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Bird Proofing Steps – DIY

Posted on December 17, 2016
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Bird Proofing Your Home

    Problems related to birds and pests inhabiting roofs are quite common across Australia.

    The sound of scratching or chirping is not only annoying; it can cause damage to your home. Furthermore, it can result in health issues for you or your family due to the plethora of diseases that birds can carry.

    To eradicate the issue, we always recommend obtaining expert advice from professionals. They have the equipment and experience to assess your home, safely remove the birds and provide a permanent bird proofing solution. If you are considering tackling the situation yourself, keep the following in mind.

    1. Bird Proofing Research

    Before making any hasty decisions, research local protection laws. A number of bird species have legal protection and therefore cannot be harmed. Harming or killing protected species is illegal. Do some local research and find out what birds typically nest and cause nuisance in your area. Understanding this will allow you to start planning an appropriate removal method.

    birds nesting in gutters

    2. Bird Removal Methods

    There are a number of ways to tackle bird removal. The best method depends on factors such as:

    Some methods include:

    Trim deck roof with mesh gutter guard

    3. Prevent Birds from Returning

    Removing birds is one thing, but you also need to consider their potential to return. Bird proofing your home should incorporate the use of methods that deter and prevent birds from returning to nest in your roof. Some of the methods we have outlined above are temporary measures meaning birds can return to wreak havoc. Typically the most effective control method is using physical deterrents to physically block birds from any entry to your home. However, it can require the use of multiple methods.

    Permanently eradicating birds is not easy. Many of our customers have said they tried to address the problem themselves over and over again, without success. For a permanent solution, contact the expert bird proofing team at Aussie Gutter Protection. We’ve successfully completed bird proofing & gutter guard solutions for Australian’s all over Melbourne, Victoria and in major metro centres across Australia.

    Contact us today for a free quote.

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