Solar Panel Bird Mesh Protection & Proofing

Solar panels are a high value investment that unfortunately can be vulnerable to damage by birds. One of the things your solar panel salesperson may not have shared with you is that this kind of damage is unlikely to be covered by your warranty. Considering the high cost of solar panels, this is a problem you won’t want to deal with.

The good news is that Aussie Gutter Protection has a product that can easily protect your valuable solar panels from potential bird damage without compromising on the ability of the panels to collect solar energy.

Protect your valuable assets with solar panel bird mesh

This is possible because our premium bird mesh is specially engineered to allow sunlight to pass through while providing an effective barrier against birds. And don’t worry, the mesh is unlikely to cause any harm to the birds, it simply prevents them from being able to get at your solar panels to cause damage.

Solar panel bird protection is a smart investment

Compared to the high cost and inconvenience of replacing a damaged solar panel, installing our bird mesh is a very modest cost. It’s going to save you from a lot of problems, and it is the best product for the job because it doesn’t interfere with the solar energy collection potential of your solar panels.

Other kinds of mesh can  block the penetration of UV light, which would diminish the amount of energy your panels are able to collect per day. Our mesh is specially designed to avoid this problem, so you can safely use it to protect your panels from damage without any loss of collection potential.

Solar panel bird proofing in the easiest possible way

The best method for protecting your solar panels from birds is to use our bird mesh. We designed and manufactured this product, especially to help with the prevention of this very problem.

The clever engineering methods used take advantage of the natural properties of the materials used. The high strength effectively prevents access by birds, and the specific design of the mesh allows plenty of light to flow through without interruption.

Our mesh also does not require the use of bolts or adhesives, and the installation method has absolutely no risk of causing any damage to the panels or other infrastructure.

A quality Australian product

All our products are designed, made, and tested in Australia. This is your assurance of total quality from start to finish, and how you know you have a product you can depend on.

We also do an expert job of mesh installation, so you need have no worries that there will be any flaws in the installation process.

To find out more about the bird proofing options for solar panels available through Aussie Gutter Protection, simply get in touch via the phone number on this page or use our contact form to leave a message. Whatever way you get in touch, you can be sure of a prompt response and all the answers you need to assist you in your decision.

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