

    Speak to us about getting solar panel bird proofing installed for your home.

    Top advantages of a bird mesh for your solar panels:

    1. A bird mesh protects your solar panels from bird-caused damages

    With the help of bird mesh protection around your solar panels, you will be saving your panels from several long-term damages caused by birds. The shelter area will be secured from the infiltration, and hence, the bird traffic will reduce around your solar panels. Birds don’t immediately damage the solar panels, but they do damage the panels eventually.

    2. A bird mesh reduces the maintenance cost of your solar panels

    Since the areas beneath your solar panels will be secured with the help of a bird mesh, you won’t have to worry about the nasty bird droppings, eggshells, nests, and other debris piling up around the corner. Hence, the cleaning and maintenance costs will naturally go down, as there is nothing much to clean there other than some dust and dirt.

    3. You don’t need any professional help in installing a bird mesh

    Installing a bird mesh is pretty straightforward. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch before installing it. The bird mesh kits also come with dedicated manuals that you can refer to while doing it yourself. You’ll get a metallic bird mesh roll and a couple of mesh clips in a bird mesh kit.

    4. A bird mesh is the most inexpensive way for bird proofing solar panels

    Let’s face it; if you own a solar panel, you know how much it costs to replace the panels if they get damaged. It costs a fortune, to be honest. Free electricity isn’t free if you are not careful with the solar panels. Birds and other nesting creatures can easily make your life hell if you’re not smart with your investment. You need to invest an extra hundred bucks to get a good enough bird mesh. With that, you are all set for the life-long protection of your solar panels against the nesting birds.

    5. A bird mesh doesn’t interfere with the amount of sunlight your solar panel gets

    If you use any other kind of arrangement for bird proofing solar panels, it might end up interfering with the working system of solar panels. Solar panels require all the sunlight they can get throughout the day. If any solid and opaque piece of protection blocks the sunlight, the solar panels’ effectiveness gets affected. With the help of a bird mesh, you won’t have to worry about such a problem. A bird mesh doesn’t interfere with the amount of sunlight your solar panel gets.

    Solar panel mesh

    What are the other ways of bird proofing solar panels?

    Apart from using bird meshes, there are a couple of other possible ways to bird-proof your solar panels. Some of them are:

    Roof Spikes

    Roof spikes are the metallic spikes that you can install at the edges of your roof or the areas surrounding your solar panels. These spikes make it uncomfortable for the birds to land on the rooftops and make nests there.

    However, roof spikes are not the best solutions for bird proofing solar panels. For starters, they take a lot of effort to be installed on the rooftops. A lot of nuts and bolts are required to be screwed in the process. They might also physically harm the birds when they try to land or take off from your roof.

    Fake Scary Bird Predators

    You might find it silly, but fake plastic bird predators can do the job of protecting your solar panels from the real birds. If you are really into this, make sure that you invest in something bigger and dynamic in nature. The fake bird predator should be scary enough for real birds. As impressive as it sounds, a fake bird predator is not the best form of security for your solar panels. It is not weather resistant and can fall off because of strong winds and heavy rainfalls.

    Find a Solar Panel Mesh Installer


    In the end, we’d like to advise you to go with a bird mesh as the most effective solution for bird proofing solar panels. None of the other bird proofing techniques even come close to this incredible method. It’s cheap, easy, and practical as well. Secure your solar panels with a premium bird mesh contact AGP to find out about both our professional installation and DIY options.

    How we bird proof your solar panels

    The best bird-proofing method for protecting your solar panels from birds is using our Solar Mesh. We designed and manufactured this bird guard product specifically to help with bird prevention for solar panels.

    Other kinds of bird guard mesh can block UV light penetration, which would diminish the amount of energy your panels can collect per day. Our mesh is specially designed to avoid this problem, so you can safely use it to protect your panels from damage.

    The high strength effectively prevents birds’ access, and the specific design of the mesh allows plenty of air to flow through without interruption.

    The mesh is also unlikely to cause any harm to the birds; it merely prevents them from being able to get at your solar panels to cause damage.

    Solar Mesh Specifications Solar Mesh Solar Mesh Pro
    Wire Galvanised Stainless Steel
    Coating Black PVC Black PVC
    Aperture 12mm 12mm
    Strand width 1.0mm 1.0mm
    Colours Black Black

    Speak to us about getting solar panel bird proofing installed for your home.

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