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Gutter Protection for your Holiday House

Posted on March 19, 2018
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Spending time at the family holiday home is a great way to unwind over a long weekend. But nothing spoils a relaxing weekend away like arriving at your holiday home and realising there’s a mountain of maintenance work to do.

    With a holiday home, it’s important to have low-maintenance materials and designs to ensure you can spend more time at the beach and less time with tools in hand. Ignoring maintenance tasks around your holiday home can impact the overall value of your home over time and can lead to higher repair costs as well.

    The maintenance tasks required at your holiday home can depend on the location; rural holiday homes may have to deal with more leaves and can be at risk of bush fire, and holiday homes near the beach have an increased risk of corrosion due to the salty air.

    Keeping up with maintenance tasks can ensure your holiday home stands for generations to come, and also means you’ll have more interest in your home if you decide to rent it out to others for a bit of supplementary income.

    However, the nature of holiday homes is that we don’t visit them often, typically every few weeks. So it can be a bit of a logistical nightmare to ensure the property upkeep is up to date when you’re not there every weekend.

    The trick is to use low-maintenance building options that will protect your home even when you’re not there. One way to reduce maintenance at your holiday home is to install gutter guard protection.

    Gutter Guard Protection: Low Maintenance Made Easy

    Gutter guard protection is an essential item for your holiday home, here’s why:

    Clear Gutters

    Gutter protection is necessary to reduce maintenance efforts and costs at your holiday home. Gutter guard mesh allows to you set and forget about your gutters and eliminate the need to scale up the ladder to clear out the gutters each time you visit your holiday home. Fitting neatly inside your existing gutters, gutter mesh blocks leaves, sticks and other debris from building up in your gutters, keeping them clear year-round.

    integrated mesh gutter guards

    Clean Water

    Many holiday homes run on tank water, and if yours does too, you should definitely consider gutter guard mesh. Water tanks are filled from water collected from your gutters, and gutter protection can ensure that water is clean from any debris before it reaches your water tanks.

    Bird Proofing Your Roof

    Gutter guard mesh can also prevent birds from nesting in your gutters and spreading diseases. Your gutter guard installation service can also help prevent birds from nesting inside your roof cavities.


    Reduce Risk of Fire

    Holiday homes in more rural areas are at a higher risk of being affected by bush fire. Burning embers are a big threat, as these can travel many kilometres away and ignite dry debris into a fire. Gutter guard protection prevents debris from building up in your gutter, reducing the risk of fire to your home.

    Aussie Gutter Protection can help reduce maintenance efforts at your holiday home by installing gutter guard protection and eliminating nesting birds from your roof. Offering gutter guard protection and bird proofing in Melbourne, Aussie Gutter Protection are the experts you can trust.

    Call Aussie Gutter Protection to discuss a personalised gutter protection and bird proofing plan, we’re always here to help.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

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