Ever Asked Yourself the Question ‘Are there Birds in my Roof?

Ever Asked Yourself the Question ‘Are there Birds in my Roof?

Whilst many people like birds and are cheered by the sound of bird song, they can cause annoyance if they’re too loud, too close and there are too many of them. That’s particularly true if they’ve found their way into your roof space and, when that happens, it’s time to take action.

Recognising there’s a Problem

Bird song is a common sound, particularly at certain times of the year. But if you hear the sound coming from your roof space and it’s accompanied by other noises and signs of activity, that’s when you have a problem.

Signs that indicate the presence of birds include:

  • repetitive noises over a long period, especially if you can hear young chicks, without necessarily being able to see the cause
  • bird droppings and other debris, such as nesting material, being concentrated close to your property
  • large numbers of birds on your roof and surrounding areas
  • sightings of birds going in and out of gaps around your roofline
  • the presence of feathers, damage caused by pecking and other indications of activity.

Some birds will nest on flat roofs, ledges, chimneys and balconies, generally taking advantage of the altitude that gives them a good view of the surrounding area and keeps them relatively safe from predators. Others, such as Pigeons and Indian Mynas, have adapted to urban living and tend to make their nests within a roof space.

Why Proper Action is Needed

Some people are not too concerned about birds living in their roof space and even welcome their presence. And while it’s true that they won’t damage wiring and insulation in the same way that rodents gnaw through them, they still create problems that need to be resolved. These problems include the following:

  • Health issues, since birds can carry many diseases and some of these, including Avian Flu, can be transmitted to humans.
  • Bird droppings are not only unsightly, laden with bacteria and messy, especially when occurring in large quantities associated with a bird infestation, but can also cause damage due to their acidity.
  • Although birds don’t create a point of entry into your roof space, they may increase any damage that’s already thereby making the gap bigger.
  • Some birds, particularly the Indian Myna that was named the main pest some years ago, have a bad effect on the native bird population. They nest in large numbers and drive other birds out of the area.
  • Water damage can result from gutters that become clogged with material deposited there by birds.
  • Feathers and nests in ventilation shafts can cause problems that include fire hazards.
  • Large numbers of birds can be noisy, smelly and very messy, which won’t help the value of your property if they become established.
  • Escalating numbers, since the presence of a few birds initially can, if unchecked, grow to a major problem due to other birds being attracted to the site. Pigeons, for example, live in flocks that can number anything up to 500 birds and so, once they become established, they’ll be difficult to remove.

It’s pretty obvious that action needs to be taken if you get birds in your roof. And since the problem will tend to escalate, that action needs to be taken quickly and firmly before it gets out of hand.

The Action you can Take

To some degree, the action that you can take to solve your bird problem is dictated by what you can’t do. There are laws dealing with the treatment of birds and these can vary between states and territories. You’ll need to be aware of what these laws are because you don’t want to be inadvertently committing an illegal act and incurring severe penalties.

Some birds, such as pigeons, sparrows and seagulls, are considered to be pests due to the mess they create and the serious health issues they can cause. Most native Australian birds, however, are protected by law, and you can’t simply remove birds and nests from your property.

You really need to know what you’re doing, and what you can and can’t do, in order to stay legal, safe and effective. In many cases, it’s best to engage a professional who can eradicate your bird problem properly and ensure there’s no recurrence.

At Aussie Guttering Protection, we specialise in making sure the gutters and roof area of your property are safeguarded. If you have a bird infestation, we’ll ensure the birds and their nests are safely removed and dealt with properly. We know exactly what we’re permitted to do and are fully licensed to do it.

We’ll identify the points of entry and ensure they’re properly blocked off in a secure and aesthetic manner, making sure that no birds are trapped inside. We’ll cure the current problem and prevent it happening again, so your property is quieter, safer and healthier than before.

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