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Aussie Gutter Protection Heights Safety Course

Posted on July 19, 2018
By Aussie Gutter Protection

At Aussie Gutter Protection we take our job seriously, and that starts with having the right people for the job to deliver the best service to our clients and customers. And part of making sure our team continue to upskill and keep up with industry regulations is to ensure that regular and comprehensive training is offered to our staff.

We’re dedicated to providing training and development, and ensuring our staff remain safe while performing their jobs. We provide a range of services to customers, from customised gutter protection to bird proofing solutions, both which can involve our team scaling up ladders, working at heights, and on top of roofs. These scenarios all involve a lot of risk and our staff need to know how they can protect themselves and the houses they are working on while completing the job to a high standard.

Safety Heights Course – April 2018

Aussie Gutter Protection held a heights safety course in April that 15 employees and contractors took part in. For some it was a refresher on training they have already received in past training sessions, and for new contractors this was their first introduction to health and safety practices.


We worked with leading industry training practitioners ISH24, who delivered a thorough training program for our team. They were absolutely amazing to work with and we look forward to running training sessions and hands on workshops with them in the future.

We hosted the training on our factory with a purpose-built training roof to ensure practical application of skills during the session, which also included harnesses and ladders. ISH24 also discussed several case studies to provide real life situations to highlight best practice processes and procedures.

Upon completion of the training, several of our staff members received certificates and accreditations for their dedication and efforts. We’re proud of our team for being committed to upskilling and striving for continual improvement to offer the best service possible to our clients. We believe training and development is crucial to the work we do and our exemplary customer service, so it’s a big focus for our business.

Having all staff partake in training sessions and workshops is crucial to ensuring our team has a base level of safety knowledge that we can build on to create a team of specialists in the industry. Equipping our team with the know-how, as well as can-do attitudes means they have the resources and tools to make the right decisions for the job to ensure a high level of safety and service.

If you’re considering bird proofing measures or custom gutter guard solutions for your home, you can trust Aussie Gutter Protection to deliver high quality service in a safe and skilled manner. Aussie Gutter Protection are the leaders in gutter guard solutions in Melbourne, and we can ensure your home is well protected for years to come. Call our team for a custom gutter guard and bird proofing plan.

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