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Romsey Residential Gutter Guard Installation

Posted on October 23, 2023
By Aussie Gutter Protection


Complete Gutter Guard Installation at a Romsey Residence to combat the constant challenge of leaf debris and clogging.


  • Location: Romsey, Victoria
  • Property Type: Residential
  • Roof and Gutter Types: Corrugated roof and standard gutters
  • Installation Time Frame: 1 day 
  • Environmental Challenges: Surrounded by fine foliage, which could lead to gutter blockages
  • Specific Needs: Although the property was BAL-LOW rated, due to the nature of the foliage and the risk of clogging, a smaller hole size was necessary for the gutter guard.
gutter guard installation before and after

Our Solution 

  • Collaborative Decision-making: Worked in conjunction with ScreenTech Industries and homeowner for product recommendation.
  • Product Choice: ScreenTech’s TuffMesh™ Emberguard mesh with a 1.9mm hole size. This ensured even the smallest debris would be prevented from entering, while still allowing water to flow freely.
  • Stylish Finish: Opted for the Woodland Grey® mesh to seamlessly blend with the roof and the Woodland Grey® trim for the guttering, ensuring aesthetics were not compromised.
  • Warranty and Certification: Offered a 25-year material warranty with the TuffMesh™. It’s AS4020 accredited, CSIRO tested with a flammability index of zero and features the Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating.
  • Effective Installation: Installed 92 meters of TuffMesh™ Ember Guard material, ensuring a secure fit and protecting the property from potential damage due to clogged gutters.

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gutter guard installation before and after

Project Considerations

The residential property in Romsey, Victoria, was surrounded by fine foliage which consistently led to clogged gutters, water overflow, and potential damage to surrounding areas. Despite the property having a low BAL rating, the specific nature of the surrounding foliage meant a specialized solution was required.

Beyond the environmental considerations, aesthetics were of paramount importance. The homeowner wanted a solution that not only functioned effectively but also blended seamlessly with the existing structures. This necessitated close collaboration with our trusted supplier, ScreenTech Industries, to ensure the product used met the strict requirements of the project.

Furthermore, with the potential risk to the property due to blockages, an efficient and timely solution was essential. Our team ensured the installation was carried out meticulously, guaranteeing the longevity of the product and the safety of the property.

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Mesh Profile: Tuffmesh

A commercial-grade aluminium ember guard designed for bushfire-prone areas subject to heavy ember attack with the smallest hole size at 1.6mm which doesn’t effect water filtration. 

Tuff Mesh Emberguard


The gutter guard was suitable for all residential roof types and guttering, including box gutter sand parapets. It was also ideal as the development included numerous green spaces, so homes were protected from possums and birds.


  • 25 year material warranty
  • Strongest aluminium guard
  • One-way mesh with an added trough for maximum water collection
  • Complies with AS3959–1999
  • Australian Bushfire Standards
  • CSIRO tested flammability index of zero
  • Suitable to BAL 29
  • Akzo Nobel D1000 powder coating.
  • Powder-coated in Australia
  • Array of Colorbond colours

Installation by Aussie Gutter Protection

  • TuffMesh Aluminium is only available for projects if installed by our certified installers
  • The product comes with a 25-year workmanship guarantee

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