Bird Proofing Season is Here

Bird Proofing Season is Here

This Spring has seen the return of bird season throughout Melbourne, with numerous calls to our office to help keep birds out of properties. Aussie Gutter Protection has been inundated with calls from all over Victoria, including areas such as Geelong, Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula and other regional areas of Victoria. Our installers have been busy making sure properties are completely bird proof – locking out noisy, scratchy, messy birds such as Indian Myna’s.

Our gutter guard screening process completely seals the gutters and valleys to ensure all entry points are covered.

Our dedication to providing a complete bird proofing solution means we guarantee our work – and you won’t have to make another call to stop the noise and mess.

Here’s an example of the results we achieve with our bird proofing system:

Kate from Lara writes:

     “Well worth the money – we cannot thank you enough. We had put up with birds scratching and pooping down our windows for years. We had tried 2 other products before your gutter protection and were desperate. Not a single bird problem since installation …”

Call our office now to find out how we can help with your bird problems. We’ll provide a solution that’s guaranteed to be effective.

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