Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter Guard on tile roof

Do Gutter Guards Work?

Do Gutter Guards work?

How many times a year do you head to the garage, get your ladder and gloves and begin emptying out your gutter system of the decomposing leaves and debris that are clogging it up? It is not an enjoyable task by any stretch of the imagination and if left, the build-up can cause significant damage to your property.


A solution to this is to install a gutter guard around your property; helping to keep the debris from entering the system as well as preventing animals such as rodents, birds and vermin from damaging the gutter – or worse, setting up home! On top of that, just imagine what you could do with all the time you will save from no longer having to climb that ladder and waste an entire weekend emptying them out.


Of course depending on the solution you go for, it can be an expensive exercise to fully protect your entire home – an average family sized home in Australia requires around thirty metres of gutter guards, which can range anywhere from $1600 to over $4,000. That is no small amount of money, which is why so many homeowners wonder if it is an investment worth making…


Do gutter guards work? Well, it is not a straight forward yes or no answer. Whilst they are able to protect your gutter from clogging up, they are not a foolproof solution to protect against every type of debris that can enter the system. So that means despite their best efforts, they are not a 100% solution for all homes and you will still have to occasionally climb up the ladder and clear out the backlog of needles and dirt. Although that said, they do drastically reduce the number of times you have to don the gloves and get your hands dirty hosing out your gutter system.


Corrugated roof gutter guardHow do Gutter Guards work?

There are a lot of different solutions on the market, varying in quality and price, but they do all focus on doing the same thing; preventing clutter from blocking your gutter system whilst still allowing water to flow through freely.


Without a gutter guard or without regular cleaning, your gutter can get blocked; meaning water backs up and can cause mould, floods and even structural damage to your walls and foundations. Depending on where you live and the style of property, you could find yourself with a blockage multiple times a year.


Most commonly, a gutter guard simply slots into your existing system without too much effort. A Brush Gutter Guard for example works like a giant pipe cleaner, trapping leaves in the brush so that they do not get stuck in the bottom of your gutter. A Foam Insert works in a similar way whilst Mesh Gutter Guards and Vinyl Guards, on the other hand, attach to your roof and act as a filter on the top of the gutter, preventing debris from entering. Although typically these solutions last longer, some create a flat surface they can still lead to a build-up of debris that will need clearing so it’s a balance of trying to find the cost most suitable to your budget with the ease of the ongoing maintenance needed.


DIY or Professional fitting?Gutter guard Installation

Whilst almost all gutter guards can be installed by a keen DIY enthusiast, their effectiveness does depend on how well they are fitted to your property. If you fancy tackling the project yourself then they are available online through various retailers as well as marketplaces such as eBay. You can also purchase them directly from our website by clicking here.



If you have never fitted a gutter guard before either, then it can be a very time-consuming process that can take you hours – if not an entire weekend to install around your property. That is why a lot of homeowners opt to choose for a professional installation by an approved contractor.


Although it does add more onto your budget, you are guaranteed that they will be using the best possible guards (that are not simply over the counter solutions from a hardware store) and can install them correctly. This will mean you can rest easy knowing they have been fitted correctly – and most installers will also offer a set period of warranty should something go wrong.


A professional installer will also be able to angle the guards correctly to ensure maximum water flow and minimal debris build up; keeping away weeds and preventing damage to the guard and gutter.


MaintenanceGutter Cleaning

Like any home improvement, regular and careful maintenance can ensure that your gutter guard is working at maximum performance throughout its lifespan. It is recommended that at least once a year, usually autumn when the leaves are starting to fall, you check the gutters for any build-up or damage. By removing small items, you can prevent them from turning into a big problem which could cause further damage to your property.


So whilst there is no one answer to deciding if a gutter guard works for your property, it is a valuable prevention tool in stopping damage to your home from water damage. Every home faces a different challenge though, so get in touch with us today for your free evaluation which can help choose the most suitable guard solution for your house.

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